Conan & Jordan Schlansky Plan Their Trip To Italy – CONAN on TBS

Conan surprises fake Italian and real CONAN employee Jordan Schlansky with a trip to Italy. #ConanItaly premieres April 11th at 10/9c on TBS.

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Lusitani Mendes says:

4:46 *Conan broke him lol*

Urfavindianguy says:

i have never seen jordan laugh before and its so weird

Korben Dallas says:

They are the best!

Rayne12x says:

It’s scary to see robots smile and laugh. We’ve come a long way but i think robots will destroy us in the near future.

JO_car Talam says:

Wow Jordan Smiled 4:47 . hahahahah . . and also laughing 9:05 . !!

JT Santino says:

you know youre getting old when Jordan starts balding

Abhijeet Sharma says:


Jake Cho says:


toot toot says:


Antoniø Brah says:

Seeing Jordan Schlansky smile & laugh was sheer bliss.

I Velasco says:


Satyam Priyadarshi says:

Finally Jordan Laugh, we all were waiting for this moment for years.

Christian M. Guerrero says:

They’re best friends. You can tell lol

Menthol Kratom says:

he needs to be a staple on the show…please keep bringing him back every week. the dude is actually so smart

M. Temiren says:

“I prefer to spend my money to trabel than buying material pos–”
“Nice watch btw.”

DraftLead says:

Pause it at 5:31 look at the ipad sideways

Unicorn Lady says:

Why the hell would he damage that iPad?! So inhumane. Should’ve given it to those in need like me

Keira Ng says:

Just ignoring the fact that he just destroyed his tablet

Jonas Bautista says:

OMG Jordan finally broke character!

chumpy says:

this is the best video on youtube and I’m not even halfway through yet. I’m in tears

Kshitij Sinha says:

This is the first time I have seen Jordan not able to keep a straight face thoughout. He cracked but he was already smiling from the start, very subtly. haha Love this.

Bdhacker101 says:

I just realised Jordan would make a killer Joker!

David E says:

So, in other words:

Jordan has been to “various” locations within Italy…

NetoD20 says:

I think had never seen Jordan Schlansky laugh before LOL

LordVishnu says:

Come to India!!!

Michael Valentine says:

If they could somehow get Jeff goldblum and make this a trio, it could be the most hilarious thing on tv.

cabal666ro says:

wait, you telling me “it” has a wife? why? what is wrong with her? I need a picture of her

bill bo says:

” you are alone” someone took those pics, so obviously he was not alone. My guess is the conan crew was there.

Steve Fox says:

love it

thelifeaquatica says:

Jordan should get a raise for these skits!

Hare Brahs says:

First time i have witnessed Jordan laughing – and it was a horrible.

Spectre Flight Gaming says:

Jordan is such an amazing guy. I’d love to talk with him.

Andrei Simionescu says:

There will not be a Jordan video that doesn’t end with my cheeks hurting from smiling

Amir Mahmoud says:

You can see Jordan on the verge of laughing at 4:48

Argantonis says:

Who knew Conan is a subscriber to Douche Weekly?

brown beast says:

this comedy can’t be touched, that twist at 6.29 just made it something els.

King Taejong says:

Conan needs body cream after this hahaha remember his hand cream in the previous one hahaha

Ahmed Rafi Omar says:

That’s the first time I have seen a close up of Jordan laughing.

Bob M says:

5:19 quick thinking there by conan !

Luis Hernandez says:

About time I see Jordan laf … fucken , laf dude , are you really really like that ?

Der Zurechtweiser says:

It can smile

Tabea Aurora says:

This is getting too far xD Both of them need help! 😀

Aaryan Bhardwaj says:

Jordan should get a noble prize

VG says:

Nooooo! Jordan Schlansky broke Character…

LeanGod says:

When Jordan smiles, an angle loses their wings

mil kim says:

I would love to work for Conan.
Conan would you let me work for you please.

BigSirZebras says:

4:43 Jordan genuinely thinks what Conan is saying is funny. Is this a first?
I know he is a bit weird but sometimes I wonder if he is purposely playing the dry counterpart to Conan all along

C says:

Jordan smiled and chuckled. Hell hath frozen over.

13shivan says:

Suicide postponed…

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