NTV italo: Italy’s private high-speed train | Club Executive | Milano – Roma | Trip report

Hi, so this is my new train trip report about Italy’s private high-speed train, the italo owned by NTV. I have booked Club Executive class (=first class), which is the highest booking class on the italo and hence is their firsdt class product. I traveled from Milano Centrale to Roma Termini. Hope you enjoy this trip report about train travel in Italy!

Music: specially arranged for the video, because it’s fun to do so!


Christopher S. O' says:

Very informative & great video. I wish the owners of the Italo high speed train company would invest in the California High Speed Rail, they would be a great investor. I enjoyed the video very much. I travel long distance in the U.S. by Amtrak train and also when I’m home in the San Diego area I ride Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner trains between San Diego, Los Angeles & Oxnard,California alternating my visits between the 2 cities. Train travel is the best way to see any country that has passenger train service.

AG 777 says:

Great video but for the entertainment you don’t need to bring your own headphones, you can ask to hostesses for and them will give you some branded italo

Evandro Arantes says:

Ótimas cenas de Milano Centrale. Excelente vídeo. Muito obrigado pela postagem. Realmente os italianos conseguiram melhorar muito seus trens. Muito bom isso.

travelmentary TV says:

Hi everyone, so here it is, the long-awaited Italo video! I hope you enjoy it! If you don’t want to miss any upcoming videos, please consider subscribing!

Ferrari Super says:

If you want to try the Frecciarossa buissness class. You should try it on Frecciarossa, not on Frecciarossa 1000 because italo, frecciarossa, frecciarossa 1000 are the best trains in italy

Joe R. V. says:

I traveled both companies in Italy, but I prefer Italo cause is faster than Freccia. 250km/h vs 300km/h. Both have a good service but very different configurations. Good report! Liked it very much!.

Magic99OFF says:

I’m Italian but I never went in an Italo. I went in the Frecciarossa 1000, but I’d like to see the NTV train (Italo)

Kimberly Nguyen says:

How much room is there for luggage? I’m planning on buying two executive tickets. We will be traveling with 1 carry on and 1 large luggage? Should I upgrade for the private room? I didn’t notice in your video where the luggage goes in those private rooms?

bayspotter says:

Been on club executive. It’s really cool!
Our route was Roma Tiburtina to Florence (I believe it is S.M. Novella)

Transport & Simulation Hub says:

Great video. I do like the seats and it looks better than some First Class areas of trains I have been in.

asri azmi says:

Currently they having promotion milan-firenze just 9.9 Euro

Charles Hamilton says:

Well done, you. Informative, well paced, well edited. It is as if I am on an adventure with a good friend. Say, shall we cross Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer? I promise that you will always have the window seat!

The David says:

While i personally prefer the FrecciaRossa interiors over Italo’s, it must be acnowledged that the comfort at max speed (300kmh) on NTV Italo is far superior. The FrecciaRossa suffers a constant sideways shaking as if it was bouncing between the rails. Standing and walking along the train can be a proper challenge, whereas Italo is perfectly firm and stable at any speed.

Edward Miessner says:

Here in the US, the fastest train is the Acela Express from Washington DC to Boston with an average speed of 135 km/hr and a maximum speed of 240 km/hr (but only for a 34 mile stretch in Rhode Island). Your 300 km/hr Italo is undoubedly much faster by both counts.

Ketih Rendrag says:

I’m really sorry, and I mean no offence, but this video left me totally unimpressed. Good video though.

JustRant says:

You deserve more attention

planespotting italy says:

I like the italo

HardBraquemard says:

The pastry was a small Pain au Chocolat.



Speedbird1 FLY says:

Gtreat train service and video describing it. Well done

TheOther RayJ says:

I’m guessing that u.s. private Equity Firm couldn’t find a way to put a high-speed rail unit in the u.s. such a sad deal

Transportfan2 says:

Great Trip Report once again!

TBStudios91 says:

Very nice video! As an Italian, I usually take Italo because it is more often on time and is cheaper if you book in advance. Freccia rossa used to have more routes but now Italo is expanding. Up until a few years ago you could get into a lounge even with normal tickets. Access to the train is now restricted to ticket holders for security purposes in Milan, Rome and Florence.

Andreas Pille says:

You should try the TGV in France, great train and sceneries

Santo Pino says:

Ulisse Stacchini, the designer of the San Siro Stadium died in 1945 way before the many renovations which completely changed its looks, adding the second ring and surrounding ramps in 1955, then adding the third ring, the gigantic pillars and the rooftop in 1990.

briansivley2001 says:

If you ever come to the Chicagoland Area you should give The South Shore Line a try to all the way to South Bend Airport and back to Downtown Chicago Millennium Station. The South Shore Line is the world’s last running Interurban Railroad so it has a lot of history around it.

WD Harris says:

Great video….thanks for posting.

Michael Bruchas says:

I love that Europe still has competing passenger rail lines…

Bojana Bojovich says:

Very Good report! I like ITALO

Daniele Sbordone says:

Frecciarossa First Class seems to be better. Am I right ?

intersezioni says:

both NTV and trenitalia will operate in Europe in the coming years.
In these weeks Trenitalia is testing a FRECCIAROSSA 1000 to operate in France since 2019 (for a total of 5 FRECCIAROSSA trains that will be used only in France from 2019)
I wanted to point out how the German newspaper DER SPIEGEL a few weeks ago defined the Italian railway system as best in Europe, and invited the German company DB to draw inspiration from the Italian model . The article: http://www.spiegel.de/plus/warum-italien-ein-paradies-fuer-bahnfahrer-ist-a-c7eb9813-3b89-4dd4-aad7-b96186b48497
PS: I want to add that the company Alstom is French but the trains are built 100% in Italy by the former FIAT FERROVIARIA company that was bought by Alstom years ago.
All Italian trains at both high speed and normal trains are 100% produced in Italy by Italian companies that export trains all over the world

Glasgow Reports says:

Think you were unlucky in the lounge; we had a range of sandwiches eg Prosciutto and mozzarella etc

Mr. e414 Frecciabianca says:

It’s a very nice video! Up! Good luck, you are a fantastic youtuber! Congratulation from turin, italy

Max883 says:

Frecciarossa or Italo? Which is the best?

Mattia Lape says:

hi. In the website when you go to see the Club executive the seats are different from those there are in the train you travelled. Why?

the Khumba Guy says:

Nice trip. Nice train. Something we only dream about here in Zambia.

Pietro says:

Hey sir, why don’t you make a vid on the regional train Padova – Bologna, 7.10 or 8.10 am. It’s great. Overcrowded, beggars onboard, ticket inspectors chasing ppl without ticket, loud music, garlic scent, and other surprises. Apart those things it’s nice. Cool videos anyway.

Ju says:

where are you from?

simsportif says:

Aah the AGV, the successor to the TGV that never came to be.

richies quest says:

Love the AGV i wish my italian was as good as your english.

antonis angelopoulos says:

very good video

Thomas Maiolino says:

I travelled in executive, very nice experience!

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