Top 10 Things to Do in Italy

If you are thinking of going to Italy, here are some tips on what you can do and where you can go! These are some of the things that we did there:

The Vatican
Cinque Terre
Davinci museum

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Track List:
Ciuri, Ciuri by Canzoni Siciliane
Avenida Del Sol


Harbir Heer says:

I would eat a lot of ice cream known as gelato ha ha

JarniDeGarza says:

ma perché andate in giro vestiti da coglioni?

AlexTheLondoner1 says:

When you said “we’re not in the new country yet” while in St Peter’s Square you actually had already entered the Vatcan State: the border is the white line you can see in the background at 3:45.

Monti Gabbana says:

And the best  food, Pizza ,cars and women in the world

Charles Lee Smading says:

Italian Sex Is So Good. I love to eat good Italian pussy until it cums in my mouth

Clorox Bleach says:

oh yea Venice is best what about Rome

Mattias Camacho says:

And where are the amusement parks?

Nina Bella says:

Very nice video guys.,but there is a lot more to see in Italy like Umbria,Perugia,Assisi,Napoli,Bari,Palermo,Catania,Costa Amalfitana,Sardegna etc….wherever you’ll go you’ll always be welcome.
Cheers from Italy

Number Cheese Large says:

Only one northern area? 🙁

Intestellaroverdrive XTE says:

top ten Italy cities.
1)VENICE Is the only town in the world to be itself UNESCO heritage. All the town not just a church or whatever.
2) ROME and FLORENCE. Both deserve the same rating on my personal ranking.
3)VATICAN CITY definitely a masterwork of the of architectural art.
4) PISA and SIENA Flowers of the Renaissance ( all the Tuscany it is actually)
5) VERONA Split by Adige River even Verona is almost fully protected by UNESCO You can admire Roman and medieval art.
6) PERUGIA and ASSISI. If you like visit Historical Castles, Church and Cathedrals you can t miss to visit both of them.
7)NAPLE Enjoy the most beautiful sun and landscape on the sea. Taste his Mediterranean flavors.
8)TRIESTE has made three wars to get it there must be a reason.
9) PALERMO Is the most exotic town in Italy. In the History it was it was a mixture of all of the Mediterranean cultures.
10)VICENZA Is a small town called ” La citta’ del Palladio” who was one of the greatest Italian architecture.

Footballers Are Tangy says:

Tourists these days, come to my home town Florence and you’ll see some illegal fireworks around August 23rd.

CBx91 says:

Good info but god…. these guys look like the biggest douchbags I’ve ever see. I just couldn’t finish the video it was so bad.


I’m Italian. I do not agree with this approach. Italy si great and you are just hate your homeland. Directors go to work. If you are a man you do stuff, if you are shit you just comment

Eugenio Enrico says:

At 4:13 you are not finding peaches or any sort of fruit… You are just stealing it…

RaffyChannel says:


Antonio Calderoni says:

Subs 4 me plz

Ultras Hooligans Napoli says:

Naples ? Naples is the city much wonderful in italy

Danielreds says:

Five lands or five towns in La Spezia Province number one

Dustowner says:

Guys, i would love to join you at your next trip in europe, whenever it is and wherever

Zoarl says:

Plz do top 10 sweden

theseventhstranger1 says:

the soundtrack you used it doesn’t represent all Italy, sciuri sciuri is just from the south of the country while you’ve been to central and northern Italy. I hope you use the correct music if you’ll visit northern Italy, next time. Each region has its own traditions, bye.

Do Tuix says:

Gays show

Carl Paul says:

Didn’t mention pompeii, verona, or capri, or venice, or milan……………

The Cookie_man says:

Even though all the places you visited were indeed very beautiful and a must when on a vacation in Italy, I’m afraid you barely chipped into Italy’s true beauty. Of course, all the famous cities are great, but the best experiences come from the less tourist-y places, like smaller cities and small towns, both near the sea and near the mountains. My advice, as an Italian, is that if you ever come back to Italy, make sure you visit these smaller towns as well, if not more than the big cities. Great video though, it was very inspiring to see what other people think of my country 😉

King Julian says:

“Subscribe down here” lmao Parker, good stuff!

Xlvatia says:

why is Max wearing a GARBAG BAG?!

Intestellaroverdrive XTE says:

I have given you my although am very disappointed because I haven t seen Venice. THE JEWEL OF THE WORLD.
I can understand that being in Italy you forced to miss lot of places… but Venice i won t forgive you. : )

Fab's says:

here we are the one direction of travelling..

xjoelx Travel Vlog says:

Nice video viva italia

Jen and Isa says:

This video is great but, why is one guy wearing a trash bag?

Lorenzo Furnari says:

Best country in the world. Home of great people and great ideas. Proud to be ITALIAN.

Carolina Acosta says:

You look absolutely cool guys! but your review is completly empty of content. There is so much to add, learn and explain….


4:48..nice accent,…a spastic fag accent, …with lips disorders, ..LOL..

E Lisa says:

adorable and cute video! thanks for loving my country so much!
I found it sweet when you said “everything you see is probably 100 years old”… as if it was a lot 😛 some places have longer stories than others… San Giminiano in Tuscany is a whole town where every single building is from 1300… in my hometown, a forgotten village in north-western Italy, the middle ages fortress is still there for everyone to enjoy… Arena di Verona is some 2000 years old and still in use for the greatest operas and concerts… remembering history makes you better for the present you know 😉

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