After Swiss and Lufthansa, we are now comparing NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) and DB (Deutsche Bahn). They are main train operators in The Netherlands and Germany, respectively. Take a look at our way to make the trip more fun 😀 Anyway, this is completely our subjective impression after taking the train for more or less 12 hours journey return. Please let us know if we made mistake in showing what we saw.

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Music: Huma huma – He is On Fire

Shot on: Canon G15

Shot in Netherlands and Germany


salah boss says:

German’s train is the best

JermoMetGames says:

the ICE is also in the Netherlands. There is a dutch version and a german version but they are the same. The ICE is an international train. Not fair that you chose the ICE

Seeker says:

I did the ICE 3 from Munich to Frankfurt @ 300 kmph and it was awesome

Mola Diver says:

Too bad you guys didn’t try the Thalys then, the Dutch equivalent of the ICE going to Paris. Then you would have had a full comparison.

chajtek says:

you need to do more country by country comparisons, include also prise of ticket and how easy it is to buy it

BlueKingNL says:


Feyenoord 010 says:

Wtf the NS is always late even if there are leaves on the track

DrojoVids says:

there are also new trains with floating seats from the NS and theyre going to make trains with usb in every class

Luke Aviation says:


MineCrafterCity says:

You have to pay to sit. Only at a sp

blista2 says:

ns trains have ugly color and shape, but db trains are dirty and have boring design.

morterti says:

Nur 1st class doesn’t always have rooms.There are normal 1st class Seats as well !

Ton St says:

german offcourse ,

Jena veluppillai says:

i think NS better

MYLO Mincraft says:

Ns is better

Dutch Man says:

30 minutes delay?
In the Netherlands two Intercity and two Sprinter trains would have left with the same destination…
Average travel time by train in the Netherlands is 30 to 40 minutes, so there is no need for a restaurant, before your meal is finished you’ll have to leave the train.

nadsvlogs Semakalu says:


Matthias Blum says:


Marvin Adjiwanou says:

I took the DB, and it’s so great!

Coastliner700 says:


pipodebeuker says:

You sound so cute when you say Nederlandse Spoorwegen :v


Dutch is best!

Ivan Nieto Rojas says:

What about the prices? I think thats a huge factor you didn’t take into account.

Mohamad Iksan Maolana says:

the best thing for NS is because it offers a group ticket. IMHO

ApexKaijuAllosaurusPlayz YT says:

i prefer the intercity

Kai Ahn-Lewandowski says:

You guys left out that ns has first-class dedicated rooms on some intercity trains.

Niels Poelman says:

NS on time! Thats the biggest joke for a dutchmen

Tom Rooswinkel says:

Can you do this in this time?

Sven 11thAMB says:

realy comparing an sprinter wich is meant for small distances to a ICE train wich is ment for large distances als the ice train is way newer then the “older” dutch sprinter

Alvino_RBX says:

You needed To Go on ICE 3 or 4

harmenopoulos says:

Hard to compare, regarding the size of both countries

Dang Itshere says:

well NS has couple units of ICE T trains tho (borrowed from DB) but only for certain routes

Fabian Manghofer says:


Jame Gumb says:

NS wifi, like that shit ever worked. Try it with 3 or more people on that train.

wkruit1 says:

The biggest advantage of NS trains is the fact that your ticket is valid on every train, except for the trains on one section of the high speed track. No surcharge for Intercity trains.

Sergej Transporter says:

Yeah DB ist the Winner or guys?

Jaydian Games2 says:

Nice video I like the ns trains

Sergej Transporter says:

ITS ICE at the First maybe Or guys?

Dineh ツ says:

I was here in switzerland on an ice via dortmund basel and it was different

trains animation says:

NS and DB are same

JeffGames 331 says:

I’m from the Netherlands, and the NS trains are BEAUTIFUL AND FAST! Dutch trains are the BEST!

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