Rome, Italy 2016 VLOG |Dulce Candy

Hey friends! Today I want to share with you all of our adventures in Rome, Italy from this past week. I had the blessing of traveling with my family to meet Pope Francis. That vlog will be up later next week so keep a look out. I am so excited to share that one with you. I hope you enjoy this recap of one of the most beautiful cities on the world. xx

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January 5th says:

Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you were gonna meet Pope Francis!!! Wow!! We went to go see him when he came to Philly, but didn’t come close 🙁 Just being there felt wonderful, though. He’s such a merciful, selfless, and loving man… a true embodiment of Christ, our Lord.
All the blessings to you and your family, Dulce!!

Tashina Miller says:

The pope is not God as he claims to be. You wanna watch out for that Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Nicole Hector says:

Yum! that pizza! And Dulce you are such an inspiration. You looked beautiful during the conference.

Eduarda ketchup says:

im GOING to italy next Month

Tierra G. says:

that lasagna looked like heaven

Lea says:

love Italy ❤

Ce Ce says:

dulce I love you and your family. God bless you and your family.

grlpwr says:

love it! please check out my Rome vlog xx

aye she lit says:

Is Isaac her real son?

emiri mastu says:

Oh My Gosh it’s HEIDI!!! they freaken have Heidi in Italy?

Jeannee Waseck says:

I am curious if there is a Vatican///Pope video??? I searched her channel and couldn’t seem to find anything, despite this being named “to be continued” ….

Francisca V says:

Let her and the rest of southamericans have their religious traditions. Who cares, you dont tell islam How to be islam

Sid Gautam says:

U r so pretty

Toys with Iliana says:

beautiful family. Sending you and family lots of love!!

Jasm1010 says:

please tell me u had some gellato

faerydoll88 says:

Omg her DRESS IN THE THUMBNAIL. Does anyone know where its from!!

1970harleybike says:

So lucky…………good for you

Imjustsayinmann says:

Ur son is so cute

mb life says:

omg I absolutly loooove italy… your family is soo incredibly cute *.* :DD greetings from austria

Manuel Alonzo says:


Jeanne says:

Were did you stay at? I am planning a trip to Rome in the fall.

Jess Cast says:

Drinking “American Champagne” (Coca cola) LOL

Patzy Auditore says:

jajajajaj Diosito best friend so cute :3

Celaena S says:

I’m going to Rome in 1 day!!!!!!!

dmartz02 says:

“God’s best friend”. . that is too cute and it’s the best way to try to explain it to young kids

cancun1989hermoza says:

Pinche Vieja apretada no quiere ablar Español, me cai mal la gente asi pinche cara llega de Linares
la verdad bonita no es para nada !

Pinks Uno says:

Did you ask the Pope about the movie, Spotlight???

Lottechan says:

Love this video 🙂
I’ve just visited Rome in June and it was absolutely fantastic! I made a short travel vlog for the trip and some recommendations as well! Will really mean a lot if you guys can check it 🙂

Emily Silva says:

All these pope comments judging Candy for the way she speaks about the Pope and her faith are ridiculous! Dulce can do whatever she wants, live the life she wants, and teach her kid whatever she wants. If she wants to tell her child that the Pope is God’s best friend, she has the right to and shouldn’t be judged for it!

Paula caraballo says:

What hotel were you staying at ? I’m planning my trip out there and need some suggestions please respond

Megan Campbell says:

Dulce, I’m so happy you’ve become closer to God recently, but please look up the protestant reformation and see if you agree or disagree with it. As a protestant, I believe the Pope is just a normal human being like you or I, and many Catholics treat him almost like God himself. It says in the Bible that the ONLY way to heaven is through Jesus, not through any man. Make your own decisions based on what you feel is right, but I would love for you to have a little think about this 🙂 No hate to any catholics by the way! Every body should make their own decisions about these things once they have looked into them!

Mackenzie Blue says:

I now it’s late but I’m so happy u earned this u worked so much for it

G.V Unfolded says:

Never quit!! Keep uploading and fuck the haters!

Hadassah Immanuel says:

your son so cute n big GOD BLESS UR FAMILY AWESOME VIDEO:)

Kaitlyn swanson says:

care full for terrorest

Kendall Parsons says:

I’m going to Rome in December! This video made me so happy and I got so excited! Thank you!!

Marissa Menzes says:

When I eat pasta in Italy for the first time I’m going to eat it like that little boy! Nom nomnom!

dana pat says:

i watched the whole thing

Mallerlyn says:

aw I miss Italy ! I hope it treated you well 🙂

Gaby2Amours says:

Que padre Dulce. great vlog. girl, I’m hungry now. lol.

Mackenzie Blue says:

So cool

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