Italy: Travel Skills – Rick Steves Travel Talks

In this travel talk, Rick Steves covers practical skills for making the most of Italy, including transportation (trains and rental cars), avoiding lines, planning an itinerary, choosing hotels, taking a cruise, and enjoying Italy’s cuisine and wine. Visit for more European travel information.


James Holmen says:

Are there any native Romans on here that can give me some recommendations on places to eat in Rome, mom and pop restaurants? I will be visiting in may cant wait, Thanks!!

Allison Chiliak says:

HOLY CRAP I’m craving a fresh Italian street-side cafe cappuccino and a nice little bowl of fresh pasta with cream sauce now… I miss Italy so much!!!

Scott Russell says:

Thanks, Rick! Now I REALLY want to go to Italy!

Brian Duyn says:

All of your videos are great, thanks for posting. I just bought your Best of Italy book!

CanadianCharlie64 says:

I plan on visiting this year

Impossible puzzle says:

what this cover?I’ve lived in Italy for 40 years and no one has ever pickpockets me.

Joe Jacoby says:

Thanks so much for sharing! Loved your shows for years and we’re planning to go back to Italy, this time Sardinia and Sicily, in a couple months, and plan to stay in B&B’s most of the time and try to experience both islands the way the locals do. Your advice is always sound and well appreciated.

Xid RK says:

Wow! Cool!!!

Maz Dela Cerna says:

Enjoyed this!

Cameron franceschina says:

I am going to Italy in 6 years for my high school graduation

pazzle says:

Although the guy talking sounds like a really nice guy with good intentions, it sounds like he’s giving advice for ignorant people who have never been outside their yard or country at least..

Noor Mohammad says:

Italy is my like ..bello

Ursa Minor says:

Delightful presentation that inspires, thank you

Therese Ember says:

Wonderful video!

Amaury Brito says:

You are incredible Rick Steves, there will be one time in my life that I will travel to Italy with you, it will be very fun and so many learnings.

LM S says:

Brillant teacher!

anıl erden says:

I had stayed in florence for 8 months yeah ıtaly is very nice and wonderful country  but ı don.t like comparing italy with  america. but  ı think america is the most beautiful country on the world.  florence has got a little bit disadvantages because there is no sea in florence  but in the other hand  lots of american tourists are coming to florence for  vacation, and sightseeing.  and ı was so lucky and ı had spoken american english with beautiful american tourists in florence that was really so enjoyable.

lucko diris says:

My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year and we will be touring Italy as per Rick’s final suggested tour. Dolce vita!

NatureLilac Gold says:


angela phillips says:

Went to a local soccer match and learnt the best italian swear words ever! loved it!

Jennifer Charles says:

Visiting Italy in a couple of weeks, LOVE this video!

dancerlisa says:

I’m glad I visited Cinqua Terre back in 1986 when it was relatively unknown. What a drag to try to enjoy it with a whole cruise ship being there!

D. Messmer says:

What a great teacher!

francesco salsiccia says:

Thank you Rick for this video this is the best video i’ve ever seen to explain my country i avdice you to visit my city Palermo you’ll love it!

Learning homie says:

Homie just said the American continent is only 250 years old (26:40)… Maybe he meant European occupied and colonized for 250 years with a mono linguistic society that omits any other “foreign” language. Look at the 1920s when Italian immigrants were forced to assimilate

Veronica Buchanan says:

Going to Rome tomorrow ❤️

rosette diego says:

Does anyone know the name of the steakhouse he mentions in this video? He says it is located in Tuscany but he never says the name of the chef or steakhouse. Help!! 🙂

Simonas Dailidė says:

I wish about this…

Gigliola Rogers says:

“Making Terra-may-sue…” Rick Steves can be so embarrassing 🙂

Davey Givens says:

We’re going in few months.We have two weeks and like to spend a lot of time in Rome since I have a keen interest in the art and architecture. But we’d also like to take in a few other major cities. -Does it make sense to just stay in Rome (base) and take day trips to other places?

Josh GONZALEZ says:

I disagree. Italy is nice except for the thugs and graffiti all over the cities. Not impressed

Bob Mob says:

Rick Steves and Rick Stein should team up.

Arun Barve says:

I have made around 18 trips within India and not even small napkin is found stolen !

Anthony Kernich says:

My first Italian trip is Milan-Venice-Rome. My next Italian trip will be Siciliy and Sardinia.

Bob Mob says:

Rick Steves and Rick Stein should team up.

wamblue says:

Idea… Photo copy passport. Leave original in hotel, walk about with the photo. If you loose this, so what, original is in room!

jaddy540 says:

For your first trip to Europe,take a Cosmos bus tour that visits 6-7 countries. Then return to the places you liked best for extended stays.Their tour guides are the greatest, you will learn as you ride. My first tour was 3 weeks long, in October, no crowds.

Chris Lareau says:

My cousin Lisa went to Italy.

David Paddy Evans says:

Thanx important information! Great talk on fact to learn stepping overseas…
Amazing Love xo Betty

kay aliberti says:

So true. ! Have been to Italy & Sicilia 4 times.

Peter Fairhurst says:

Spot on Rick. I’m half Sicilian with relatives all over Italy, Sardinia, Sicily. Excellent, very accurate advice. Off to the Aeolian islands in May and came across this.  Watch your wallet, avoid main tourist restaurants, immerse yourself with the locals. Don’t try and drive in Rome.   Pete  (England)

frank puleri says:

you’ve never been to Italia unless you visit Sicilia

Tana LittleRedBagProductions says:

You say not to use Tripadvisor for sleep and eat…. what do you recommend?

Junie says:

My husband and I traveled alone to Spain madrid, Barcelona then flew to venice, took a train to
Florence and Rome using all Rick Steves books as our guide. All the advice is spot on, we made reservations at Ristorante Aroma in Rome a very famous michellin star restaruant overlooking the Colosseum. Best food and wine I had anywhere in Europe. We have traveled alone in Europe many times using his guides and have had excellent experiences each time. We are just not into the tours but find his books to be the best on the market for traveling advice when traveling on our own.

Francesco Bonfiglio says:

Best of Europe in 3 weeks…what about great countries like UK and Spain?

Christopher O'Rourke says:

I was in the Navy in 1972 & 1973, did 2 Mediterrian cruises. I visited Naples & Genoa I liked Genoa, great city to walk around in, nice people, I was going on 20 in 1973, I was treated very well by the women in Genoa, better than a lot of American women, they have class, the same with Spain. I liked the architecture of the older buildings in Genoa, the clean city parks there.

Andy Waughlen says:

Body odour? Oh come on, most Italians are sticklers for cleanliness. We had running water, public heated baths, flushing toilets and double glazing when most ‘Europeans’ were still living in mud huts. And what about bidets? I’m constantly having to explain to foreigners what they are and what they are used for. Italians abroad know how awful it is when they can’t find one in hotels or private homes. You can’t step into the shower every time you use the toilet, can you?

Bruce B says:

Didn’t realize Rick has such a large firm.

Romano Benini says:

I don’t Know The reason But i Know and i see in My city Roma only Americans rude And with little knowledge and culture about Italy . So i hope That americans follow These tips Of mr Steves . He doesnt know my country very well ( but he believes That is an expert ! ) , but his imprecise culture can Be good and useful for common american standard . Don t come in Italy If You Have only few days .. This is the first tip .

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