Pizza in Pisa – Etrusco Road trip Italia

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We head to Pisa where we discover a wonderful town away from the tourist hubbub of the Leaning Tower… and an even better Pizzeria! Mmm…. PIZZA!

To check out the campsite, please see

To find this and other wonderful places to eat (even if you’re not vegan or veggie) do check out


Ali Chahin says:

My two favourite youtubers! Great video as usual. 🙂

John Patterson says:

Could you include more price information, for everything, food, camp fees, fuel, tolls etc. Thank you

Robin H says:

Lovely video, I’ve really enjoyed this series as well as James’ films too. You’re absolutely right about Pisa. A great city and excellent base for visits to Florence and beyond. Some cheap flights from the UK too. We will definitely be having a look at Etrusco’s range once they are up and running fully in the UK – not sure if they are going to have a dealer in South Wales / South West England

In-the-van Peter says:

Go where the locals go! That’s the way to see anywhere. Piza looks amazing in the old town

Janet Johnson says:

Great vlog as always. Pisa looked amazing so did the pizza

Rusty Recovery says:

Your videos are so relaxing and therapeutic.  Thanks for sharing.  Jason

Teddy Wanderer says:

Looks like you all had a great time in Pisa eating pizza 😀 It looked like a nice area around there thanks for sharing 😀 Teddy

Square Peg Round Hole says:

Italy is bankrupt of course with the 2nd highest level of debt in Europe (Greece is the highest). They are not alone of course, closely followed by Portugal, Spain, France & Germany. Great Britain isn’t too far behind!

Simon67316 says:

Great video, really captured the atmosphere of the place, will definitely be visiting there when we get our motor home.

Shaun Nicholson says:

Awesome vlog as always – documentary/travel show quality! Then the forlorn look at 11.25min when James left and it was back on the road ‘one man and his dog’. I am sure you love your own company Andrew as we all do but when a traveling companion leaves and you carry on…well, lets just say they take a small piece of the magic with them. Oh well, onwards and upwards! a Very British stiff upper lip and all that! tally-o!

Vanessa My Life My Journey says:

The pizza and ice cream looks amazing; love the view of the tower at night.

Nuri Kağan KURT says:

When will you be back in the UK?

rubberdc says:

I love pistachio gelato…..

Croft says:

Looks great. Personally I’m taking an electric bicycle with me, just to avoid the 15 minute walks and instead do a 4 minute ride. 🙂

Joe’s RV Home Turtle says:

I really like your trips with JAMES. You two work really well together. Stay safe!

Roger Jones says:

Yourself and James do have a good rapport, I use to do a lot of photography and have subscribed to his channel as well. It is nice to share experiences, you get photography ideas and tips he gets location photos, and you both have a great time exploring in a lovely place.

Valninertriplezero says:

The river scene in Pisa you showed is so beautiful and lovely, and the rest of Italy shown! The guitar player was very good and really added to the ambiance, (I hope he got contributions). Missed seeing more shots of Dougal holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Please include all the shots you got of that in your next video, even if you re-show the one you already showed. Thanks, Andrew! Stay safe & happy, and please pet and hug Dougal extra lots. It’s so good for your health and his! It’s wonderful that you could take him on vacation to Germany, France and Italy! Yay! ☺

Jeff Hambleton says:

Don’t mean to be rude Andrew but isn’t the purpose of swimming caps to stop clogging up the filtration system with long hairs? But they let you enter with beards…. weird.

brighton dude says:

Yes, Pisa is a wonderful place. Lots to explore there in addition to the famous tower. I think you caught the atmosphere very well. I was last there in the 70s I think with my parents, but the atmosphere was recognisable.

That campsite looked pretty good. Often people look at the compact nature of campsites like that and think “ugh!” but if you are visiting a place like Pisa then you aren’t going to be spending a lot of time in the site.

Paul Morris says:

Enjoyed that Andrew. Thank you. I realise your working hard but a little bit of the people and the land would make it even more intersting eg of the joys of travellin on the roads, the dog ,who is important, or say the sights and food.By the way it looked delicious but what was in it?

Nika Nailekara says:

You are just doing what I plan to do in my next vacations!

Last time I went to Italy I rented a car fot the time I was going to be working in Milano at “Salone del Mobile”. Last day I escaped to Lago di Como…Really worth the visit!!! That was the moment my head and heart turned to the motorhome world.

Next time I´ll rent a motorhome to have the freedom of staying as much as I want in every place! Hated the cattle style tours but loved every place I visited.

I suppose you have a tight schedule but if you have some time … take a walk through the streets of San Giminiano .

Love your Vlogs … !!!

Carrancero says:

The street guitarist plays the Spanish theme “Entre dos aguas” by Paco de Lucía.


Love watching these, you make it so easygoing and I know that it isn’t Andrew!

Wink Wink says:

hee hee hee… oh dear… at 5:45 … having to pull forth some life out of the Pizza Epicurean Paradise induced stasis … better than that Wine Tasting Paradise induced hang-over stasis, eh. Too funny.

bob manwaring says:

Wow, Pisa looks a lovely place, I was expecting something more like Blackpool, but there’s a tremendous ambience. Looking forward to seeing more!!

Kc De Winter says:

Hi Andrew – Just wondering if you received the message on your website re; the music?

Mannuel Festoli says:

Andrew, Have you ever had problems with finding Dougals dog food if you run short while traveling the EU? Or just pack 50 kilos and go? Never had to shop for dog food in the EU. Same brands everywhere? I know a change of brand can lead to upset doggie tummy and smelly…whatever. I know you advise to buy local but, dog food and pet supplies/doggie baggies also? Pets can be a bit sensitive, so?

William Channing says:

Fantastico… it was also nice to see James in a relaxed style, he came across as a very down to earth young man. Another great vlog Andrew – thank you

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