Visit Munich – The DON’Ts of Visiting Munich, Germany

From Trying to Sneak Into a Late Night Oktoberfest Tent, to skipping out on top notch public transport to not just going to one beer hall, these are the Don’ts of visiting Munich, Germany.
What you shouldn’t do in Munich, Germany.
Filmed in Munich, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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DanteOfMJ says:

That castle was beautiful

Saskia Keis says:

Don’t forget to go to Augsburg! It’s only 40 minutes by train… and it’s worth a visit!

Jason Creech says:

Can I rent a car in Munich and drive to surrounding countries

Earl Grey says:

Augustiner Keller the BEST beer garden…must go. I did not think it was expensive at all though. The 800 yr old churches are wonderful.


He didnt mention that Munich was the birthplace of Nazism,and the headquarters of the Nazi party. There are many Nazi landmarks and places still in Munich.. Maybe the locals dont know about the history of their own people and city? ssssshhhyeah but you cant get beer and fatty food and all sorts of kitschy shit there.. what a place.cant wait to go..

Johannes Sugito says:

In many European countries we do pay with cards, but Debit Cards. In many West European countries, I can pay with my Dutch debit card.

Bavarian Hunter says:

At the Oktoberfest dont stand on the table and drink out your maß fast. You got 2 minutes of fame after that you get kicked out and you can sleep with the Australians on the “Kotzwiese”

SkipinlLA says:

where do you go to reserve a table in a tent for Octoberfest? please

PAUL F says:

Nice job. Be there soon.

Rory Christel says:

Cold, gross and rainy is the best weather. People stay inside during the overcast and rainy days, which means there’s less people in your way and you can actually have conversations with people

Devy says:

Traveling to Garmisch-Partenkirchen soon, thanks for the advice!

Ruby González says:

you are greaTTT!! eres excelente, el mejor video!

Nadine-Aisha Salem says:

Ich wohne einfach in der schönsten Stadt der Welt ♥️

masterem4n says:

“Hans do you see these people twerking in the gas chamber ”
“Turn it on”

Mr. Vinegaroon says:

When I was there, I asked where the Burgerbraukeller was located. All I got was blank stares. Yes, there is a bad connotation, but I like history. I asked several times, but nobody “knew” anything. I guess that is another “don’t.”

chr04 says:

Political comment. Germany demands from Greece to use plastic cards for payments and open shops on Sundays.

king chima says:

I see bamberg I like.

nat lee says:

Go back to West Virginia!

63026 B says:

No 8: Thanks so much for putting emphasis on this point. I saw people from the US making inappropriate “jokes” like in Auschwitz on a hot day “Uh, I could use a shower now.” or in Buchenwald “This is a nice spot. I would build a camp here too!” and laughing loudly about these kind of remarks. I am a very tolerant and mentally stable person and I am okay with humour having lots of aspects – but this behaviour crossed a certain line of dignity. It hurt me.

donzplayghg xxx says:

Don’t buy fake typical Bavarian dress and Lederhosen, everybody will laugh

MOLONLABE480 says:

Munich is a Beautyful but only big village not more. They like there Animals more Than children this is very very sad. Good video.

Dewi Diana says:

Hi Wolter…glad that i found ur video. I will subscribe ur channel. Anyway, i’ll be in Munich on this mid of December. Hopefully i will get the best moment and timing there.

Anmeldn says:

did he mention the lakes, we are surrounded by lakes like starnberger see and ammer see, you can sail there, so we got everything you can ski and climb on the alps and you can sail and row on the lakes, there are many active leisure things you can do around munich

Showkat Hossain says:

Visited Munich last week, great city

rucussing says:

I actually prefer the smaller fests, in the surrounding committees in Bavaria, before the big Octoberfest.

Josipa Tokić says:

Public transport is great in Munich! I enjoyed staying there with my brother.

Christos Iakovidis says:

The most capitalistic fake and vulgar place in Europe! If u guys wanna meet idiot people who trying to approach capitalism and to pretend the U.S.A copy paste please visit this arrogant filthy state of Germany!

bigfellaoo7 says:

Im going here in the second week of may 2019 . Hopefully it not too busy.

Earl Grey says:

and he is spot on……..stay in Munich but MUST do day trips by train other towns…….

d p says:

Thanks for highlighting the insensitive dumbasses that take stupid selfies at places like Dachau.

DanteOfMJ says:

Munich was a nice city. Having visited it from Aviano, it. My dad was going to the Porsche factory to buy parts, and I was a little boy back then. I remember the Black Forest, and how really Black it really was. The grass in the fields was very green, and that forest was kinda spooky!

John Myers says:

This is the first time I hear someone saying “In Munich public transport tickets are easy to buy”. Maybe easy to find the automat, but to understand WHICH ticket to buy….

OK, buy a day ticket for the center.

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