Visit Berlin – The Don’ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany

With Numerous Museums, Sights & Nightlife Berlin has tons to offer travelers. Here we talk about what you shouldn’t do when you visit Berlin. From Not worrying about your travel budget, because Berlin is an affordable world capital to not skipping out on some of the local treats like Currywurst. Here are the Don’ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany
Filmed in Berlin, Germany
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5 Love & Hates of Berlin

Top 10 Sights in Berlin

5 Things to Eat in Berlin

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Daniel Naydenov says:

not a corect presentation of Berlin, everyone goes over red he aint no local he dont know nothing – dislike

Lucas Weber says:

If you come to berlin you have to go eat at Curry At The Wall the food is so good!!!

Fritz Kralle says:

Turks and Greeks came first in the 60s. We did not bring them here to build up the city like you said. The city was build up before they came.

Superlover says:

good & true tips!

Jon Son says:

The stations Spandau, Charlottenburg, Zoologischer Garten, Friedrichsstraße, Hauptbahnhof, Alexanderplatz, Ostbahnhof and Ostkreuz are all on the same Ost-West-Achse. Many trains stop at each of them, but sometimes certain lines skip e.g. Charlottenburg or Ostbahnhof or Ostkreuz.

You talked about Zoologischer Garten / Ku’damm, Hauptbahnhof and Alexanderplatz, but what about Friedrichsstraße and Gendarmenmarkt? Whenever I need to go to Friedrichsstraße I imagine thats what New York Manhatten looks like haha. The Gendarmenmarkt is a wide place with 2 churches, other than that I always thought it was boring haha.

1 month ago I met 2 elderly people from the US and they praised our Botanischer Garten, I never visited even though I live here in Berlin haha. You should try it though, I believe you will love it 🙂

Oh yeah some other interesting museums are “Das Naturkundemusem” and “Das Museum der Technik”.

Regarding finances, yes in Berlin everything is cheaper compared to other cities in Germany, however, as a Berliner we also make less money than in other cities. BTW since a few years housing prices is gone up 4 to 5 times over the roof, literally. Everybody wants to live in Berlin, the city i growing non stop and that is why suddenly real estate or property has become like 4 or 5 times its worth compared to 5 years ago.

Gone1229 says:

One don`t for me, as a person living in Berlin, don’t just stay in the tourist areas. Explore a little in weird areas and you will be surprised what awesome small shops and cafes you will find!

Tom Quimby says:

You need to remember there were Americans in Berlin for 49 years, the U.S. Army, and the USAF. I was with the 2/6th Infantry at McNair Barracks 1979-1980. You don`t get the old world charm in Berlin because so much of that city was destroyed by bombings and the battle of Berlin. So much of that city is new, built after the war. That TV tower at Alexanderplatz was built by the Communists in East Berlin for propaganda purposes. In West Berlin we called it the Popes revenge because from the west it would have a cross on it from the sun shinning on it. There is a restaurant up there in the tower Allied soldiers were not allowed to go up there. we were also not allowed to ride the S-Bahn and any U-Bahn lines that went through the East. I saw the Berlin wall when it still standing and in operation it was a sight to see.

guy azbell says:

if I can’t find old world Germany I just won’t go! I was there 40 yrs ago and I loved the inns that had boots full of beer and the food was heavenly.

Satori kyosa says:

One tip for the S-Bahn … Never wear your backpack on your back… when you get out of the train most of your stuff is gonna be stolen ….

spankmeister says:

I jaywalk in Germany all the time. Fich die Polizei

Alessandra M says:

I love your videos, thank you! Visiting Berlin has always been my dream, I can’t wait to go there! As far as jaywalking is concerned, it’s 100% true. When I lived in Cologne people really gave me bad stares when I did that.. If the light is red and there are no cars in sight, just DON’T JAYWALK, even if there’s no traffic. Why? Because it can cause you troubles. Once I was late for university, I jaywalked.. And I got fined.

The Dude says:

hey chubbs cut back on the currywerst and chow – you look big enough to have your own zip code.

Markus Walter says:

BBI is not open… the second airport is Schönefeld (SXF)

Robin Brockhusen says:

#1 don’t of berlin: the city itself

Joe Bold says:

You missed a few things about the wall, which I think is important.
A) the stone patch line goes through the whole of Berlin, where the wall stood…it is not just in touristic areas.
B) to actually see how depressing the wall was, do not go to the easide gallery, go to Memorial Park at Bernauer Straße. There is a completely ‘intact’ part of the wall, together with a watch tower.

