Italian Food – 3 Dishes To Try in Milan! (Americans Try Italian Food)

Day 186 – Today we’re trying some of the best, most popular Italian foods in Milan, Italy!

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Places we visit & prices:

Luini – €2.70 each

Pavé – €1.50 each
Osteria Delbinari – €8.00 for risotto

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“Broken” by Birocratic (
“Jericho” by Blacksheep!

Footage shot with Sony a6000, Canon G7X and Phantom DJI 3 Standard Drone (a.k.a. Mike Drones)



I’m officially addicted to your videos so well edited you two are the perfect travelers I feel like I’m in these beautiful locations, only way improve is keep travelling and Alison saying goodnight Adventurers is very sweet 🙂

a fruit medley says:

wow those prices are good.

Dexterror says:

That guy wasn’t a bouncer he was mafia

valentina de giovanni says:

the napkin on the plate is very rude!!! Orrible!! Luini is just a fast food and it’ isnt a real dish! you can find someting better but not in Duomo!

Alessia Antognozzi says:

Basically you spin around because it’s supposed to bring you money and luck, it’s a ‘kind of tradition’ but honestly it’s a touristic attraction not really what we do in Milan, anyway about the Risotto, I love you guys but pleaaaaase don’t say it tasted like a chicken noodle soup cuz I tried it when I lived in America and it’s completly different lol, nice video btw

Gene Yevak says:

I’m from south Jersey and we have panzarotti there, Philly as well

Monica Ferrari says:

I’m italian and I was born in Milan and voi siete stati molto maleducati a buttare il tovagliolo nel piatto sporco di sugo, una cosa schifosa e ingiusta per chi deve pulire.
Peccato che abbiate fatto vedere questo agli italiani che vi guardano.

Dryblow says:

You can’t eat panzerotto in Milan…

Beatrice Barnard says:

Just remember that food in Italy is COMPLETELY different not only from city to city, from north to south but also from area of the region to the other. Do not assume that if you go to Milan you will get the best pizza or the best so-falsely-called spaghetti Bolognese or mac & cheese(which by the way do not not exist), please try to get properly informed on the country that you are visiting by acknowledging the traits of its culture, and I’m not referring solely to Italy . Do not, I repeat, do not assume that everything corresponds to the vague(often stereotypical ) ideas that you may find in medias or other sources. Peace out!

Chris Boon says:

I see you reppin the peak design capture clip. What do you think of it I love mine

Ada says:

I don’t know about calzones Everytime I tried one has been soggy

Sway'sArtz says:

1:36 entra uno swag boy con la t-shirt della octopus <3

Its Sophi says:

the taurus in the Galleria is to be lucky, you have to turn around with the hill 3 times

Randy Hendrix says:

digging the music as always. 🙂

Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud dhagawayne says:

like the soundtrack of the first one !! what’s the name of it ?

micialicia says:

Why did you throw your towel on your dirty plate at 7:14 ?? It’s the rudest thing to do xD
Is it a common thing to do in the US?
In Italy, you should just leave it next to your plate, in a way that you can’t see the dirt on it.

Marc C says:

If you lived in Milan, what job do you think you would do?

Dimitri Tonni says:

Ma cosa cazzo dite mongoloidi? Il tuo cazzo di chicken soup amaricano non vale un cazzo non ti permettere di paragonarlo ad un risotto allo zafferano. Poi il tovagliolo mettitelo in culo non buttarlo sul piatto. Americani scemi

MadainSalih says:

streetfood allways in the south of italy!

S73F4N046 says:

Luini is the best panzerotti in milan!!!! Good guys

Fuck USA says:

in milan u can eat digusting food, wanna eat italian food? go to the south

micialicia says:

I think that Luini isn’t the best place to eat panzerotto. It was a good place once, but now it’s quality has gone really bad. You should go instead to “il Panzerotto del Senatore” @Corso Buenos Aires, 10 OR to “SCIURA MARIA panzerotti” @viale Monza 256 which makes the best panzerotto in Milan.
P.S. Panzerotto is a typical dish from Puglia! So it’s always better to try it there. 🙂

Tashay Kef says:

I am a fun from DC I love how raw your vedios are. For example, I like how both of your face shine like a brand new car at the end
after testing all deferent foods and walking arround town. Good info hope you tips on getting cheep plain tikets including cheaper way to pay hotels. Shopping, where to shop for fashion in Milan, Paris, Belgium and more, Bu going inside the store. location of each food place, shopping, places in each country and city. love your videos. ciao.

John Bennett says:

loving your videos folks. I’m going to Italy in a few weeks.
Amazing country, great good.
Enjoy your adventures 🙂

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