Road Trip Germany Part 2 (Bielefeld, Nienburg, Cows, Hamburg)

Join us on the second half of our road trip adventure around Germany!

Road Trip Germany part 1:

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Scarlet Knightwalker says:

It makes me kind of proud you traveled to my home town bielefeld i always loved

Nina K says:

Have you ever been to Fehmarn?? It’s a beautiful Island of the coast of Germany with lots of little villages. The biggest town there is Burg. You can also catch the train from the Seaport called Puttgarten and you can then travel to Denmark via the train, which also drives onto the ferry. I did a day trip to Kopenhagen before heading back to Fehmarn 🙂

RJ Guy says:

I love the Dana/Trixi crossover episodes, so I was happy to see this. It’s also cool to see Mr German Man again. Loved seeing the videos of the German countryside. Keep up the great work, guys!

adrianm says:

You visited Bielefeld and I had no idea, that’s sad :/

Ekkehard Morgenstern says:

When I drive on the autobahn for a long trip, I usually listen to music and take a break every two hours or so at a Raststätte. 🙂

TheUnihorse _ says:

I’m from Bielefeld! That’s so cool that you came by there! I live in Canada now but I still love to visit there 🙂

Debashish Das says:

Stefan is awesome… 🙂

Rachel Dobbs says:

I’ve done a few road trips. My husband and I went on one in 2011. We live in Florida but we were going to a wedding in Detroit so we basically did a loop around the Eastern United States and listened to the satellite radio. I’ve looked on my phone, taken pictures, enjoyed the view, etc. West Virginia is very beautiful too. When I lived in Germany, we took a spontaneous trip to Trier (I lived in Baumholder at the time) and it wasn’t well planned. My daddy almost got us stuck in a side street with our van….lol. All in all, I’ve had enjoyable road trips.

Brian Larsen says:

I love these road trip videos. Thank you!

_ - RessiX - _ says:

Hey cool, you were in Nienburg! i lived there for a while in 2004/2005

TheBone2070 says:

Wow, you basically just went by my doorstep… Btw, good job just filming the same entry and exit sign from both sides for Bielefeld, that totally broke my immersion of you presenting your journey chronologically…

Zimty says:

I enjoyed your previous videos very much. Unfortunately I can not do this any more now that I know you’re one of them. Please stop fooling people by telling them you were in “Bielefeld”.

folklore says:

ach Liebefeld… lovely ghost town 😉

rationalconscience says:

Who in their right mind would visit Bielefeld and why? Visit Füssen, honey!

Hackwar says:

My wife has a good pastime for travels on the Autobahn. Generally, she falls asleep 2 minutes after getting onto one and wakes up about 5 minutes before we arrive. I’m obviously the driver…

If you want to see the REAL Germany, with really nice people and all, make a trip from Bonn to Cologne to Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund and visit me in Münster. 😉

Sven Brandhorst says:

From Bielefeld to Nienburg an you didn’t stopped in Minden? Shame on you 😛
You could have seen this here:
Water crossing water on a bridge and you could have seen……..many windmills.

Lily hani says:

i usually drive alone and most of the time am talking and singing out loud, lol. and i also like to buy local food from the different state that i passed by or when i want to go back home n stock up all food that i like from the state i visited. 2 drinks i must have while travelling, 1. water (obviously :D) and isotonic drink, 100 plus here in Malaysia.

Michael Meier says:

my long-lost former home town!

J P says:

Die Sparrenburg xD loift

Cody.tvt says:

you should visit Hannover it was my old home in the past and it is a wonderful city!

Efficient Mommy....sometimes says:

Thank you for sharing your road trip it was so beautiful! And perhaps it’s an American thing but I agree those houses are just so cute! When we travel we love listening to books on tape or reading aloud. Our favorite is fiction we’ve done the chronicles of Narnia, Altas Shrugged, and most recently a light mystery, The Death of a Liturgist.

Lieutenant Petaa says:

we Drive very fast if its boring

The Berzerker says:

Wow Bielefeld besucht aber nicht Münster… Da bin ich echt enttäuscht Münster ist deutlich schöner :)))

Regina Muk says:

Germany is a very pretty country. Love your videos

SoHo says:

“Nienburg is up in the north” nooooo! >: shame on you mr. german man! That is not northern germany 😛

Jonas Engler says:

Omg i live in Bielefeld

Ashley Main says:

Love your videos! Obsessed!

Alice Hoffmann says:

* when we for long time at the Autobahn

Ssatkan says:

It’s fascinating: I saw you were somewhere in northern Germany before you even said it. The architecture is pretty characteristic.
What you can do in the car: Look for the letters on license plates and try to come up with someone (celebrity or personal acquaintance) who has these as initials before the other people in the car do.

Aranza Campeche says:

Warum würdest du nicht in Hamburg bleiben?? Freie und liebe HH?? :O

LordNathanwillwissen says:

You was in Bielefeld but not in Osnabrück. sham on you.

Polowonix says:

I drove yesterday 6 hours back from cologne. I listened to a ‘wise guys’ cd and sang along.

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