my sister and I attempt to travel to Europe… ALONE lol (travel vlog)

enjoy this is very dysfunctional yet fun trip to Europe w my sis hahha xx


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S P says:

You looks so pretty on the boat

Angelina says:

ahh favorite video so far! i love europe. i’m going to greece in a few days and i was in france and italy in june. LOVEE <3

Dunia Viruez says:

“It’s secute”
Please tell me somebody else understood that

Tera Mack says:

since u graduated, are you going to college or no ?

Oks Chia says:

omg i’m italian 🙂

Victoria Piro says:

​where di you get all your earings from???

Maya Sofia says:

What camera did you use to vlog this??❤️

Aroj says:

you have the best eyelash extensions because they’re noticeable but not too crazy you make me want to try getting them!

Faithy o says:

does anyone know the song @13:00

Lélia Btr says:

« bite » mean dick in french lol

Trin Samara says:

Whatever happened to predictability……but seriously who knew we’d be watching aunt becky’s child that is neither nicky or Alex on youtube

ashlee and friends says:

what song is playing at 4;17

Scarlett K says:

You and Bella are so funny 🙂

Albane De la Morinerie says:

I hope you didn’t wear this cap in France cause down here it meens “dick”

Sloane pepper says:

Does anyone know what camera she uses to vlog?!

Sharon says:

I’m from the Netherlands so yes I might have screamed the second Olivia mentioned she had a lay-over in Amsterdam

molly says:

I want to be this rich one day

Makyden Parreira says:

Love this!

Jason Waterfield says:

great video. and I came across this & saw these!

Max R. says:

i like it

Cristina Diaz says:

Those pop sockets were great investments. And unicorns? a great choice.

Tyler Marie says:

what song did you use?

Guinnevere Wuorinen says:

… did she say the n word

Aroj says:

I can’t believe Bella hasn’t made a channel yet!

Bailee Fermin says:

she bit the bread and put it back in the bag

Aroj says:

I love watching sisterly videos like these and the Kavari vlogs

Debrah Karni says:

Whars yr PO box adress?

Christina Surgent says:

You guys have the cutest sister relationship! Don’t ever loose that ❤️

ava marie says:

Honestly I love airport vlogs

Millie says:

do you have spotify playlists?

Conti Music says:

Love it, would you consider using my music for free? Love to see more!

s s says:

how is this a good travel vlog

Audrey Barnes says:

You throw around mental illness like they are accessories

Kayla Gaughan says:

where did u get that hat in the beginning of the vid

Ahemd Abdi says:


Louise Peyrot Bourbon says:

What‘s the song that Bella and Olivia are listening to around 4:25 ???

Aroj says:

I love bella’s pink hair!

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