Matthias Kalupner says:

If you want to visit the Reichstag book it in advance – you won’t have to wait in line (this is only for very spontaneous visitors who can try to get a visiting spot – than you have to wait for 1-2 hours IF there is a spot free). The dome is open for visiting daily from 8 AM to 24 PM and it is free of charge. Just use their online application to book your visit in advance:

Dorian Simonis says:

Rly just 3 railway stations ? Zoo is outdated but we have Ostbahnhof, Hauptbahnhof, Gesundbrunnen, Südkreuz and Spandau

Tiffany C says:

Thanks so much! This is a great overview and just what I needed to watch! 🙂

Moinmoin Moinmoin says:

If you’re interested in the wall, you can go to “Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer” at Bernauer Straße. There are a couple more information than at Checkpoint Charlie

SMD Productions says:

Don’t talk about ww2 or jews and you will be fine

D 4353 says:

Don’t eat pork or drink beer, it’s an Islamic country.

Bianca Barz says:

Potsdam is the best city ♡♡♡

Daniel Coonfield says:

I love Berlin! World-class culture! Great Night life!

Todd Baxter says:

Just two more “don’t do’s” in Berlin: goosestepping & zieg heiling. *LOL*

Christin Kolbeck says:

Berlin is literally the love of my life!

Peter8aus8Berlin says:


Maxim says:

I am German and I say: Visit everything, but not Berlin. Maybe in Berlin, the food is as tasty as the english food, which means it’s not that good.
Visit the palatinate or Bavaria, If you want tasty food and many Things to do.

Vampire Killer of Kern says: Berlin in 4K from the point of view of a very disturbed individual

Parhaat Palat says:

3:10 “Zolashko Garden?” I guess you mean Zoologischer Garten.

Will Mcb says:

Watching this at midnight I’m going on a school Trip to Berlin in 2 hours wish me luck haha

Tom Jardine says:

Are the locals in Berlin friendly ?

Mysterios1989 says:

about the center of Berlin, there are even more than these 3. These 3 are the most touristy centers, but Berlin as a whole is a very decentralised city. At each step of the development, Berlin swallowed up cities around it to grow bigger, but in contrast to other areas, these cities stayed very distinct and maintained their regional identity to a large extend. For example, one of the last districts becoming part of Berlin is Zehlendorf, and that was just in 1920. Because of that, you keep often the very distinct city centers of each district, while these three centers mentioned here, are pretty much the touristy and inner city centers that most people know about.

Vorst1236 says:

Don’t go on bike tours with huge tourgroups

Not my real name says:

Also, stay the hell off the red sidewalks. Those are the bike lanes, and Berlin bicycle riders are pretty damn territorial. Pedestrians on bike lanes get often slapped, grazed or verbally attacked.

Also, don’t tell people to go to Friedrichshein-Kreuzberg. It’s never been a good place for tourists, as it’s a bastion of radikal leftists that LOATHE them and openly engage them when they’re identified as tourists. But it’s gotten really bad in recent years, plenty of drugs, assault and muggings. Might as well tell tourists to take a stroll through Queens at night.

Other districts you better avoid are Neukölln, Schöneberg and Tiergarten.

pwnycny says:

I agree with these recommendations. if anyone wants to experience “traditional” Germany, Berlin is not the place to visit. Berlin is a major urban center. it contains numerous places of interest. For those who demur from wanting to visit Germany because of its Nazi past, get over it. Germany is not the Third Reich. The Third Reich disappeared forever on May 8, 1945. Berlin is a wonderful place to visit, and probably even to live. it is a full service city with loads of restaurants, parks, and numerous cultural attractions that will keep you busy.

AstonMartinStig says:

Mark, can you teach me how to get into Berghain?

larks1976 says:

Thanks for the useful tips, really looking forward to my first time in Berlin! It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t get over how clean, orderly and organised it is! Though, that is a very German trait so I’m not surprised! Especially had a chuckle over the ‘NO jaywalking’ part, it’s very simple and yet, people still jaywalk in my neck of the woods. Berlin, as an international city would be a fantastic experience and I am so looking forward to visiting and experiencing Berlin. Thanks again!

DR Evil says:

yes yes yes i get all that…will there be nazis or even david(im not a nazi its the drugs honest)bowie?

Noah Harness says:

Thank you so much. You’ve really lowered my stress on my travel.

Joe Peroni says:

DON’T say: Sieg Heil, Juden Raus, Heil Hitler, Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer, ad infinitum. DO say: there’s no such thing as the “German” people. “Refugees” (ie rapist, murderous jihadis from Syria & elsewhere, criminal-skulled, part-animal turds-on -legs from Africa who shit in the streets, all welfare leeches) “WELCOME”. Suffice to say: AVOID going to Germanistan. It’s getting more dangerous with every passing day.

Madwolf 096 says:

Is it ok to wear a Prussian uniform there?

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