Our Trip to Germany!

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TheRachreb says:

wow your flight was only 8ish hours long? It takes like 5 hours to get from west to east canada! and my flight to london was like 11 hours! You too are lucky 😛

demetriaisdead says:

I wanna start a family there one day.

RANDY says:

Funny. St. Gore – where all the people die. jk ^^
Nice video but Its called St. Goar, not Gore…

Gymcrackery (Karen) says:

8:35 she says hes about 6’5″ and shes 5″0

Marta D says:

yep thats polish! lol

lobiapolo2012 says:

When they sang it didn’t sound German to me then I looked at their faces an they didn’t look German. Maybe I am wrong….oh and also I do believe most Germans speak English as a second language.

Chelleh says:

I love your reaction to the cutting the tip of the socks off. But I do have to admit, even as a Dane I don’t understand why we do it, at all! 🙂

makemyday423 says:

That one picture of the building where Tyler & the boys went sight seeing? I’ve been there!!!!! There’s an Italian place near there and I went there to eat. I love Germany. It’s really beautiful and the culture there is so unique and interesting. And yeah the mascara tubes are pointed!! I don’t know why it’s different …

Michelle Madsen says:

I did a German exchange in high school and then spent my sophomore year of college abroad there! So cool to see someone else’s experience in Deutschland. 😀

Asura Keks says:

Tyler looks..like a bear :3 a very tired bear:D but nice video:)

bademeister says:

Think of : Don’t mind your sorrowle and anybody would laugh at your hardship.

Holger Eckert says:

it´s Spätzle(swabian food) and with chees a heaven!.Spatz=Sparrow,Spätzle=little Sparrow.Swabians shrink most Things with `le` at the end.This makes the day look less hard.

Aspen Hunter says:

Ich liebe deutsch!!

xXMathuiXx says:

When I see those videos I can´t Imagine why some people still think germans are all nazies !
Nice video by the way 🙂

Terri Gaines says:

Did you get any P2 makeup? It is a German brand, Marnie has some, that’s how I know LOL

Kai Hart says:

Watching this almost three years later, holy crap! I didn’t realize you were so short.

Kessina1989 says:

Ich dachte immer, die ganzen Kosmetik-Marken kommen aus den USA!

19sunheart96 says:

It’s “Spätzle”
But Spätzle are from another area, from Schwaben in Baden-Württemberg, while they were in another area in germany (Hessen).
But I think you can get Spätzle everywhere in Germany, except Baden, where thy call it “Knöpfle”. That’s where I’m from 🙂

xXmimimaXx says:

i like how you say Frankfurt ;))

Faby uma brasileira em Berlin says:

aww it´s soo sad that u didn´t have time to travel more here in Germany….

warsmosesmoseswars says:

its so weird to see you here in germany 🙂
The places were you’ve been too is actually the place were me and my mum used to live. Funny thing is, that she also met my day there, who is american. Hope you enjoyed staying here! 🙂

Ida Alfano says:

wow that’s cool haha I’m from Frankfurt and it’s soooooo nice to hear you liked it 😀 and yeeeah streuselkuchen is yummy 😉

carol whalen says:

This makes me happy! When I was a kid (ages 11-14) we lived in Wiesbaden. My dad was in the Air Force. I have such great memories of Germany. Glad y’all had a good time!

Mario Fritschka says:

Welcome in Germany,have a nice Time!!!!

johnaddicted says:

My thoughts exactly – especially when Emily mentioned the tradition of a wedding going on for several days…that’s a very typical polish wedding tradition. As far as I know Silvia/Sylvia is a polish name as well 😀

username4787 says:

you look extra beautiful in this video! love the makeup!!! I’m going to watch the tutorial 🙂

makemyday423 says:

Schnitzel is so good!!! So is spetzla ( I don’t know how to spell it )

Candyland245 says:

Hello 🙂
I come from Germany and i want to America 😉

Game Wings says:

Gotta differ between english and english speaking tho.

Haley Shoultz says:

how tall is tyler? and how tall is emily?

silviuchca says:

I thought Tyler was German … my golden dream is living in Germany 🙂

Demra17 says:

‘Remember when I transformed from random lady on the street to international superstar’ HAHAHAH I laughed so hard at that!! Love you Em 🙂 xxx

Sara Beth Martin says:

randomly happened upon this video and got so excited! i love germany and had the opportunity to study abroad there. SO glad you showed the good side of it because it has such a negative reputation and it’s BEAUTIFUL and the people are amazing. ich liebe Deutschland!

Kayci Cadou says:

hey emily do u hav3 a makeup tutorial on this look???

Miss Glo says:

8:40 OH how i love to have a pic of my hubby in that room…LOL.. He is 6’10”!. and I’m 5’10”

deThadeuz says:

Nice vid!
Btw, it’s Sankt (or short St) Goar, not St Gore… 😉

RB says:

Omg Emily! My Brother-in-law’s name is Preston and my niece’s name is Emma too!!!

Celtic Punk says:

i think she said tyler’s around 6’4 or 6’5? and it said shes only 5’0

ilovechloe01 says:

Hahaha!! I died when you said “My sweet bun!”

Gloria Martinez says:

Wow Tyler and Preston could be twins!!

Regina Rooks says:

Was at a German wedding 10 years ago. It was long, long, long… but wonderful. Thanks for sharing yiur experience. You must go back when you can spend more time.

Jeannette Rasmussen says:

My brother and I also had the spaghetti ice cream when we were camping with our parents in Hardzen some years back and it tastes amazing 😉 Loooved that ice cream 😉

Heather Lack says:

Aww, this makes me miss Germany so much! We lived there for 3 years while being stationed in Heidelberg. I have been to a couple of the places you mentioned. Next time you’ll have to see the castles up close. They are so amazing!

JodyM says:

We have German friends who live in Wiesbaden. Very cool you were able to visit.

Hannah Leahy says:

Been to belgium 4 times! Its such a great area!:)

Mia Gonzalez says:

always a pleasure to watch ur videos

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