The Sopranos – Paulie’s Trip to Italy

Enable captions for the Italian parts.


Jimmy Rustling says:

0:36 “And then they say that germans have no class and are pieces of shit!”
Hahahaha so true. No offense to american friends!
Good thing Paulie didn’t get that part.

Jim Reilly says:

1:04 Dude in the black shirt, smoking the cigarette, who briefly looks at Paulie then turns around again, is David Chase, creator of the show

Ad Bad says:

Tony, you give this guy a golf club, hell prolly try to fuck it
Dead! Hahhaha

Slacker20012 says:


My Superior says:

The car ride with Chris, tone, and Paulie their expressions says it all about their personality

Brian Saez says:

Paulie and the guys refer to other Italian Americans as the “Mericani” or the “whitebread wop” when the real Italians think the same of them! Haha

Gary Garratt says:

When Italian Americans realise they are not Italian at all or have anything in common with ‘the old country’.

PabloCruise91 says:

2:33 that’s me on the way back home on a long road trip

Ben Dejo says:

1:07-1:10 DAMN–check out the rack on that woman!

Lance Johnson says:

didn’t realise Paulie smoked

Downton 654 says:

Underrated episode

Lillogambino says:

What did the old man said? “La conosco, sei con la NATO…”

lokeymexican says:

Like when Mexican-Americans are so Mexican until they visit Mexico lol.

Ryan Henry says:

Paulie took home some Parker house rolls to his mah. Classless piece of shit orders noodles and ketchup haahahaaaaaaaahahha

FMichael1970 says:

0:43 Why Paulie didn’t go eat the maple walnut ice cream from the toilet in the women’s just behind him is beyond me…

R33C3 says:

Just skip to 1:48

Diet Coke says:

I’d be happy to see NJ and be back.

Andrea Roma says:

Che stereotipi stupidi che ci sono sull’Italia…

timgraysontv says:


Jose Hernandez says:

Italian American food is far more different, than Italian food from Italy.

pr0gressd says:


Meshuggapeth says:

“And I thought Germans were classless pieces of shit.”


At 0:35, it roughly translates to “…and you thought the Germans were classless pieces of shit”

_. _. says:

“None ‘o dem fuckin’ steroids.” LOL

chivasteele says:

Looking at America and wondering why it can’t be made to look like Italy. They know that it’s because they have squeezed America for every last dime.

Tony Soprano says:

Chrissy goes to Italy and does not see fuck all. Just pollutes his brain when he could have drank beautiful wine, ate the best pizza in the world and pasta with anchovies What a piece of useless shit

Mentor Tairi says:

1:04 i totally missed that was david chase haha paulie calling them all cock suckas

jack frost says:

why is christopher sitting shotgun and tony in the back?

Ryan Henry says:

Loved when he called that bitch a “Fukin twat”

Matt Polizzi says:

1:08 Check out them Titties !

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