Learn Italian in 30 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need

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In this video, you’ll get started with Italian. You will discover the key points of Italian Grammar! This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Italian.

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XQueenLeX x says:

When hablas español y solo aprendes a decir spagnolo por los spaghettis ahre

Learn Italian with ItalianPod101.com says:

https://goo.gl/MMGdER Click here to Learn Italian for FREE with ItalianPod101.com

Ikbal Howlader says:


Big Doinks says:

It sounds like a fancy version of Spanish

kap kan says:

I learned italian and now I call my bully grasso stronzo = fat asshole

Adrian Morales says:

That moment when you’re already an italian but got here because you’re bored.

Kammal F says:


john Kim says:


Keziah Oppong says:

I come from Italy but I for got how to speak Italy I speak English if I didn’t
see uno of your channel and I went to Italy and someone asked me a question
I could not answer it so grazie mille.

Apollo Roma says:


H Hatim says:

Aarvek full Hatem dall’Africa Sudan lavorare negli Emirati Arabi Uniti a Dubai, ha studiato presso l’University College di Turismo e Hotel reparto di ospitalità, manutenzione odio non sposata che giace in tutto per lavorare in amicizia in amore con il rispetto Ajamil e sempre più felice quando entrano la vostra felicità nel cuore di Huzein.vals.e. Non soldi ma La felicità da trovare la gioia nella stessa donna vive nel basso e non la gioia anche se era attraverso i siti di comunicazione, amore, sentimento e sentimento

Faadumo Hersi says:

Iwant learn italian

Kingsley Nosa says:

Am a nigerian living in italy, i love your teaching.

Simona Ionescu says:

In Romanian, Good evening! is Buna seara!

Hans says:

Grazie, I am now fluent in Italian!

Waad S says:

Is there any Arabic person here

Darco Dame says:

When you learn italian because of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Vento Aureo

Costas Chrisofakis says:


Mexican ShooTerZ - MXGS says:


Brianjoni Budiono says:

I learn italy because i have a dream! Become Passione. Di Molto!

Mackie AC says:

Vincent Corleone aproves

italiano avanzato _ unlearningITALIAN says:

30 minutes is TOO MUCH. I think 20 minutes is enough to learn Italian. Me personally, I have mastered Italian in 15 minutes, but I’d say 20 minutes would fit most learners. Could you please make a similar video, but just 20 minutes long? You could title it “Learn Italian in 20 minutes while waiting for the bus”. That would be AWESOME! Thanks 🙂

love Forever fashion says:

But I got a Spanish accent

Denisa Ispas says:

I m Romanian and IT s a little bit easy for me

Ralph Bartlett says:

Fuck italy

Geng Yoah says:

*_The First Lady was dope Who got her like me?_*


Rena Pirabakaran says:

I speak fluent italian, I don’t know why I am watching this…

gaae2000 says:

Noventa y nueve

Gabriel Nascimento says:

My native language is a Latim language, and even to me is very hard to pronounce the R letter like her.

Alex Alex says:

I am going to beautiful Italy in 5 weeks, please help!!

Rocio says:

She speaks English with a Romanian accent 🙂

cosavedo cosasento says:

Consuelo ahahahah

Joe Jones says:

Ciao! Mi chiamo Joe, sono Americano. Grazie mille!

_ Essketit says:

Ive learned french at school italian is very similar

DiDi Chae유튜버꿈나무 채디디 says:

Buongiorno, ciao!

Alfred says:

Flip phone in 2017?

bey0nd earth says:

I’m Brazilian my native language is Portguese after this video and a song called Ti sento from a famous Italian singer i fall in love with the language i want to learn my goals are improve my English and learn Italian and Spanish cheers 😀 😀

Apollo Roma says:

amore !!!

Anna 09 says:

Hi so I’m wondering if somebody that speaks italian could help me a bit? So I’m getting a tattoo in honer of my father and was wondering if this sentence is correct “La vita va avanti ma e più ti penso e più
mi manchi” if not please help me fix it 🙂

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