Visit Berlin – The Top 10 Sites in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, the capital of Germany, the city has so much to offer and here we give you our 10 favorite places to visit in Berlin, from the Weltzeituhr at Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdam. A great weekend getaway or longer.
Filmed in Berlin, Germany at the Charlottenburg Palace
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014



also can you still get Berliner Weiss a drink where you add flavor to???

Joseph Hanley says:

Mark thanks for your tips going this weekend can’t wait to see Berlin

Michael Oconnell says:

just got back from Berlin and you’re video was so helpful thank you so much the only thing id advice tourists to do is if you’re traveling by train when you get your ticket validate it before you get on as there is a €60 fine but it could be a scam so just be careful.

Willy Mays says:

mark, you are very helpful and i am a subscriber. i wish you would add one thing to your videos, a map, so when you say brandenberg gate, show it where it is, and charolette , where is that vis a vee the other sites, so we can get a feeling on how to plan the day. there is no website that does that, and if you do that, you will be upgraded to the best thanks once again

Cris Yorke says:

I’m just going around Berlin free and easy/on a budget. Is there any museums that are free? Thanks!

EdEditz says:

Last time I was in Berlin was in 1990 just after the wall came down. Actually took a hammer and chisel with me and hacked some pieces out of the wall which I still have. I’m defo going back soon to see what it’s like now.

- Alexmegamind - says:

This looks bullshit but German is such a fucking great language

Martin Craven says:

Thank-you Wolter coming this weekend so much appreciated. We are excited

MusingsofaJay♡ says:

Would it be bad for me to go there in Jan or Feb?

Moaaz Ashour says:

Oh yes! I would really recommend Potsdam! AMAZING!

pandacorno rosa says:

when i went to berlin I also saw the pfauninsel, peacock island. berlin is my favourite city in europe after rome, where i live. love you germany

Oscar Beltran says:

Just a heads up !! Number 4 you need to make an appointment online to go up the dome

Steven Kingkiner says:

Hey, I’m Steven and I’m 17 years old. This summer I will be going to Berlin for a month, for a language and culture programs. I was wondering if you could tell me some of your best-hidden gems in Berlin or places people don’t really think to visit. Thank you!

Ibdman2000 says:

I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for all your hard work!

Sergio Mendes Aguila says:

Amazing video! I’m going to my first trip in Betlin on September and your video helped me to know more about this city. Thank you!!!

Price Thomas says:

Just got back from europe 2 weeks ago. Saw Paris, Berlin and Rotterdam. Saw your videos before I left. Thanks for the tips!
I walked all the way from alexanderplatz to brandenburger tor it was awesome!

PlusMinusAll says:

I live in Berlin and love to watch your videos about Berlin, gives me another perspective on the city. I should definitely be a bit more touristy!

Nick says:

Just a quick hint for the ‘no-go/go-but.hey-you’ve-really-been-warned/get-a-nice-experience-but-you-might-regret-it’ kind of places:Kottbusser Tor, locally known as ‘Kotti’ is, especially in the dark, not really the place to be, unless you do want to watch your step, take good care of your valuables (absoulutely no backpacks, unless you really want to get rid of somthing ;-), in which case: leave the zip open and hope for the best ^^ ).But hey, just in case you are looking for something fitting in the ‘well-maybe-somehow-it’s-not-that-legal’-category, well then, my lawyer’s quote would be ‘don’t go there’ 😉 and I don’t have anything to append :-]However, to cut this short: It’s not the place to be at dark, unless for a really good reason.Enjoy your stay 😀

Sahra Tank says:

Walter kannst du auch barocke schöne Gegenden zeigen mit Pferdekutschen,,,,,

FightlessFighter says:

Checkpoint Charlie is a lame tourist trap, there are much better places to visit.


Mark. have you ever eaten at Route 66 or The Bücher berlin. I was looking at places and hotels near where I grew up. just wondering. they look very cozy?

Balthasar vD says:

I live in Berlin and I can tell you it’s fucking annoying here!

Gianna Struck says:

I love watching things about my country and my city. I was really happy to see Potsdam on that list because even tho I was born in Berlin I have lived almost all my life here. It is such an amazing city with so much history. It took some time for me as a local to realise that but especially after spending a year in the US and outside of my city I finally saw the beauty Potsdam has. It is definitely a place worth checking out especially when you want to see stuff without the crowds you will have in Berlin.

