Conan & Jordan Schlansky Hit The Streets Of Florence – CONAN on TBS

Conan experiences Florence’s beauty, sandwiches, and souvenir aprons through Jordan’s cold, dead eyes.

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Frickin annoying cat skeleton says:

That sandwich looked great despite the disgustingly irritating way it was eaten.

KaylaZX says:

my two personalities arguing during an exam

Izzy says:

Ragu in a can XD

Chey Heyway says:

California and Italy actually are two of the only places on earth with Mediterranean weather. Italy and Cali are very similar are far as weather.

Unikkorns says:

Jordan is me in those rare moments I try to share my pure enjoyment and interest in something.

Conan is my family making sure I know they think I sound lame.

Sephnz R says:

Lol I fanboy-ed with my family and we took a photo at that exact spot at 2:04

MACC Fly says:

Between 4:10 and 4:26 is the best part

Day that Fallows says:

Lol…made me hungry…and its 1 am!!!!

Michele Camparada says:

Porco dio

Maxwell Bianco says:

Jordan is truly the best

steve crawford says:

Just Jordan binging! …. weee…

Maxwell Bianco says:

So is Conan

james chen says:

Jordan’s being nice to Conan trying his best for him to enjoy their trip together and making memories

Jontasia White says:

I think Jordan is just misunderstood

Jim meh says:

It’s racist

Sammi Jay says:

Im going to Italy in March so I better learn from the best

Suzy Phom says:

Conan shouting out random words?! Lol!!! And they respond! Puahahaha!!! Also, listen all men! Huge ugly penis is gross! A nice regular size is actually beautiful. Appreciate a normal penis!!!

Mostafa Jarrah says:

Jordan should play assassins creed 2

stinky Ass says:


Clear Adventure says:

I love the way Jordan sees things, he is too cool IMO.

Richard Katigbak says:

Jordan is hot

Unknown Infinite says:

I want that sandwich! How delicious it looks like!

Igor Gamzukoff says:

Super hero Jordan

kagnomi says:

Get you a man that looks at you the way Jordan looks at Conan’s sandwich.

Peijun Wu says:

What Rigatoni?

Hani Hassan says:

Even this makes me want to go to Italy more

N. R. says:

4:43 Jordan is smiling?

Ocelotl Chimalpahin says:

Good ole Schlansky the Italy otaku

Zetsuke4 says:


Ali S. says:

that sandwich looked hella good

Stanny Ras says:

Lmao! Why isn’t Jordan Schlansky more famous? This guy is hilarious! I can’t believe he’s not acting. He’s funny & doesn’t even realise.

Truth says:

Call the Europeans smug but they know how to enjoy life more than Americans.

Saved By Christ says:

I would do the exact same thing in Iraq. I’d shout random Arabic (non offensive) stuff at random Iraqis. They’d smile and wave. It’s pretty fun when you’re bored. As I imagine traveling with Jordan would be.

Tak says:

4:42 I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Jordan smile.

Alec Yong says:

Eyes of the skin

Brandon Keating says:

If there was a horses ass big enough to describe you Conan, at the very least you’d be a Trojan Horse’s ass roflmao

Winston Churchill says:

“Now you see, that’s barbaric.”

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