Milan and Lake Como

No trip to Italy is complete without Milan and Lake Como. In Milan we’ll take a peek at Italy’s highest fashion, fanciest delis, grandest cemetery, and greatest opera house…not to mention Leonardo’s Last Supper. Then we’ll cruise along Lake Como, settling down in the lakeside village of Varenna…classic honeymoon country, where Italy meets the Alps.

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W0pper says:

My grand parents live half a year in Germany and half a year in Loveno, Menaggio at the lago di como. Always been there during my summer holidays. Love it!

2phalanges says:

wow inside the church is so enormous. you can go fly a kite inside.

Nathan Yiangsupapaanontr says:

So surprised at the end that this was taped in 2006. It’s in full HD and I thought it was recorded in 2010-something. Beautiful city!

Joan Anne Wallace says:

Just love the history and cultural lessons of your videos. Thank you.

Giorgio Di Renzo says:

I also suggest,for those who have time, to explore the little towns around lake como. Little cute towns such as: Argegno, Laglio, Menaggio (coasting the lake). If you want more adventure there are many treasures on the inner part. I’m italian and when I went there I started from Argegno,then instead of coasting the lake I took the road that goes up the “mountain”. I stopped in “Casasco Intelvi” because one of my distant uncle/relative has a flat with a little garden there. After that you’re getting close to the border between Italy and Switzerland. You can visit”San Felice d’Intelvi” which is the biggest little town in the area but most importantly “Erbonne” which is currently the tiniest isolated fraction(belonging to a municipality called “Centro Valle Intelvi”) in Italy! It’s basically lost in the mountains. . It’s right on the border.

Tony Gutierrez says:

Great video of Rick Steve’s Europe.
Fantastic location and Rick’s explaining
details and great music background.
Classy Video.

Nibang Perying says:

Your travel docu is the best

Pinoy Adventure Rider says:

The bulls testicles on the floor, thats what i am looking for tnx

Richard Chasse says:

Fabulous !! Loved the lake Como segment especially.

Amparito Viteri says:


JAFdolls says:

With its coy little background music, lisping narrator, and an approach to the subject like Walt Disney…. this video does not convey that Milan is a serious working city, has a great atmosphere. This doesn’t help me revisit it.

Saddam Chudher says:

Loved the monumental cemetery’s really touching.

zafar siddiq says:

Milan is beautiful

Rufus T. Firefly says:

When you say that Milan is the second Italian city, this is true considering only the municipality limits.
Really, Milan is a metropolitan area of 6-7 million people !

Amparito Viteri says:


PL4stik1991 says:

I was born and live in the Lake Como region (more precisely in the Lecco province) and I never really thought about it as a fortune or a dream. In fact we often forget how lucky we are, to have so much beauty in front of us every day…it becomes ordinary and normal. Thanks for reminding me that this is not the case

Maryam SL says:

The lake Como when visiting Milan.
Lucky enough, to have been in both.

JOE Bozza says:

Milan is more like 4 Million Not 1.5 Million like you said 1.5 Million is Milan City Centre.

mathskart By BPS Chauhan says:

Great Great Great !!! continue watching your Videos….. Your Face 100% resembles with your all Videos seen.

Glen Larimer says:

Ahhh Rick, there was no battle at Valley Forge. It was just an encampment.

gaurav panwar says:

I love italian people❤️

James Pozz says:

I extremely love the Italian architectures. They’re the most beautiful and complex that i’ve ever seen.

Samuel Davidson says:

I like the comedy here ” architecture so big you can’t question the Right WIng agenda”, is that why Lef Wing Libtards have such small vision for the future, so their dirty Bolsheviki agendas can’t be questioned? LOL

juan monge says:

Visited Milan last May. Took day trip tours to Lake Como and Cinque Terre.
Como is beautiful , but be prepared for the crowds. Super packed. The ferry , the restaurants. On the way back about an hour and a half to get out of the lake.
Have been told that since no one is going to Turkey or North Africa , Italy and Greece are exploding with tourists.

sally j says:

다시가고픈 밀라노

smitty smit says:

Um, you mean left wing buddy

Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory says:

Remember watching this video too

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