Visit Germany – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Germany

Heading to Germany & Wondering What Things May SHOCK You as a Tourist, Traveler or Vacationer? Here we have the list of ten things that SHOCK tourists when they visit Germany. From cracks in the bed and toilets with shelves to friendly people you would never expect.

Filmed in Bamberg, Germany

Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

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The Fozzy Bear says:

I know Germans want to bury their dark past. Calling them Nazis is very offensive to them.

Vnehargem says:

What will shock you the most is that a huge genocide against the German people is currently going on in Germany (Kalergi-Plan).

Micah Philson says:

Drinking game! Take a shot every time he says “shock”!
I guarantee you won’t make it past 3 or 4 minutes in.

vaskylark says:

The toilet thing freaked me out! Poop on a shelf? Whyyyyyy?

Finn ! says:

this is crap honestly

Commentator says:

I have to correct you about some things:
1. Most people don’t really think that Nazi jokes are rude IF they are really expressed as jokes.

2. Swastikas and Mein Kampf isnt completely illegal, we actually have both in our school. Its legal if you have a purpose for it.

3. We don’t have a crack in our beds. xD

4. We have Fachwerkhäuser in EVERY city. Just search. xD

5. We don’t buy 3000€ Conputers in stores. We know that we have to build them ourselves, its more cost-efficient. 😉

6. We don’t only love Pork we love:

7. It isnt black or blue socks its brown or white socks. 😀

However everything was kind of right and it was a great Video and i enjoy the effort you put into it. 🙂

hittingtax26 says:

Do you have to pay for a toilet stall if you just wanna jerk off?

Avinash Shinde says:

stupid country. soon it’s gonna be destroyed cuz of Islamic terrorism

Gamma Master says:

Damn it Germany I could have been arrested for that crack you were hiding in my bed

MsJavaWolf says:

The junkies really are a big problem. I went to a school in the city centre, actually a decent school, but in order to get the I had to literally climb over drug addicts at some points. Not really cool.

Rico Fray says:

I life in germany and this is fals what he say. I is bullshit do not pay for the Toilette

my videos says:


VivaLaRazsa says:

Jeremy geh weg da mit die Assis an Bahnhof

seelviane says:

you speak so fast and so much, I got a headache! I am not able to finish any of your videos due to this fact

my videos says:


Daniel Jackson says:

i think nazi jokes are funny

Stealth Mario says:

because cody was in it

Jenny van Formosa says:

U should not say shocking things…u may want to say interesting different things than USA things in ur view. Because ur shocking view not represent international viewers.

David Lomm says:

They like Cash because they need to hide money from the high taxes of a Socialist Government 😉

Imperium Europa says:

Of course, whether or not most Germans are “ashamed” of their National Socialist past is vague conjecture. It’s impossible to know whether Germans have a negative or positive view on it – because it’s against the law to voice anything positive about the National Socialist era there. So we can’t even know how the percentages break down. However as an American who has done massive studying of WW2 from the European point of view, I CAN state my opinion. And I will do so now: The Germans were the good guys in WW2. England started the war with Germany..hence they started the war in the Western European countries. NS Germany and its many European Axis allies were on a heroic crusade in the East trying to save all of European civilization from Bolshevism/Stalinism. And England and America should have minded their own damn business. Anyone with a brain knows I’m correct on this. However, I will not receive any likes or positive feedback on this from any German, because they would be risking a jail term by doing so. The thought crime police are firmly in place in Germany..sadly. Germans: You were leading the fight for Europe in that war, and whatever lies you’ve been told about Hitler – forget them. He was a great man.

Vivian Mayer says:

Very Fake news!

Tom Hill says:

No 1 thing he did not mention???
All the camper vans you see on the side of the roads. These are called layby lilles. And yes they are prostitutes. Go to Germany and you will see quite a lot of them.

Kris Milko says:

Mark, I think you forgot to mention the autobahn!

Sergio Lorenzi says:

So you visited Quedlinburg. What a beautiful and little known town, isn’t it?

Whoever says:

These beggars outside the train stations are crimnal Eastern Europe beggars maffia plus North African drugdealing “asylumseekers”……..and other immigrants. They are NOT Germans!

Shiramaro says:

wtf i always tell to my German friend nazi and he dont get mad at all

Crazy_ Canuck says:

The last point is my opa

jjramos46 says:

Love me some pork!

vercigentorix M says:

German women are beautiful.

Jenny van Formosa says:

We live in Europa so the shocking thing about w.c. we feel normal(feel u are exaggerate). We perfer pay little money to keep clean instead of pay nothing but dirty ). But I can understand from ur American view. Haha

Sibyl Saint says:

At Oktoberfest in Munich, I walked right past those bathroom ladies all the time.

Mikkel mads Sørensen says:

Even some polish people wear sock and sandals.

Blackadder75 says:

I miss shock number 11. They really drive 250+km/h on their autobahns on the parts that it’s allowed..

SnacAttac says:

In Ukraine it’s illegal to talk of Nazi’s in public I believe.

Ardie says:

As a German and I think this video was well-made and considerate! Thank you! 🙂 Btw, the toilet thing afaik comes from hospitals were they would have this kind of loo where people with internal sickness are, so if you need to take samples you don’t have to use a cardboard bowl… since you can see a lot of diseases by seeing what leaves your body (both liquid and solid) I think some people thought this was good to have at home, but it now has gone out of style and most houses do not have these toilets anymore cause has you rightly said, smell-wise it’s not the best.
Card payments are not well-loved because of fees.. shops make unneccessary losses by accepting cards~

Jellyfishumbrella says:

You forgot mineral water and still water lol

hazrie imran says:

Germans are unfriendly! That’s very true

Tim Popo says:

wheres all the girls with the big hands!

vaxiawval says:

Europeans hate to have a false friendly waiters licking your ass and disturbing all time hoping for a bigger ‘Tip’, that’s the whole point about service.
our waiters are paid.

Jose Garcia says:

Very very accurate. I appreciate the comment about Nazism
Germany is a wonderful country to get lost in
Keep it up excellent work.

MrSpinteractive says:

#11 Don’t stray into Muslim neighborhoods if you don’t want to get gang-raped.

PSXfangirl says:

Everything makes sense now, the Germans didn’t understand why the Jewish didn’t eat pork.

Leo_lies says:

Some of these “Assis” or “penners” you are talking about are just poor homeless!

jj vanderwatt says:

Really now, some people simply are not used to anything at all – especially anything that’s different to the small little world they come from and live in – talk about small minds …

vicksss says:

He can say whatever, but if they are Germans they are Nazi’s… That is part of Germany. I also saw a documental in you tube and they were interviewing a bunch of Nazi German bikers and not only they had the swastika flag but they also had the swastika tattooed in their bodies. And they were very happy saying they were Nazi’ German’s living in Germany. They even have their own community. So I don’t know why denying it. Germany is a country that I guess not many people wants to visit. Not only because of their bloody history but because of their manners and way they conduct themselves with visitors. They act like they are superior and do not realize that they are as common as anyone else. They are the only ones that feel superior than others. I know people that been to Germany for vacation and they say they will never return there because of the treatment they received and that must of the times the Nazi’s make visitors feel like they are a superior race. I cannot visit a country that still practice racism towards others. Saludos

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