Stuttgart Germany Travel Guide

A travel guide for visiting Stuttgart Germany. Highlights include: Stuttgart City Center, Hauptbahnhof Main Railway Station, Stuttgart Market Hall, Mercedes Benz Museum, and the Porsche Museum.

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TrangleC says:

Yeah, 4 Euros for a soft drink unfortunately isn’t unusual in Germany.
I think the money they are charging for drinks and beverages is ridiculous. It even sometimes seems as if restaurants are luring in people with cheap food, only to skin them with overpriced stuff to drink. For what a cup of Coke costs at a McDonalds restaurant in Germany, you could get a whole gallon of Coke at the next supermarket. I think that is also why they don’t offer free water in restaurants in Germany and why free refills are pretty much unheard of.
The only place I know in Germany where you can get free refills, are the restaurants in IKEA stores and even they half ass it, by deliberately making their soft drink fountains spit so much foam that filling your cup or glass becomes such a annoying, tedious and messy chore, that hardly anybody gets a refill.
Of course I can’t prove that my little conspiracy theory is true and that they really make the fountains create foam on purpose, but I think it is pretty obvious. I have never seen any other such fountain produce anywhere near as much foam.

bungavicky says:

I had thru all of the streets on the video 🙂 I love Stutggart!

Mario Filio says:

greattttt video

Gnampf Gnampf says:

Königstraße is in english King street

The76Sandra says:

Come to Hamburg, is the best City of Germany 🙂

Flavio Floris says:

OMG! Stuttgart is amazing! day and night!

eh ah ken says:

Ubahn and Sbahn are both free. Its a conductor system. But they are so rare. My friend made it five years before seeing one. Pull the old…. Oh im a tourist I didn’t realise and you’ll get away with it for your holiday

Andrea & Danielle says:

Great Video thank you for sharing! My sister and I are Americans living in the Stuttgart area… Love it here!

vinoth babu says:

Beautiful city.. lovely place to visit
Thanks for sharing this video

umkalzum says:

so the train transportation is quite expensive?

Abdirashid Ali says:

ich wohne hier in stuttgart

Maz Dela Cerna says:

Thanks so much for posting 🙂

Alex says:

hey dude ty im from france ill go in stuttgart to date a girl, your video will help me ;P

Sudhindra R says:

good city

velvizhi nagendran says:

Miss u Stuttgart

Lady Bug says:

Love this video I noticed you don’t have one about Weisbaden. Would recommend Stuttgart for an active young family to live or visit over Weisbaden which seem to be less to do outdoor dining etc

Manstein says:

SSB beste 😉

Agbo Chinonso says:

I love my city

Flight Of Spice Blog says:

Where is your favourite destination?

Bonny Stark says:

you have the same voice than the rat in rattatouille !

Simmozheim Tube says:

very nice travel report of a very ugly city. but stuttgart is not worth any visit. I cannot believe anybody decides to travel to stuttgart. especially nowadays the S21-horror makes the crowded mess even worse. traffic jam, pollution, to many immigrants, expensive, unfriendly, no go places, and not any really tourist attraction.

Moon Walk says:

It’s nice to see the city where I live in a Video

Juanita Harvin says:

Nice job even 3 years later, still great info for Stuttgart. I loved living there for 9 years, and now I’ll bring Americans back to Stuttgart.!!

Chasing the Wind says:

great stuff 🙂

Adzie P says:

very informatif thank you…

岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada says:

I love Germany

Janos Gal says:

So basically I am guessing not much to see in Stuttgart in terms of history…anyway, I’ve been to the BMW museum so I will pop in to the Mercedes and Porsche Museums too!

Em Kes says:

Hi Chris, this video is awesome! Have you visited Bad Cannstatt, a district in Stuttgart? The most beautiful buildings of the city are located there, in my opinion, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. 🙂

Leighton Cooke says:

I love Stuttgart but the ticket machines are complicated. Don’t miss the Mineralbad Cannstatt, an awesome swimming pool.

gaijin71 says:

A bit of nerdy trivia, the Mercedes “star” is actually a propeller that is not moving.  And the BMW logo is light shining on a moving propeller.  Both companies started out as the same company making airplane engines, hence the logos!

El Salvador Surf Camps says:

Here some good tips to visit this city

whitestardust says:

You should learn how to correctly pronounce the local names, beginning with the name of the city you’re presenting.

Balu Shere says:

Duisburg city video please

龍Kin shun Sharon lung sha sha says:

Sharon lung kin shun.own. 房屋 土地

Gideon John says:

Hey, great channel!

Jaswant Singh says:

Good City

salih nor says:

Hi everyone I need a help to travel to Germany for a workshop if someone can help this is my Facebook ” Salih Noralhoda ” thanks.

Joel Clemente says:

Thank you for the video. It’s very informative. Appreciated

Giuseppe Teodoro Grasso says:

there is no Italian translation?

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