MY FIRST TIME IN GERMANY!! | Jeanine Amapola

Currently sitting in a German convenience store trying to upload this vlog, because I have no wifi here really!! HAH Getting so many weird looks!!! but do it for the YouTubes!! In this vlog I arrive in Germany and hang out with my family 🙂 In the next 2 vlogs, I go to Austria and Prague!! Stay tuned! Some fun adventures to come!! Love you all and thanks for helping me allow my dreams to come true

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Bernd Funken says:

I always wonder why every American which visits Germany ends in Bavaria and after seeing a small part of Bavaria believe that they have seen Germany. Technically you are in Germany, yes, but you haven’t seen very much of Germany since Bavaria is only a part of it. Its like someone travels to Texas and then makes a video and tells everyone “Hey, this is how the United States look like and they all speak like the people here”.

diane b. says:

I am actully going to germany in 2 weeks ,and seeing my family

boi philsss Saballa says:

Nien frau ist lerne deutsch hahahaha

Reign P.M says:

hi, can I ask what camera did you use ? hoping its ok for you, I very like the quality. Thank you!

Kenneth Peter says:

Ur really so lucky

Mason AltF4 says:

How come all Americans have this glowing withe teeth=? I can brush literally my ass off and I dont get them white. Any ideas?

Batuhan Dere says:

Good luck in germany but ill give some tips because i live in germany

FIRST OF ALL: Be quiet or people / neighbors will stare at you :/
second of all: Always have money on you, no credit cards. Most of germany only use cards for the bank but not like stores or something.
Third of all: you need to buy fridges, couches tv’s all by yourself. It does not come with the apartment.
Finally fourth of all: ALWAYS FILL UP GAS ON YOUR CAR. If you are on the autobahn, place with no speed limit, always go with gas. If you run out of gas, bad for you. This is a LAW in germany. You can get a fine for running out of gas.

Good luck

Eva Schubert-Litz says:

Your vlog is super nice! ☺In the comments many people are very positive and like seeing germany.

Please recommend to some fellow Americans! I feel that this is really important as many american channels or commentators are convinced that Germany is drowning in chaos and destruction right now.

Alicia says:

Omg, my class and I were in the same places in Munich! We went in every H&M (i think there were four stores) and we were in the same church and at the same market. So cool to see how excited you are!
PS: I‘m German but I wasn‘t in Munich before

der Cyborg says:

Roßen sind rot,
der Himmel ist blau.
Sie trägt keinen Anschnallgurt und kommt deshalb in den Bau.

echt jetzt ? says:

im german, i´ve never see so angry people here 🙂 not bad in so short time.

emilio Gojio says:

Jeanine Amapola it’s Emilio. You should do the shuffle dance

T E M P L E R says:



Too bad that you don’t speak german.

empathe1967 says:

wow your german is very good

Lunatic Eagle says:

prosting without looking into each others eyes is a no go and give you 7 jears of bad sex

Nico Steffen says:

Its not stinky, thats the parfume of nature!

Agnesa Gashi says:

I’m from Germany!♥♥♥I love your vlogs♥

Ray Dafuq says:

Tho you only speak a little bit german it’s quite good pronounciation pretty much on point!

Alpacalypse says:

Looks like you were in Munich around the festival to the cities birthday (somewhat around 860 years). Yes the gun shooting is normal during festival time. Its a gun salute. and the market you visited was the Viktualienmarkt

klar sowieso says:

You are so sweet my godness Greets from Germany

ih8ronpaulh8ers says:

Please HELP! What lake is that at the end? It is gorgeous!

Mohammed Abdullah says:

What is this car it’s amazing

Andi Albi says:

Why you have had a car with stairweels on the right side in Germany?

Movie News says:

concealed weapons, propaganda and robbers with that sh*t galore….

helfgott david says:


keepyour headup says:

I just love my beautiful country and i am so happy that you are all exited! And yeah… we always party long, but nothing compared to the crazy spanish people! Spanish folks you are craaazy! <3

The Big Game Theory says:

Guns shooting?!? That called a construction site.

JeanineTV Vlogs says:

omg y’all, it’s been rough getting a video up!! lol but hope you enjoy this video!!! Love you all!

Dennis E. says:

Best part 19:08 :DDDDD

Zimoz Lifestylez says:

Bavaria is cool, but it is certainly one of the untypical parts of Germany. the climatically most favored areas in the southwest such as karlsruhe to freiburg, stuttgart and tübingen (baden-württemberg) are often very hot in the summer but have well-known wine, beautiful old towns and the huge bodensee. also in the western parts with rhine, there are many old castles and a classic touristic route. The eastern part is full of historic towns and national parcs and in the north we have the occeans. Bavaria has the high mountains, so theres no question, that its pretty too.

Nice vlog and greets from Stuttgart

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