Visit Germany – The DON’Ts of Visiting Germany

Germany is an amazing country to visit & travel through, this video covers the things that tourists and travelers shouldn’t do when they are visiting Germany.
Filmed in Munich, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016
The Don’ts of Visiting Germany
1. Don’t Assume German Are The Cold Stereotypes You Have Heard of Your Whole Life.
2. Don’t Jaywalk, so follow the rules in Germany.
3. Don’t Forget the Pfand or deposit that you may put down for beer mugs, bottles, cans and other things. You can get that money back.
4. Don’t forget to bring flowers or a small gift when visiting a German’s home. Also, don’t wear your shoes inside their homes.
5. Don’t be disrespectful at the Nazi concentration camps and memorials around the country.
6. Don’t Wait: when at restaurants or bars order as soon as you can as waiters do not come through to check on tables as often as they do in other countries.
7. Don’t Experiment on Driving on the Autobahn. It can be very dangerous for first time drivers.
8. Don’t Expect to Shop on Sundays in Germany.
9. Don’t forget to bring cash. Germans love to pay in cash and some places will only accept cash. So be ready.
10. Don’t expect to see just half timbered houses in Germany. It is a thriving modern country with tons of amazing culture, architecture and technology.

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watcherob says:

It is sad to see how, mostly kids, treat the jewish monument in Berlin. 16, 17, 18 year old kids that don’t know or don’t care where they are.

Marcos Steckham says:

Hey guys, I’m from Argentina and will be visiting my uncles in December. They live in Bremen. I’d like to spend two months in Germany – which cities would you recommend me to visit in that period? Thanks / Danke

cocomoonlight says:

Don’t say that germans are not funny or that they lack humor and dont make fun of their language exaggerating the sounds, and the most obvious don’t bring the nazi stuff.

Eda Ö says:

Yes.. people who walk in with their shoes on in MY home. Girl I can’t deal with that. I feel like they don’t respect my home or something.


Never ever stretch out your hand and do the Nazi greeting, for any reason! It is illegal, you will probably get arrested and it is right that way. I’ve lived in Munich for 17 years and I really have to say from my very personal experience that Germans, especially Bavarians, are the less racist people in Europe.

Dustin Carl says:

Don’t ignore visiting Trier!!!

Strategiusz says:

omg I didn’t know that in Germany they have Polish concentration camps.

mischa2142 says:

Just so we are clear: Don’t ask why germans are not having leatherpants. Unless you want to find out someones fetish of course.

DarwinizmDoKosza says:

I didnt watch your video to the end but – the biggest DONT being in Germany is, criticise refugee politics of Merkel

Jefff says:

I’m an American in Germany and live around US Military installations such as Ramstein AB. Please, if you’re invited and can’t make it or you’re going to be really late, let the host know. I have noticed that Americans are the worst at this. They get invited and can’t make it, they just don’t show up. This is really annoying.

Barbara Sunday says:

respect is huge to every German I know

Morales Von Fubak says:

Hi Wolters World,

you can get rid of your drivers licence when you cross a street with red light. Having a drivers licence means you are a part of the traffic. And you are part of the traffic as someone who is walking around. This is why you can loose your drivers licence if you break the rules

John Davis says:

Don’t do a Hitler salute in public because it is illegal.

Rona Music says:

always take a jacket and never wear sandals

CheckMySix says:

Dont EVER EVER do a Nazi salute,not even messing around you could get in serious trouble

Captain Quantrill says:

Don’t get raped by a filthy Muslim

Julie Wilder says:

What is the dress code for theater, concerts and restaurants?

Aleah Evans says:

wait, are you telling me in the US shopping on Sundays is possible/common?? Germany can’t be the only place that doesn’t have shops open on Sunday right?

Leonardo says:

my theory is that Germany is bringing all of these immigrants into their country so they cant start up a new holocaust

Cactus Pete says:

I visited Berlin and found many of the public service personnel rude and impatient. I had my elderly father with me, and when trying to purchase train passes at the counter, the two guys working gave us one pass, even though there were obviously two of us. When I had to ask for another one, the two started rolling their eyeballs at each other, speaking loudly and tempestuously in German as if we were idots (dummkopfs) and really putting them out. No one else was even in line at the time. At the train stations, bands of drunken hooligans were wandering around causing disturbances for everyone there. Lastly, a disturbing scene for me personally was near one of the stations, across a plaza, there was some kind of animal park or zoo, but what caught my eye was the lone elephant swaying its head back and forth, chained up, acting like it had lost its mind. I will never forget the obvious animal cruelty that was on display there. No one seemed to care. Won’t be going back to Berlin. Other parts of Germany, maybe.

marticon666 says:

just have to ask this – “Don’t wear your shoes inside the house” who in their right mind walks around inside a house with shoes?

Dabelju: W says:

You can let your hair cut on Sunday, but not on monday

Joshua El-Samalouti says:

There is no such place where you have to pay a 3-5€ deposit for bottles or mugs
It’s usually 15ct or 25ct per bottle and 1€ per mug 😀

sebbivism says:

No.5 should be the No.1!

Joshua El-Samalouti says:

The jaywalking thing is not that strict.
Many people really don’t like it, some are fine with it and most germans do jaywalk sometimes, especially on streets with low amount of traffic.

Joshua El-Samalouti says:

You don’t necessarily need to bring something if somebody invites you over, it’s not rude to not bring anything, but it’s a common thing many people do, yes

Micah Philson says:

Some of these are especially helpful tips seeing as I’ll be studying in Berlin next spring semester. I’ll have to remember them!

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