Visit Hamburg – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Hamburg, Germany

Heading to Hamburg & Not Sure What to Expect? Here we go through the Best & the Worst that Hamburg, Germany has to offer travelers, tourists and vacationers. From the harbor & amazing nightlife to strip clubs on the Reeperbahn Hamburg has an eclectic mix for any traveler.
5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Hamburg, Germany
Filmed in Hamburg, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

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Carlos Krueger says:

I’m sure there are some old buildings in Hamburg

William Mclaney says:

Reason 1-Infinity why I love Hamburg: I met my fiance there while on vacation. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Best decision I’ve ever made.

GlennnD says:

Moin Moin 😀

The Kangaroo says:

Hamburg is definitely the best city in germany (my opinion)
I do life here for 17 years and it’s awesome

BalticTraveller says:

I always watch Wolters videos, and they really help to prepare for my trips! Inspired by Wolters video, I have created my own Hamburg travel video – maybe someone will find it useful

Usman Ladan says:

I love your review because it is so educating and so helpful. Keep up the good work buddy.

Richard Caldwell says:

can you cover a quick beatles tour of hamburg

Tomas P says:

Well, I know I can handle the weather. Living in Toronto all my life, and especially this autumn, it rained, fogged, and changed temperature by at least 14 degrees in just 2 hours. So, Hamburg should be fine!

Jim Holder says:

Another nice day trip from Hamburg: Flensburg, at the Danish border. It’s located at the foot of a fjord, and there’s a lot of Danish influence.

Lars Dam says:

Lol Reberbahn is the best area of Hamburg. Ohh my god Americans are like British.

Ernest Kovach says:

Educational. Informative. Thank You; keep up the good work.

Meisy Gonzalez says:

Is Germany experience place to travel?

Michael Hinz says:

What a cool Video! Greetings from Germany 😀

Guillermo Gutiérrez De Velasco Schmidt says:

I’ve been living in Berlin a year now, and I’m still a ways from feeling like I’ve integrated and know all the inside jokes, or stereotypes Germans have of their different socio geographical or economic contexts; but I´m surprised about the comment about people from hamburg being open and friendly. What I’ve heard is that people in Hamburg have a reputation for being dryer, colder and more reserved people than in the rest of Germany, which is saying something. I visited once for a few days, but didn’t really interact with any locals, so I can’t really say if what I’ve heard about them is true, but I did notice people seemed more put together and not as grungy as in Berlin which I found refreshing.

Michael Schuenemann says:

Here are my 5 Hates: 1) Historical Buildings being destroyed – 2) Every Thing is now Glass and Steel – 3) Morons running Hamburg – 4) Ghettos being build – 5) Nobody like ‘Matjes Herringe’ anymore !!!

B Nein says:

Im from germany and everybody around hamburg is shouting about how thy drive…. its like war 😀

Nils Engemann says:

everything you’ve said is just incredibly on point. really good work there!

suman beniwal says:

loved it

Ernesto Redondo Castillero says:

im ok with the stripper and not with the mcdonald (Im ok with the freedom and not with shitty food )

iska788 says:

I wished I had seen this clip before moving to Hamburg. To be honest I hate it there. It’s the most overrated place I have ever lived in.

Pierre Caron says:

I had the joy to visit many of the great cities of the wold but Hamburg remains my favorite place, I have been to Hamburg 3 times and I love everything and hate nothing about Hamburg.

Rex Magnum says:

To call it modern looking is highly inaccurate. Most of the city looks old. The centre is still about 50% pre-WWII buildings.

MrQuagmire26 says:

I’ve never been to hamburg or the seedy areas of Hamburg, but I assume that these areas are quite safe as long as people watch their actions. If guys wanna enjoy a good night out it’s better to do research upfront about which places are well reputed and not. Also another good idea is to bring a nightly allowance, don’t bring any credit/debit cards and certainly DONT pay with any cards. Third would be, don’t get too drunk. Lastly, don’t buy any 25 euro glass of orange juice (orangensaft) for the girls. A common scam trick written about around the internet is that some minimafia guy who work there asking: do you enjoy the company of the girls? If you say yes, they could take this as an invitation and bring a expensive bottle of champaign that the customer didn’t order. In worst case, you’d end up in some deep shit if you refuse to pay or run to the closest police

banana junior 9000 says:

I could spend a week in Hamburg and not tire of Speicherstadt, Hafencity, studying the old rampart wall and so much more. There’s nothing I dislike about this city.

Paolo De Luca says:

beautiful city. I love it.

KartoffelHundin says:

Dislike #6: Crazy anarchists destroying the city. 🙁

Fucking Fucker says:

am i going to see your fat fucking face for the whole video?

Scientologe Hamburg Deutschland says:

Also visit the information center in Hamburg. / We also look forward to working with many other associations and individuals in the city who share the goal of a thriving community without substance abuse and crime. By working together in the spirit of goodwill, we can create a future for future generations in which the dreams of all human beings come true. Our doors are open. Our help is yours

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