Conan & Jordan Schlansky’s Italian Road Trip

Jordan gets behind the wheel of a 1962 Fiat and journeys to Tuscany with Conan and his sound FX machine. Watch the rest of #ConanItaly at

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Mack V says:

Glad to see Jordan back…

swaroop kunapuli says:

5:05 I think someone was getting kidnapped in the back of that truck. Or it might just be a dog’s tail.

ajshe says:

who would think the robot was only programmed to laugh at fart jokes……..a man of such art falls flat to flatulence

Olafemi Akinola says:

Best part is watching Jordan try so so hard not to smile/laugh

Christopher Vorenkamp says:

Every one of these clips from their trip to Italy is gold


I think Jordan is developing emotions as time goes on

L.Pasteur says:

Jordan grinning and laughing…. then reprimanding Conan for his “toddler” humor. SO good.

Nomon Munir says:

finally jordan breaks his on screen character

Klemen Simenc says:

If you want to beiberal beebaral conan but you are not libeeal if if u speek too mankinkd like thatth

eri139 says:

Yes, Conan DID go to Harvard.

poponachtschnecke says:

I love Jordan trying not to smile!

D W says:

That Yoda imitation was on point

JayGatzVFXsk8r says:


Christian Stoleski says:

omg love itttttttt

Dizzy ForMayor says:

Why didnt Jerry get him coffee?

O. Hoffman says:

Jordan trying not to laugh was the funniest and cutest thing ever Lmfao

HighlySkeptical1 says:

Wow, Conan really caked the foundation on his face.

Sharon Moon says:

Li amo.

Riccardo Salamanna says:

Only Jordan could make driving a Fiat 500 sound boring. There is nothing more hilarious than flooring one of those tin cans in the twisties.

Justin Pope says:

For how serious Jordan is all the time it’s funny that fart noises made him crack!

49ers1975 says:

jordan is trying to not luagh that’s funny

JazzyHK says:

oh, so even Jordan laughs at fart jokes!!

Maxine Yang says:


SuperChivasLover says:

Jordan is trying his very best not to break!! Hilarious!!

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