Richard Upton says:

Hi great video, I am going to berlin over new year and was wondering if you could recommend any places that can be reached from berlin by bus of train that are interesting and sort of old school, thank you.

Domenik puls says:

very nice Video but what is with our beautifull zoo in no zoo like this you can see so much animals every animal what do you want to see you can find it (the zoo stands in lichtenberg ) p.s. i’m a real berliner

Arrin Mixon says:

Hey I travelled to Berlin because of your videos. Also how did you travel so much? What did you work as while in Europe.

David Williams says:

Dude, you are talking way too fast

Der Zeraphin says:

Potsdam isn’t a small town.

Ishan Purnapatre says:

Berlin Wall. ??

Semsem Eini says:

You should do a tour of all the stolen buildings belonging to Jews that the Germans stole for the 3rd time after Reunification in 1992 legally with the help of Sabine Leutheusser Schnarenberger Minister of Justice and Theo Waigel Minister of Finance.; after all it was the children of the Nazis who wrote the property laws protecting the German Aryans. My mother’s building is in Prenzlauer Berg.

Raimondas Marciulevičius says:

Wolters World & Berlin, good job. Together we are stronger. Zusammen wir sind starker! 🙂 🙂

chris o'rourke says:

I was in Berlin this week, only 3 days but loved it, Brandenburg gate, Museum island, Ku,damm, Checkpoint Charlie, got to see the wall. Loved every minute, will have to go back when its a bit warmer. Love Currywurst. In Dortmund now off to Munich Monday then Rome Thursday. 🙂

Berlin says:

Appreciate the great guide! We’ll be releasing some helpful new tutorials for Berlin visitors soon.

Clement Ng says:

music leipzig bach mendelssohn, schumann zwickau, halle handel, vienna haydn schubert mozart beethoven, linz bruckner, bayreuth wagner, salzburg mozart, bonn beethoven

Da Kamui says:

hi wolters world great videos.

just one thing in berlin we dont say reichstag anymore its bundestag.

Clement Ng says:

palaces: munich nymphemburg residenz, wuerzburg residenz, neuschwanstein hohenschwangau, dresden zwinger, potsdam palaces, ; museums and art galleries: which is best for german austrian swiss art as opposed to foreign? munich alte neue pinakothek glyptothek, vienna kunsthistorisches belvedere albertina, dresden zwinger, nuernberg germanisches national museum, berlin alte national galerie, ….. other suggestions? again native born masters not foreign .

Juan Pablo A says:

Thank you so much for your advices! I will be in Berlin this december and your video is gonna help me.
I did not know about Potsdam, so I saw some photos and it is amazing! Do you think it will be amazing to visit it in winter? and
one more question.. It is so cold in Berlin in december?
Thank you again!

Cliff Clavin says:

At our last two visits my brother and I visited the AG Tiergarten (court which banned many movies) and the old Metropol (now Goya, building where Lamberto Bava’s horror film Demoni was shot).
But we are movie buffs and have been to Berlin a lot of times in the last years.

Declan Galbreath says: –> bester blog, beste tipps !!

Mister Gunsen says:

Seems like you havent been to Leipzig yet. Its a remarkable city. Nowadays they are still rebuilding after the communist officials of the GDR left the city rotting for 50 years. It was however one of the richest trade cities in germany. They have the biggest train station in Europe with a 3-floor-shopping mall inside of it, a beautiful church seemingly made out of glass as a main part of their university and countless houses in a very rich 1800s merchant style (Jugendstil in german). Since the city’s buildings were falling appart at the beginning of the 90s, most eastern germans from leipzig left after the borders opened towards west germany. having hundreds of thousands of people less in the city didn’t help with maintaining it either. but nowadays the city is rebuilt beautifully almost in every aspect. when i lived there in 2013, they still had a few houses torn down, some historical fronts of buildings standing around with no house behind them, merely hold up by steel beams. People are coming back today, its very cheap, very student friendly, very alternative, very green and has a lot of different faces. from the artsy sides of the museums and atteliers to the industrial sides with old abandoned factories and fancy new high tech produciton. Its a great city and you should go there 😉

ilichio says:

it would be nice to have the places listed in the description of the video. I like how you describe the places, but then when I want to add them to my map I have to go and stop the video while you talk XD this is being slow and losing day light hahahahahahaha i’m not really a prepared traveler 😛

Ricky Potts says:

We are going to Berlin in a couple of months. Appreciate your direction on things to see and do while in town. Cheers!

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