a very long travel day! (11 hours traveling through Italy)

a very long travel day! (11 hours traveling through Italy)

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By Jermaine Ellis
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hombre noir says:

Leave Italy bro. Unfortunately a lot of racist there

Curious Nomad says:

Typical country with a conservative as leader.

inquisitive871 says:

Passport checks within Schengen? WTF?

Blue NoKeys says:

Bro, which camera & microphone do you use when recording? All your videos are super clear

LINDA B says:

Well at least you look like your safe.

Roberto Petrazzuolo says:

Any chance to see you in Napoli again?

Sass Fiti says:

Because of nigerians; europe is not good destination for us black people. Concentrate on asia especially malaysia

BPTB1 says:

I lived in Italy for a period in the 90’s and Italians were racist as hell against black people, it looks like nothing has changed since those days.

Wayne Samuel says:

The Eurail pass is worth it. You get to travel around Europe in the first class coaches. Should be air conditioned. Not crowded in there. I went all over western Europe using that pass. But you have to buy it before you leave the states.

xshanghu says:

We call it a slice

Efka Mhm says:

Jermaine , dont you wanna try to travel to Santorini , Greece ?

Susan Jackson says:

Hey Jermaine! Get you some rest. I enjoy your videos !

Chrystal Lee says:

Wow, Italy has become very racists towards Black men.
Be careful J. Don’t go back there. It makes me angry to see you being hassled for being Black.

PharaohsKingdom says:

You can say racist Jermaine. Call it for what it is.

Just keep your head on a swivel when you’re traveling. Be safe man.

suzy smith says:

That was a long day of trains. You were not being negative, just saying it how it really is, which is called being realistic. Italy is not on my bucket list, let’s just say that much.

Bonnie Allan says:

Holy Cow! Glad you made it to a sweet place to lay your head. Yeah I wonder if that “Law of Attraction ” works with immigration folks in Southern Italia.Who knew you have to get the train ticket stamped twice?!!?? Good thing you know how to ‘fast dance’ today! Call that a nano-particle pizza, man. Rest up! We love you

tracey realrebornbabys says:

i love waching u u doing your life right

Wayne Samuel says:

To add Italy got a new government that is anti-immigrant. They’ve been overwhelmed with refugees so that is why they will come off as annoying. I traveled there on the train back in the ’90’s but never encountered that problem. Also it was crazy that the toilet when you use it you see the tracks below the train. Not sure if they updated but can’t imagine that in the U.S. on Amtrak.

Curious Nomad says:

Did the cologne guy try to massage your shoulders in tunnels? “Oh me escuzi, me scuzi”

Lena Se says:

dude we had an immigrants crisis from Africa for years now. When you re close to the border agents will check your passports no wonder. You know it is not like you can build a wall to stop them coming.

David Luchino says:

When you’re at a train station in Italy, you have to learn how to read the board marked departures. Shortly before the train is scheduled to leave, the platform number or binary . Is revealed, on this departure board. From the ticket, figure out the number of the train. That number will appear 9n the board, to the far left. Then read across that line on the Board. The binary or platform number will show up on the far right.



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