Visit Berlin – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Berlin, Germany
The Best & Worst of Berlin for Tourists. From amazing museums like the Pergamon and Bodes to the fantastic outdoor spaces of Tiergarten and Wannsee to the history that fills the city of Berlin to the not so great parts of Berlin.
Filmed in Berlin, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2013

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Иосеф Сталин says:

Hate 6. Refugees

Elliot Smith says:

I agree on the likes, but how could you leave out Mauer Park on a Sunday??? I have no dislikes. Oh wait. Some times the U-Bahn is warmish.

Jules Mekler says:

Haven’t been yet much one awesome thing about Berlin… Katarina Witt!

travelvideos says:

Why not mention that almost everything is closed in Sundays?

sketch591 says:

Aggressive Rastafarians with dogs…..wouldn’t have happened in the old days……Deutschland has let its standards slip 🙁

george hare says:

So?? BERLINERS have nose in the air attitude, must have forgot the score. LONDON 2 BERLIN 0

jessica birchmier says:

Thanks for the video. It helped me decide to study abroad in Berlin rather than Salzburg. Only downside is I would like to improve my German more while I’m there, but it sounds like I’ll be hearing a lot of English 😀

smh smh says:

What school did you go to?

Balthasar vD says:

I was only interested about the hates as I live here in Berlin my whole life and it starts being very annoying. #1 and #4 was very correct but don’t forget how fucking dirty the city is. Go ahead and find infrastructure without graffiti on it (there are literally none). Also the weather is horrific!

Jennah Alzuri says:

hi mark what is the best pass to buy for Berlin? for museums and transportation?

Brightside says:

I found that Alexanderplatz was really tacky and not as nice as bikini Berlin or the area around potsdammerplatz

Steven Kingkiner says:

Hey, I’m Steven and I’m 17 years old. This summer I will be going to Berlin for a month, for a language and culture programs. I was wondering if you could tell me some of your best-hidden gems in Berlin or places people don’t really think to visit. Thank you!

symphom says:

So I lived in Germany for half a year (Northwest), so whenever I visited Berlin I found that Berliners are the friendliest and most open-minded people in Germany. I love the city, not because of its appereance since it’s not that special compared to other German cities, but the culture there is so inspiring since the place is filled with art and creativity, also, you really get that feeling that you are like at home since its very international, and, believe me, feeling included as an Ausländer in Germany is a big deal, specially since Germans, polite and nice as they are, are very hermetical people so it’s pretty difficult to enter their society even when you speak German decently. However, in Berlin, that’s super different, Berlin is all about peace and acceptance and freedom. So, give Berlin a shot, sure, there’s a lot of drugs, beggars and pollution and some parts in Berlin are genuinely ugly, but you won’t regret your visit.

Big Al says:

I was in Berlin this summer and loved it. Lots of different vibes in the different parts of the city. I thought the people had a pretty relaxed attitude about life in general. I’m definitely going back.

I can to relate to the “Berliner Schnauze”, as the rest of Canada seems to feel the same about Toronto, even though Toronto is very friendly and most Canadians have never been here.

Brandt McCall says:

I am excited to try the many vegan restaurants in Berlin and shop at the first vegan supermarket! Berlin is a very progressive city, and the vegan lifestyle of many of the cities citizen’s is one of the aspects of conscious lifestyles better for one’s health, kinder to animals and much better for the environment to be vegan. And very delicious.

Excalibur says:

I enjoy you “loan and hate” videos. What you say about Berlin is very true and I felt it was a great city to visit.

Miguel Vasques says:

Hate #6 It can be very dirty. Lots of litter and cigarette butts on the streets in many areas.
I was surprised about that.
London is squeaky clean compared to Berlin, but Germany supposedly is a wealthier country than the UK?… Guess their money doesn’t go enough into keeping streets clean.

momoxiaoshizi says:

How’s rent level there?

Karabiner_98k says:

how is the concentration/labor camps a horrible history for the Germans ? whilst Americans kept Japanese in camps too ? huh ?

Media online says:

This is wonderful to hear!

Ronald Schultenover says:

I do not like anything about Berlin

Jonas RB says:

You should mention that everything you talk about, is about the inner Berlin, if you visit Mariendorf or Rudow, you can also see many old houses and there are also no starbucks and no beggars

Tony Borisov says:

Alright then, Berlin is not my city!

Sunia Cougar says:

One day. Here I come

Elliot Smith says:

I saw, literally, a hundred people lined up at a side walk kebab shop two weeks ago.

NoHuddleNoMercy says:

Berlin is an ugly city. So much evil buried deep in their roots.

noreen steinmann says:

I just love Berlin.. Been here 2yrs now , left Switzerland..Nothing is place like Berlin!!!!

blafuckyou says:

Berlin didn’t sell it’s soul to capitalism. It was always a poor city and then people like you came by and just bought up the fucking city and kicked out the real Berliners

Arturo Wagner says:

very accurate observations. I visited in 2004, and one thing I noticed was that people weren’t as nice as in Western Germany. must be hangovers from the communist era..

Tom Murdoch says:

This video has got me so inspired and pumped. I wan’t to live in Berlin ! Great content as usual Wolter !

King of England says:

went to berlin last year , absolutely loved it, very beautiful and I’d definitely live there


The things he said he hated are things you wouldn’t like in any big city in the world.

Bob Mob says:

Berlin isn’t even a top twenty place to visit in Germany.

Marc C says:

One man’s hate can be another man’s love…And vice versa.

hittingtax26 says:

Do they have Taco Bell’s in Berlin?

Hans Rosenthal says:

Most important, I think, is that Berlin is a green capital, point four on +Wolters list. Hans Rosenthal (A.H.R.D.) PS: You can get from pure concrete to pure nature within less than 5 minits, just by using Berlin’s public transportation intelligence.

Tyler Stevens says:

Hey Mark, I’m a food server in California and I just wanted to let you know that they took away the auto gratuity on parties of 8 or more at most corporate restaurants. Not sure about mom and pop places, fine dining or outside California. Not sure if someone brought this up in the comments down below, just wanted to share.

Hassan Ali Husseini says:

Berlin should learn from Asians how to build an airport and not trying to tell other countries and people how to rule their countries.

But a nice city with a lot of culture, as it should be for the capital of (one of) the countries in Europe with the highest heritage in arts, music, architecture and literature.

ARB TV says:

Would love to go to Berlin. Looks such a such an historical city.

Milan Milosev says:

Great! Thanks! I got a job there. This will help me.

Till Effenberger says:

130 echte Berliner. man should your fucking mouth talking about cities you don’t know

Esther and her Little World says:

Your travels are so inspiring! :)))

Jesse Gagnon says:

I am going in june from the US and am planning on getting the German rail pass to travel tow a couple other cities. does the rail pass include trains within the city say from east berlin Center to West or the airport to charlottenburg palace?

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