10 Important Things to Know Before Visiting Florence

Visiting Florence soon? These are the most important things to know before you go to Florence, Italy. Top tips for first time visitors, including how to get from Pisa airport to Florence’s city center, tips for eating well (beyond pizza and pasta), and the lowdown on taxis in Florence.

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Nice area to stay in — Oltrarno district (try around Piazza Santo Spirito) but you can’t go too wrong.

Florence specialities – Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, Lampredotta, Ribollita, Crostini


Zante says:

Regarding the airports, Pisa airport no longer has train tracks, they’ve been ripped up. There is a shuttle bus going between the airport and Pisa Centrale. I usually prefer to use Florence airport though, much more convenient, and you can get some good deals if you book early.

Luis Arturo Mairena Segura says:

Great ! Would like a video of Venice, sienna an Rome ! Thks

Matt Morales says:

For people visting Florence check out the Uffizi Gallery! David by Michaelangelo is there and is 100% worth paying to see!

Sumit Mahawar says:

Do you think its a good idea to stay in Siena and rent a car and visit Florence? I also want to check out wine country in Italy.

Jezz T says:

What are some of the buses that travel between the cities- Is there a link you can share?

Ansir Ilyas says:

I’m planning to visit Florence by the end of this August. It must be hot. Is there any tip for visit only in one day.

Roger Fownes says:

You don’t mention the great food and drink at the mercato centrale. You can eat early and sit amongst people from around the world. A must do visit for travellers to Florence. Not posh but good value and fun.

Linda Glassi says:

When you mention buying tickets in advance for the museums, is that a tour you are talking about or does the museum sell tickets in advance – thanks for your help

lmX says:

Жалко, я живу в Уральске и с такими зарплатами мне не светит посетить Флоренцию, но я сделаю многое что-бы добиться того что я хочу, я безумно хочу эпоху возрождения и никакие мудаки не остановят меня в преодалении этой мечты, я низнаю что будет завтра и что со мной случится, но я буду следовать за своей мечтой и надеюсь что я ее не придам, сейчас мне 15 лет и меня совершенно не устраивает помойка в которой я живу, я надеюсь что лет через 5-7 я смогу посетить это потрясающее место, но что я для этого я делаю? Я незнаю..

John Jokela says:

Thanks for this very helpful specific information. I plan to book ahead as you recommend, because standing in long lines in the heat is not fun.


Hi I’m visiting Florence in November. What are some sites you recommend to book museum days and purchase tickets?

Gijs Jansen says:

Just came back from Tuscany and Florence and you are absolutely right on all 10 points. Unfortunately I only saw your video just now when we returned 😉

Ashley Fareas says:

Where is the link to buy tickets in advance?

Nikolas Pleyer says:

Only Thing i know:Ezio was there 🙂

Shoaib Iqbal says:

U nailed It girl. I live in florence and worked always in diffrent tourism departments so from my point of view u adviced all at best .

Giovanni G says:

Brava … well done. Good tips .. and I’m telling you as a 100% fiorentino from generations. cheers

K idea says:

love the sunset at florence! missed my holidays there last year

Sam S says:

What bus do u take to go to rome to florence?

WaltzofWindandFire says:

Could you please share the link to book the tickets for museums online? Going in two weeks!

Ashley B says:

I’m here in Florence right now watching this video!

Gaby says:

Thanks for the vid! We’re heading off to Florence for a long weekend and your 9 points (excluding the airport one) are just so useful!

Anthea Lee says:

I will be visiting Florence next week , any recommendation for nice Florentine steak? Thanks

Matt Morales says:

The train always took me 1 way from Pisa to S.M.N. station in Florence with no two trains. Idk just my experience though lol

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