This might be a sensitive topic fo some but I’m trying to make this more educational and a learning experience.. hope you can all understand, later in the vlog I was trying to up the mood in this!!:))

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Kerry Ann says:

Great video, love u!!!

Britney Martin says:

i love you

Christine Marie says:

Love u mya, love to see ur channel growing! Keep doing you girl!!

More me Mckenzie Marie says:

I love you and your videos your friends are amazing and you are so pretty

Ava Korisianos says:

You only have 26k subs you should have 260k subs ps I love your vids and you are so funny

Michaela Grouicha says:

Love you ❤️❤️❤️

Jacey Nausner says:

Sorry I’m late

Alyha Gaytan says:

what’s the intro song?! btw i love you Mya.❤️

Alina Schneider says:

Omg I life there my brother is in the police camp next to the kz

Eveline Ronzoni says:

OMG I can’t believe your growing so fast!! I love you and your videos! I know you will be the popular YouTuber! @/myabenwaystan on instagram

Britt Kowalski says:

I love your videos and you ❤️

Lydia mcguire says:

i LOVE your channel

Rachel Franek says:

Your drop dead gorgeous!! I CANT♥️♥️

_suru_ says:

Your my absolute favorite youtuber!! ily

Hannah Mack says:

Where is ur sweater from????


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Grace Koebcke says:

Love your content❤️❤️

Julia Rhuman says:

Where is your sweater from?

Julie Z says:

Literally started watching you today and I am enjoying every single vlog also you are sooooo freaking pretty

Teuntje Ramaekers says:

Where is your white/red sweater from??

Joanna Michelle says:

German McDonald’s fries are way wayyyy better lmao and I’m not just saying
That Bc I’m from Germany they actually are better

Lily Torres says:

I can’t wait till you make it big 🙂

Meghan Beebe says:

Sorry but can I get a shout out for my bday it was yesterday pls

Elizabeth Zagroba says:

my great uncle was in one and so many affective things people said I am glad you put in the disclaimer

Amiah Ducre says:

And I’ve seen a few ppl on YouTube vlog it , nothing is wrong in what u did

Flower Flower says:

Why did she remind me of Alysa violet at the end of the video

xXAzzanXx says:

I know I commented already but i’ve been binge watching her, and her amazing friends because im not having a good time with my friends because of drama but im watching and I can see their’s actually good friends in this world and I feel a lot better.

autumn cressy says:

Go girl u so pretty love u (the best channel ever yessss).

deborahboyd60DB says:

You are my favorite YouTuber

Haley Evans says:

I love how you spread awareness on all the terrible things that happen in the camp! I love what your doing❤️❤️

Stella Goode says:


Gabrielle Ochieng says:

lol you have to be 18 to have your license where I’m from too

sweeneytianaa says:

How do you travel so much

Person Me says:

No. The nicest McDonald’s is in Asia specifically Vietnam

Maya Morales says:

You are sooop pretty if you dont think your being disrespectful then your not being disrespectful it’s about what you think and no one else boo.

mela_coco_ xd says:

Nice vlog I am also right now in Germany but in the south

Jacey lee says:

OMG YESSS sorry i’m a little late but omg you are the only reason i’m on youtube i love you so much your my idol❤️ (again sorry i’m late)

Taylor Swift says:

Obsessed with ur vlogs

Amiah Ducre says:

I knew this what you were talking about when you said it was going to be sad

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