Top 10 Must-See German Tourist Attractions

Top 10 German Tourist Attractions

These are some of the top tourist attractions in Germany.
Whether you’re speeding down the Autobahn listening to Kraftwerk or knocking back some beers and sausage at the Oktoberfest, Germany is full of marvellous things to do and places to visit.

Make sure you see some of Germany’s most popular and historic sites such as the Reichstag Building, Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Berlin Wall, Christmas Market, Hofbräuhaus & Beer Gardens and more!

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Bert G says:

2:16…… Germany..?????

V. Neuhaus says:

You forgot to mention the most important fact about cologne cathedral… that it holds the remains of the three wise man who witnessed the birth of christ. They where brought to cologne in the middel ages after some war, and because they attracted so many pilgrims they decided to build a bigger church to keep them, the cologne cathedral

foxy_nici says:

Do one for Austria as well 🙂

Mangan2504 says:

By the way… The Harz mountains and Goslar in particular are not located in Saxony. They are located mostly in Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony (and Goslar belongs to Lower Saxony). Yeah, that’s a difference. You could compare it to puttig a famous building located in North Carolina to South Carolina.

And although many already mentioned this, but it wasn’t the Frauenkirche you showed there. You should’ve picked Dresden overall for this spot instead of only the church, as there are some other really famous and nice buildings with much history there, such as the Semperoper (which you showed) and the Zwinger.

Joachim Daniel says:

Goslar isn´t in Saxony but in LOWER Saxony (Niedersachsen).

Mwdew11 says:

Berchtesgaden and the konigsee lake are beautiful too.

Teeebs says:

Hmm, totally missed Trier, the oldest city in Germany. The walled city of Rotenburg might have deserved an honorable mention…

Ty$ says:

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hans von essen says:

Useful video to me.

NiklasDerMensch says:

Goslar is in Lower Saxony.

_Potter head says:

Idk but i didn’t expect the cologne cathedral to be here. I live in cologne lol

MissVOfficial says:

Must-See German Tourist Attractions:
Autobahn………. LMFAO………..

Marmeladenbrot mit senf says:

when you want to show the Dresdner Frauenkirche you show the Semperoper

Alejo Epico says:

What about Bremen?

Raul Gonzalez says:

So y is this on ms. Mojo?

lincolneagle says:

Top 10 cruises to take or top 10 cruise destinations.

Paul Brassinga says:

Sure would like to have seen the Bridge house’s of Bad Kreuznach.

Aglais Urticae says:


David W says:

As the largest country in central Europe, Germany has inspired Europe’s historical influences, cuisine and architecture, and is a fascinating country to visit. Although it is generally safe, there are still a couple of tourist targeted scams to watch out for (

Do be wary of these scams: pickpocketing, train ticket scam, fake inspectors, taxi touts, beggars, ATM card skimming and many more!

beatlequeen06 says:

I will have to respectfully disagree with #6. I’ve been to Dachau and it’s not a fun place to visit. It’s a fucking concentration camp! Yes, there’s a lot of historical significance, but that’s not exactly a part of history that most people would like to remember. I remember being in Germany when I was in high school as part of an exchange program and feeling so forlorn and depressed with each step I took in the camp. Just seeing the words “Arbeit macht frei” still on the door to the camp made my heart sink into my stomach. I couldn’t help but think about how many people had died there. You can have a perfectly nice trip to Germany without seeing a concentration camp.

Larry Williams says:

It’s just to bad it’s destroyed by Muslims now Hitler is probably rolling in his grave

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