Comacchio – the “little Venice”| Family Fun Trip Lagoon Town Highlights | Italy 2016 | Kate Claudia✔

Comacchio – the “little Venice” | Family Fun Trip Lagoon Town Highlights | Italy 2016 | Kate Claudia
Where it is:

3 km from the northern coast of Emilia-Romagna in the Po Delta, 50 km from Ferrara, 35 km from Ravenna, 110 km from Venice.

Why visit:

Comacchio, the “little Venice”, is an enchanting lagoon town: it’s neat and unfeigned, endowed with a vitality that comes from a strong respect for its own history and for the environment that surrounds it. The limpid brightness of the light reminds us that we are close to the sea here, and this light goes on to flood the town, only to be increased by the calm surfaces of the canals. A treasure chest of particular natural beauty and reminders of its history, Comacchio, now known as the capital of the Po Delta Park, is a little town that was born and still lives between the land and the water.
Its seven beaches are an ideal destination for spending a holiday with family or friends, or for a relaxing weekend resting in the sun or partying through the lively lido nights.

Where to visit and what to see

The best period for visiting Comacchio runs from April to mid-October. In particular, for those who love the tastes of the sea, the first two weekends of October host a food festival based on the eel, with tastings and shows in the street.

The best views in town are from the Ponte degli Sbirri: on one side the historic Ospedale degli Infermi and on the other the 19th century Palazzo Bellini and the famous Trepponti, the symbol of Comacchio.

From the Loggiato dei Cappuccini, which leads to the church of Santa Maria in Aula Regia, you can access the historic Manifattura dei Marinati, the pickling works, completely restored into full working order; visit the “Sala dei fuochi” with its 12 stoves, where the eels are roasted on spits before being marinated. The graceful 17th century Fish Market attests to more seaborne activity, and it still sells the daily catch.

Important historic buildings also include the ancient Cathedral of San Cassiano, the Loggia del Grano, and the Clock Tower.

For lovers of archaeology, the rare and extensive finds from a ship that ran aground not far from the town in the time of Augustus Caesar are housed at the Roman Ship Museum in Palazzo Bellini.

In the late afternoon, when the sunset paints extraordinary colours, the nature reserve of the Comacchio lagoons – south of the old town – is a fascinating environment. A trip into history by motorboat allows you to feel the atmosphere of the lagoon with its ‘casoni’ (fishing huts) and ‘tabarre’ (stores/workshops), the fishing equipment, and marvellous vegetation. Bird watching is a particularly attractive activity here.

Don’t miss:

You mustn’t leave without having walked along the loggia, the Loggiato dei Cappuccini, the longest in Italy, or without making a trip by boat or bike into the Comacchio lagoon.
This town on the water can also be visited by boat, more specifically with the traditional “batane”: a free service is offered by volunteers whose moorings are around the Trepponti.

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