Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations In Italy

Fanny Burney once said, “Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There’s no looking at a building after seeing Italy.” Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Italian Tourist Destinations. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

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Giorgia Frigerio says:

You know, just because it’s called MsMojo doesn’t mean you guys can’t enjoy these videos! Stop complaining about everything, you’re boring.

Alex forever says:

Nice video and nice places

Lily -chan says:

Goddammit. Everyone is taking this so seriously. Question for all the male viewers here: why were you even on this channel??

April Lam says:

I have been to the top three cities

Ira Cako says:

Tutta Italia e bellissima !!!!

Michala Palmer says:

wow watchmojo would you like some butter with those gender roles… honestly you could of just put this video in your regular channel news flash i am a girl and i enjoy all your videos not just ones that you have deemed “girly” like travel??? since when is travel ONLY for women?????

Mario Portelli says:

I m a man and I love Italy, pity you left out Torino. It is the old capital and full of history

Chalynda Jackson says:

I’m a man and I am a whiny cry baby. Instead of just going on this channel and watching the video I feel the need to complain about this being on the girl’s channel. *cries bitch baby tears*

roberto ureña says:

annoying voice

Stefy Georgieva says:

Honestly , I love Italy more than any other country Ive been too and i might say that Florence is indeed a marvelous city and my all time favorite tho the shots shown in the video do NOT make justice

MeLexdy says:

Ok wtf? This should be on the main channel… My brother with his friends went to italy.My friends did too. All males! Why? This is sexism 101…

Camilla Fuzzi says:

E Torino ?

Tom Thomson says:

Sienna did not even get an honorable mention?
The Palio di Sienna is so great.

Daniel Ackerley says:

It annoys me that people only bother to look at the surface of an issue without looking deeper, because hate is an easier, less energetic thing to do these days it seems. I find it also amusing how the word ‘sexist’ is repeated so frequently in the comments that it even begins to lose contextual meaning. I can see at least the initial logic behind this change (even if a bold one), which isn’t anything to do with promoting gender stereotypes, but more so in responding to statistics.

In response to the 17% female portion of the audience, Watchmojo wanted to distribute more content into this new channel that was ‘predicted’ to have more female viewers. Top 10 romance movies, while it can be equally enjoyed by male and female viewers, would be ‘expected’ to attract a larger number of female members (in contrast to, say, top 10 Mortal Combat ‘Finish Him’ moves), hence an assumed female-orientation of the video, but not female-exclusive. This was in order to improve content organisation and accessibility for more specific audiences, but not to promote a divide in gender. Watchmojo have the statistics and they know that their content is watched both by males and females, just at different relative percentages.

I can agree that they could have achieved a similar thing by creating more categories or videos within the main channel that are more -ahem – in tune with the interests of the general female audience . The ‘top 10 Italian tourist spots’ is, I admit, a more ambiguous choice, however. I guess it was found in statistical data somewhere that holiday destinations were more frequently searched online/discussed by female individuals than males, hence placing the topic in this channel in hopes of better targeting that demographic; this is basically marketing in a nutshell. However, it’s such a broad, general topic that it’s understandable to question the reasoning for this video’s placement in MsMojo. If it was in the main channel, I doubt it would make a difference on viewer percentages.

I’m just trying to take this from a rationale, more balanced point of view. I’m not advocating that I view this move as optimal, but I think people need to revise on what specifically constitutes sexism and its impacts.

Gisella says:

Totally disagree with this list. I’m sure you’ve bevete visited those citi s and regions mentioned by you. How could add Bologna, Pisa and Milan in the best 10 Italian cities?!

Swazzer Cool says:

Venice should be number 1

Kiliedu Travel & Tours says:

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TheEsdrasTube says:

My man brain doesn’t understand how to Italy.

PurpleCatAngel 13 says:

I’m a girl and I saw two videos from this channel and I’m quite enjoying it. So, to those who are saying this channel will fall, stop being so stingy and enjoy what’s in front of you.

weili xu says:

the narrator’s voice is rather unpleasant….

xx xx says:

Italy is Italy and therefore nothing is greater than Italy. (((An American who’s been coming to Italy since 1975 and now resides in ITALY)))

Sienna Kish says:

I loved the Cinque Terre so much

Davide Rizzi says:

go skiing in Trentino’s dolomites

Nora Stack says:

Palermo is in Sicily

2112mary U2 says:

1. Florence
2. Rome
3. Venice

My picks.

Mariella Dotti says:

I’m italian. All those who say that Italy is ugly are stupid. We are the best country in the world!!

Tourist Place says:

sucha a beautiful place..

Tiarnan.C says:

Do top places to visit in Europe

IGIprimigenia says:

why are there venice images while speaking about neaples?

Lightefilit Faylin says:

Voice too high

makavelli1289 says:

If males overpopulate both channels, what will they do???

WalkRunAndBeFree says:

Thanks for the video and the information. Beautiful.

sz sumon says:

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Steve Harrison says:

Hate to be annoying but the David isn’t in the Uffizi’s.

GOAT Hoops says:

tilded towers fortnite lol

Hilarious Benjamin says:

…at 2:09 that’s actually San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice…

Ice Cream Cookie says:

Venice in 3? No Lake Garda?

David Tankin says:

Im doing a prank on my class and saying I’m from Italy so this helps!

Michael Maldonado says:

0:15 nice how you added all the Mob Tags

Luca Brandes says:

How did Capri not make in the list?

Bella Sicilia says:

bel canale, iscritti

Rachel Green says:

Don’t. Go. To. Naples. It is a glorified porta potty.

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