WE’RE IN GERMANY – BERLIN FIRST IMPRESSIONS! | Germany Travel Vlog 151, 2018

In Berlin! Our first travel vlog from Germany, sharing our first impressions with a local guide in 2018 ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

We’ve never had the chance to travel to Germany before, every guide or travel blog we read suggested Berlin as the best place to visit! Naturally we made sure to visit, luckily we also have some local knowledge on what to do in Berlin with our friends Laura and Jens who live in Berlin and have been kind enough to guide us on our travel!

Todays vlog is the first from Germany as we explore neighbourhoods most people wouldnt know to travel and likely not on any blog list of the things to do in Berlin.

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IjeskrewRB MC says:

Ive been to Berlin when I was very young, like 6. But i think Berlin is a pretty beautiful city. Unfortunetly, there are some dangerous things happening. Despite that, its a nice city.

*moved* says:

I study German, I’ve already been to Trier and the Rhineland-Pfalz area and now I really wanna go to Berlin :O

Laibachs Dokukanal says:

Pork rules! enjoy!

Greig Cahill says:

Berlin is fantastic. It have everything. I’ll be back again in 3 weeks (7th visit) .

Cl4rendon says:

So it looks like spring, which is the best time for Berlin as i can tell as a resident. 😉

BentendoYT says:

I’m Berliner

TableCraft 24 says:

Joe every amaricians think that Germans only drink beer.

Treuu. HD says:

I know were youre flat was … near by my cousin.

Rafael Knuth says:

I just love you guys so much for your nonchalant esthetic!!!

Confused Army says:

Berlin <3 actually pretty funny cause i am from Berlin and currently in NZ. Just stumbled on to this vid. Sehr gerne, war interessant. P.S. Konnopke is quite known. 😉

VictoriaWoods says:

Great berlin impressions! Love the consistency of your thumbnails, awesome!

sherp2u1 says:

You are a lucky bloke, bloke, she has a gorgeous accent and face…Prosst…!

Kevin says:

How Cool is Berlin? Very Kool

Rambo Travel says:

Lived there for 2 years.. Its an amazing city

Tom Theis says:

I like it. Not the big locations

Mahdi Massarewa says:

I was in Berlin last year I wish to travel there after watching this video. It is so inspiring and beautiful video ✌

Miguel Castillo says:

I went to Berlin this summer as well it was beautiful and the people are so nice I’m going to miss the currywurst and seeing all those people on bikes haha

TheNintendoGameCubeGuy DJ CRISP The Cool Guy says:

Best Vlog Ever

Leslie Rodriguez says:

What’s the name of the cafe? 7:30

Ananda Barham says:

Hi just subscribed, we are going to Berlin in August so these vlogs have been helpful, how did you find food prices there ?

Andria CY says:

I missed Berlin! I have visited already 2 times!

Mouath Taamallah says:

Very cool and chill video, your vlogging style is definitely working! i also moved to Berlin a while back and the city is absolutely impressive, i tend to avoid the “BIG” touristic places and love roaming around neighborhoods, rivers and lakes. 😀

PhotoWerkBerlin says:

A warm welcome to Berlin. Love your point of view showing us how different Berlin can be for Non Berliners. Hope you continue to have fun here. Very well made video!

Schauplatz 2 says:

Currywurst with fries and mayo is one of my favourite meals. Cheers

Sanunchons Sangsuvan says:

Hi. what is the name of that coffee shop in your video? imma going to Berlin next week. It looks like an awesome place to stop by!

Delvin Sucz says:


YouViewer42 says:

Konnopke is one of Berlin’s top places for CurryWurst.. glad you tried.

Tank The Pitbull says:

Does Berlin have a super brothel, because I heard prostitution is legal in Germany ?

Jakob Haid says:

Hey! Where did you get these sunglesses from?

Mark Cranston says:

The top 40 European places I have been to in order of quality: 1. Brighton. 2. Amsterdam 3. The Hague. 4. Haarlem 5. Paris 6. Nice 7. Cannes 8. Bordeaux 9 Antwerp 10. Madrid 11 Frankfurt 12. Barcelona. 13. Lisbon. 14. Venice. 15. Rome. 16. London. 17. Pisa. 18. Brussels. 19. Copenhagen. 20. Hamburg. 21. Athens. 22. Loutraki 23. Koroni. 24.Luxembourg 25. Oostende. 26. Leuven. 27. Rotterdam. 28. Koln. 29.Edinburgh 30. Inverness 31. Dublin. 32. Kinsale 33. Killarney. 34. Belfast. 35. Newcastle upon Tyne. 36. Hull 37. Scunthorpe. 38. Calais. 39. The Blaskets 40 Berlin

GhostDog44 says:

its not ketchup dont get me wrong it’s tomatosouce !!! very important <3

Pauline _ says:

It’s awesome seeing my neighbourhood through your eyes! Glad you liked it. Really nice vlog!! 🙂

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