Road Trip Germany Part 1 (Aschaffenburg, Paderborn, Grube Messel)

Join me & Mr. German Man on our summer road trip around Germany! There were certainly lots of interesting things to see along the way 😀

Road Trip Germany Part 2:

Amazing Hamburg:

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Maximilian Rinke says:

Als ob ihr in Aschaffenburg wart,war krasse ne?

boxuan chen says:

Do u speak German, or they speak English? Did u have any language barrier there?

DevilPed 99 says:

Paderborn <3

jay love nya says:


oOPrettywinxOo says:

ooh Paderborn, I work there 😀

Nick Wild says:

And Libori is very cool. I love it.

MUETZE198 says:

oh I didn’t know you were in Paderborn XD I would have loved to show you arround

Maximilian Rinke says:


Katie Wybenga says:

You have Tour de Fat sunglasses! Where did you do it?

Ki Sa says:

ihr wart in paderborn, aber nicht in wewelsburg? oh noooo! in wewelsburg steht die wunderbare wewelsburg. die einzige dreieckige burg in deutschland mit sooo viel geschichte! und wie fandet ihr libori? 🙂

Tobias Schwab says:

If you like Fachwerkhäuser, you should make another roadtrip to Niedersachsen. I live in Göttingen. It is a nice city with many Fachwerkhäusern and a huge University. Nearby is Hann.-Münden, which is very pretty. Two other towns with many many Fachwerkhäuser that I highly recommend are: Celle and Goslar. Goslar is my favorite. Braunschweig is also worth a visit. Not so many Fachwerkhäuser, but beautful places and Churches.

xByLucax says:

I live only 5km from Aschaffenburg I don’t know why this town is not so famous ?

Fuchs Göttin says:

Oh! Paderborn ist direkt um die Ecke 😀 ich wohne in einer kleinen Stadt in der Nähe, vielleicht seid ihr da ja auch vorbei gefahren? Warburg ist wunderschön und voller alter Fachwerkhäuser in der Altstadt, ich wette es würde dir gefallen!

Tom Brunberg says:

these are so good videos! We’re leaving for a roadtrip across europe next week, getting good hints n tips for our travels!

Thorsten Krell says:

Dieburg!!! I saw Dieburg (the little church after Grube Messel (the double “s” is pronounced more like it is in “vessel”)). And the beautiful “Aschebersch”!
Did you know, that Dieburg has the biggest carnival club (the “KVD” ) in Germany? And they say “Äla” instead of “Alaf” like in Colone.

Your channel is so interesting.

JuTube says:

Ich wohne in Aschaffenburg❤️❤️

Foxie says:

I grew up in Paderborn and in my youth i spent a lot of time in the park where you sat 😀
I don’t think we have a typical food in Paderborn, but maybe it’s brown bread (Pumpernickel) like everywhere in Westphalia.
Did you know that Libori is one of the biggest and oldest festivals in germany?

i am Sarah says:

omg paderborn!

Wookie pedia says:

so messel is just 5-10 km away from where i live

Gibbet Hoskins says:

She’s cute

Rebecca Reinhart says:

thx that you like Aschaffenburg…i live there and i find it cute too like you Talk about Germany and if you going to Aschaffenburg next time say it and i will Visite you

Fabio Maines says:

Haha Paderborn ^^

NewsAussieAndre says:

Visiting Externsteine and the Teutoburg Forest must have been fun, it’s the area I was born in, but you should have also visited the “Hermannsdenkmal”, which is north of Externsteine, and also really nice and in the Teutoburg Forest!
If you really like half-timbered houses you should visit Lemgo, where I was born, because there the whole inner city has them, because as far as I know it wasn’t bombed in the second World War, so it was lucky! And you can also get “Strohsemmel” there, the only place in the world who has it! “Strohsemmel” are a special kind of bread rolls, because they are baked on straw and they don’t expire quickly!

Sakura Lein says:

I’m living in Paderborn hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Nick Wild says:

I live in Paderborn.

Jen Jen says:

That’s a lot of cows! Very bad for the environment…..glad Germany is still part of the Paris Climate Agreement, that will solve everything.

Berk Akgün says:

I’m studying in Mittweida,Germany and in my second week here i went to a really nice lake and while i was eating my sandwich there i saw a really old woman was swimming completely naked and it was 3 degrees 😀

Joachim Müller says:

If you love half timbered houses and cute town centers you should consider Dinkelsbühl. Not as famous as Rothenburg ob der Tauber, but much less “touristy”

Liliana Carp says:

I don’t think the information about the only fort in Europe that has a water moat is true. Please check Cetatea Fagaras from Romania.

TiAge Orsten says:

Hey Dana! You have been in Bad Lippspringe! So sad i didnt know about it 🙁

Jürgen Erhard says:

Fachwerkhäuser. Seems you don’t just like their looks, you also like saying the word. 😀

lynnieslifey says:

With which Programme did you create your into? 🙂

Riley Boc says:

Where was the place with the stone formations?

David Priest says:

Wow! just seen this. We lived in Paderborn area for a long time to 2008 working for the British Army. Fantastic place, I remember Externsteine as well. Thank you for bringing this one back. Paderborn city centre was really one of the most pretty places I have been and our kids loved it

Florian Wenzel says:

Viele Grüße aus Aschaffenburg 🙂

Bruno Wall says:

Hu. You were about 5km away from me. Maybe you should post like tourdates or something any maybe meet people to show you around.
There are so many nice spots around there. For example, the Hermannsdenkmal is really close, too.
I would have loved to meet you and be kind of a guide or something.

pentax2508 says:

I’m really looking forward to see you hopefully one time in Hamburg. The most beautiful city in the world. Germany is so much more beautiful than Bavaria and the South.

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