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Francesco Longo says:

Mi piacerebbe mettermi in contatto con qualcuno per discutere su quanto ce da fare per creare nuovi posti di lavoro e fonti di denaro in Sardegna e nell’ Italia meridionale. Contatti: Skype:franco.longo774 oppure tramite email al grazie

Adolphe Iphone Medvedev says:

I love Italy and Greece
Hugs from Scotland

Raffaele Irlanda says:

You forgot to mention that Saint Nicholaus was that famous Santa…

DeeJTravels says:

Nice video. Do check out our latest upload:
*Subscribe* to us for more travel updates:D

Revana B-va says:

hahahahha 😀 😀

Komentatorius says:

Hi there, your vlog has some very good local info (1€ Peroni hehe)
Do you think 12 days is too long to stay in Bari without having a car?
What could you honestly say about crime against tourists in Bari? Is Liberta neighberhood a nono for tourist accommodation and walking about? (along with San Paolo, Fesca, Japigia)

Thank you so much

vincent parlante says:

Buongiorno  Giovanni, I am greatful for you showing this Italian community. It gave me a better idea of whats there. My great grandfather came to the U.S. at the turn of the 20th. century with his old ice block business . I do have a question actuallt 2. First of all what is the most common evening diners that people like to Manga ?? and is their mafia in Bari as in other parts of Italy ??? Again Grazie for a Bellissimo video I wish to visit some day and trace family history…,Grazie and Ciao..

interSpeces Family says:

Lovely vid until 8:05. You could’ve stopped right there.

Guillermo Tibaldo says:

Benissimo! Ma perché lo fai in inglese? Credo che dovresti difendere la tua madre lingua e mettere invece i sottotitoli in inglese

Jenna Deedy says:

My maternal great grandparents are also from Bari.

Delightful Travellers says:

Great video. Well done! We really enjoyed it.

HisNameisDrew says:

correction to your English you don’t need to say “30000 ”of” people” just say 30000 people. the of is irrelevant.

bzlive17 says:

♥.♥ q lindo es bari jajaja igual a mi nombre

Superface 88 says:

Troppo nelle TUT a va disk

Vito Macina says:

Great video Giovanni, very nice! (Sfaccim d flmat) 😀

ÁlexAim says:

Oh! Maybe i will visit Bari because of a competition. Can you give me information of cheap things? I would appreciate it!!
Thanks and great vlog!

Jules Told Me says:

You’re from Bari! Very cool – I went there last summer and had a great time. Loved the bar down at the fish market overlooking the water. Thanks for bringing back some memories! (And I think your video style is fantastic – very entertaining, really enjoyed it).

kim jong un says:

stupid country and stupid people and gay language

RONIE7 TV says:

BARI è meravigliosa!

Dany ́s Travel and Fitness Diary says:

cool video dude

Ria G says:

Fantastic video very funny too!! I was born and raised in London but my dad comes from Bari and I have alooot of family from there, it’s a simple and very charming city to me. I love it so much! ^^

Edney Helenedossantos says:

Buongiorno, il mio nome è Edney Maselli Helene Dos Santos
Io vado in Italia per la città di Bari per completare la procedura per il riconoscimento della cittadinanza italiana e devo affittare un posto semplice, pulito ed economico per fornire me per dimostrare residenza nel comune e completare il processo.

Ho intenzione di rimanere un massimo di 90 giorni.

Voces ha qualcosa da affittare? Il mio italiano non è buono, se si conosce l’inglese o portoghese è più facile comunicare.

Grazie e mi guardo indietro

fire and water games italy says:

You know that we eat octopus whitout cooking them? I’m from Bari

Karolina K. says:

Ahaha, la mia citta Erasmus <3 mi manca 🙁
Saluti dalla Polonia!

爸23 尼欧 says:

Son of Renzi

Follow Jesus says:

Crede in Gesu Cristo e tu chi Salvezzia! Chi Dio ti benedica☺

Tina z says:

hey i’m trying to decide if it’s a good idea to go as an Aupair in Bari for an Italian family. Thanks for the video! I like it because i’m looking for an authentic Italian city that’s not full of tourists, such as Venice. Do you think Bari is a good destination for this? or what other places would you recommend. I’m a young person who’s also looking for a nice beach nearby, good nightlife, but not so crowded like Milan, more like Bari style… Grazie tanti!!!

GaNgStA says:

sono ance da bari vivo in Germania ma sono da bari

Marie Aristide says:

Hi ! I live in France and I will go to Bari in the 2 April for 1 week ! Thanks for this video which makes me want to be there !

Jose Chimal says:

Bella la cittá. Spero di visitare presto  Saluti.

Meech says:

6:02 That skill. She is so quick

Juan Angel Raveglia says:


Visit Adriatic Sea says:

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rising surfer says:

il tuo inglese e’ piu meglio di Renzi!

Angelo Barker says:

my family is from bari came to the states to get away from post war italian politics communist/facist type thing I cannot wait to go to bari !

Mr. & Mrs Borba says:

Muito bom este vídeo, eu faço alguns videos de viagens como este: e dia 22 deste mês eu e minha esposa estaremos em Bari, seria muito bom fazer um entrevista com você mostrando a cidade. Se puderes e tiver interesse. Entre em contacto comigo:
muito bom seu vídeo. Parabéns!

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