MILAN – Luxury Travel Guide by

MILAN (Essentials Travel Guide to Milano, Italy) by

In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What to do in Milan?
What are some luxury things to do in Milan?
What you need to know before you travel to Milan?
What are the must-see attractions when traveling to Milan?
Where to stay in MIlan, Italy?
Where to eat in Milan?
What are some things you didn’t know about the Duomo of Milan?
What to do for 24 hours in milan?
What are the must see things in milan?
Where to get a guide in Milan, Italy?
Where is the piazza del duomo in italy?
Where do shop in Milan?
What is the most expensive store in milan?
Why do they say Milan is a fashion capital?
When is Milan fashion week?
What are top 10 things to do in Milano, Italy?
What are some less known Milan facts?
What are some things to know about Milano?
What are the best galleria vittorio emanuele II facts?
Where to buy tickets for La Scala Opera Milan?
What should you know before traveling to Milan?
Should I visit Milan?
What are some fun things to do in Milan, Italy?
What are the best activities to do with children when visiting Milan, Italy?
What are the best streetfood places in Milan?

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H H says:

Footages are amazing, great job

Dario Valentini says:

8:05 actually risotto is the main course…and everyone in Milan calls it risotto giallo (meaning yellow) or allo zafferano.

Aquiles Barroeta says:

amazing video, great shots, learned an incredible amount of information and the humor was also entertaining . will be keeping location in mind for sure, great job Alux, I loved this video, keep up the good work.

Ian Buchan says:

Ive Been to Milan more than most here 12 Times

f4faisal vlogs says:

Fortunetly i am going to visit Milan.

SwissGator says:

Liked the concept but the content could have been better. Too much time spend on Duomo, not enough about the luxury experience. Should have included at least one 5-star hotel and one or two unique shops/tailors, not just the main tourist shopping mall.

biglikes says:

ok il luxury, ma ìha fatto vedere il duomo e gallerie e stop. inoltre il menu di salvini non mi sembra proprio milanesissimo, l anatra? e i dolci? che cavolo c’entrano??

Stefano Dcb says:

So you did a guide for the first 100mt far by the centre of Milan. You could or should show a little bit more a think 🙂

Sheldon Wright says:

First time watching a video like this, and great to see the person who created this channel. Great opportunity to see Milan. Thanks. I’m happy to be an Aluxer.

Sergio Maspoch says:

Thank you love it

Diana Drozd says:

Going to Milan in 3 months, very cool video!

Natalia MV says:

Please do more! Loved it!

Esquinita de Lupe says:

Grazie mille for making this beautiful video. This is is how I like to tour a city. I am sure there are lots of people, who like me, prefer to visit in style. Please more videos like this.

Guillermo Alvarez says:

Can we have a video about the founder (or founders) of alux?! Where are you from? How did the idea came about? Why luxury? Where do you live? How is your normal daily life? Would be really interesting

Tommy Mbundu says:

More like this

Sonny Nguyen says:

great video. Please continue. like to see what you guys/gals show at the next location(s).

L mtz says:

Please, a video of París would be amazing!!!!

Natalia Oblea says:

I loved your “please don’t go to McDonalds”!

Josh Healey says:

Excellent guide, I see a trip to Milan somewhere on the horizon.

AlessioGiramondo says:

Very nice video in the very heart of Milan! Of course the cathedral is a must to see, especially the roof and its view, even if you can’t see clearly the square because of the decorations. As others said before, there are other very interesting places to visit, like the castle sforzesco or Leonardo da Vinci’s “la santa cena” ! Good travel to all ! 😀

kartik sabne says:

Do more exposure of cost of living in Italy

Ata Rehman says:

I know these videos are not giving many views but please don’t stop making these types of videos, it motivates me more, Love from PAKISTAN and a true ALUXER

NinaRoseTreasures says:


Sara samuel says:

Please do more videos like these, Do Tuscany and Iceland says:

Hey Aluxers, we hope you enjoyed out MILAN Special video!
What do you think? Where should we go next?

Thank you all for the support you’ve shown so far! We’re blessed to have such a great community behind the brand!

Gordon Gekko says:

Paris Milan Rome

JSBC says:

super well done.

Javed Marei says:

Milan Italy best in the world

Wilcois Francois says:

I really love this Milan video…for a number of reasons.
I love to travel…I’ve done a bit myself.
The production quality of the audio and video, across the board, is excellent!
It felt very unbiased…”the waiters are usually rude but upon realizing that they were going to be recorded by and posted on ALUX, they replaced the waiters with a manager.” (…paraphrasing). That was really funny but refreshingly honest/uncompromising…that made this video so much more authentic.
Super! I’m looking forward for more.

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