Introducing Italy

Introducing Italy for kids.
presented by Veronica Del Motto & Ali Kashef


Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa says:

very nice

Anna-Maria Sciamanna says:


pop96Life says:

There is no Italy. There are only many peoples which were forced to stay all together in a bigger culturally fake country. Indipendence for SOUTH!

Miner jczerkiewicz says:


Gaming Doughnuts says:

Hello Italy

Quốc Tuyên says:

The song in Venice is so wonderful. Anyone knows its name? Thank you!

Noah says:

WTF I have just saw.

SPG TEAM says:


Kim Fellows says:

User friendly for my students.  Need links to other countries presented like this.

Ledya new york says:

Italy vs Ethiopia ?

Jacob Wilson says:

I love the goofy hot-air balloon. My students will enjoy this. 🙂

高秀妹 says:


Kinga Neumann says:

My teacher showed this to us and its really good

Sarah D. says:

Who would dislike this masterpiece?

Mario Franz says:

Ma quale Italia,non esiste il popolo italiano.

Dario De Stasio says:


KTL HRY says:


Luigi Bilardo says:

your pronunciation sucks!!!

Antonio Rodrigues says:

this is the stupidest thing ever

Ellen Carlson says:

Great! My only concern is that K-1 students will not be able to understand the lovely Italian accented English of the moderator.

Tamim Ovy says:


Anna Thomas says:

can’t wait! 😀

What Is Life says:

Red Can Also Mean Split Of The Blood In War But OW!!

TheNeidfaktor says:

sounds like she is speaking italian 😛

Massimo Gigante says:

I cant believe there are 7 unlikes…

Arn Basabe says:

Nice history!

Ilya Shteiman says:

this is good for my dauther project

Forhad Ahmed says:

fantastic Italy, I been there lot’s of times

Lustfull Bucchus De-Gozaru says:

whats the song at 4:39?

Alex simth says:

cool my class is doig good bc of this

Rebecca Bachar Ottumwa Temple Studio Dance Yoga says:


Pascal I says:

what about the most corrupt church on the earth ? you should highlight that to 😉

clan grimshaw says:

Looks like Steven Spielberg has met his match

dr raghava says:


village Guys says:

f you

tinku kumar says:


Ravali Mettupalle says:

We saw this in our mini
audi in our school

Antonio Rodrigues says:

this is crap

Marilyn Cardona says:

This actually helped me with my Social studies project

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