Top 10 Things To Do in Naples Italy

One of the best things to do in Naples is eat Napoli Pizza. Do that and you will have a blast. Of course, if you looking for a few other good things to do in Naples, Italy then you’ve come to the right place. My top 10 Things To Do In Naples, Italy video was filmed throughout 2 months of travel in Naples and includes all the best things to do in Naples to enjoy a fun day, rather than top 10 tourist attractions in Naples.. although eating Napoli Pizza would still make that list too.

Enjoy this travel video adventure of Naples, Italy as we visit various fun neighborhoods like Mergellina and Chiaia, as well as a few great landmarks like the Castel dell’Ovo, Piazza del Plebiscito, and Galleria Umberto.

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Enjoy! ☀️

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James Mcleod says:

first thing to do when in Naples… hide your wallet

KtK says:

campione d’italia 2016 !!!!    FORZA NAPOLI


Nice video on beautiful place by a gorgeous woman.

Eduardo Lopez says:

Thanks to God there are dozens of good videos about Naples in youtube. Is it necessary to hire such a stupid girl to do this rubbish show and to trivialize this amazing city like that?

Flavio Lombardi says:

I went there in 2013 and Bruce played on the day before I arrive HAHA =(

TheEguce says:

I’m going to Naples for 6 months as an exchange student. I am very scared but this was really nice and beautiful. And the people seem nice too.Thank you 🙂

puccia90 says:

I think you should have mentioned the “Centro Storico” (Historical Centre), it’s the heart of the city! Anyway, it’s a really cool video, I’m glad you enjoyed my city!


i’m from napels!!!

ambiemyami says:

I’ve been living in Naples for almost a year now and I have a friend visiting soon. I’m so glad I ran across your video so I can make sure to give her a true Neapolitan experience! Well done! I have to add, you are braver than me to get on a scooter here. I’m also visiting Dublin soon so I will have to check out more of your videos:)

cregi90952 says:

We’re Napoletans, not Italians

Golden Cobz says:

I lived in Naples for 4 years when I was younger because my dad was stationed at the base there. It is an absolute shit hole. They dump trash on the streets and burn it daily, the mob runs everything, and nothing ever gets done there. That being said it is one of the most beautiful places and some of the best food in the world. But beware because the locals will try to screw you every chance they get.

Tony Saitta says:

First, beware to scammers.

FnMTooL NIN says:

Ah man…this brings back some memories. I used to live in Naples. The last time I was there was in the summer of 2011. My parents are from Naples, and I love Naples; it is such a beautful city. However, I’m always embarrassed with the fact that Naples is such a trashy city. I cannot stand the fact local people trash the city with garbage…especially on the beaches. Anyway, thanks for uploading this! You made my day.

Pippo Pallina says:

Hello there , nice clip about Napoli!
Although to make it like really , fully complete. You could have cited the various amazing shopping opportunities on the various Neapolitan markets. Would have been a real treat to go shopping with you there, you strikingly beautiful woman! In order to emphasize your beauty with the stylish clothes, that you can buy there. For quite LITTLE money. Absolutely amazing!
Take care beautiful woman, best wishes from Salerno!!

Unique365Oki says:

Why is there an endless amount of trash along the highways, neighborhoods streets, etc? Italy looks gorgeous at night, but how disappointing it is during the day. I have not experienced a summer here, which is when the area is “clean” again for the expecting travelers. Overall, it is like being in one big ghetto….. and I’m mainly referencing the Naples area. I do look forward to experiencing a clean summer.

Dave F says:

She’s a cutie 😉

potterbroadwayfan11 says:

I miss Naples. I used to live their! I want to go back one day!! Great video!!

shirley miller says:

Pizza part all lies i was soooooo disappointed

AgendaInMind says:

I asked on Trip Advisor if renting a scooter as our transport along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento at the end of Sept/early October was a good idea. Most people were LIVID that I’d even consider doing something so dangerous, but a couple people said it was fine. I wouldn’t do it when we visit Naples, but my husband does drive a motorcycle and we have been on scooters in the Carribean. I don’t want to rely on buses. What if we want to spend the whole day in Positano? Bus schedules are often shorter. Maybe the scooter will get stolen? It’s not until 2018, but doing research now. Thanks!!

Dharia Lurie says:

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Local Traveller says:

Very nice videos 🙂 well done! Check my videos to and let s follow each orhers

Odankk11 says:


Ilia Gogilashvili says:

Nice shoot .

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