This mega long day, I guess technically two days was exhausting but so much fun traveling to Italy with my best friend Maggie! I hope y’all enjoy all these Italy vlogs!

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Lucy Emmerson says:

you can tell Gretchen is tired the she first gets to venice because she is usually like an energetic puppy and there she seems to be a lot quieter awe :,) glad you’re having fun!!!!!!!!!!!

hajegirl123 says:

OMG if you fly into Norfolk with Taylor you’ll be so close to me :)!!! Love the Outer Banks!

Katy m says:

“I think Italian pigeons are nicer” omg you’re so cute Gretchen

HalfnHalf says:

” i looked like a burnt cheeto puff” – me on the daily.

MySunshine234 says:

Don’t eat a lot of sphegteii you’re going to blow up like a ballaon

Meaghan Hackett says:

Where are your sandals from ?

Abby Scott says:

livin the dreeeeeaaam! have so much fun! be safe too and keep ur stuff tight on you and your phone in your bag whenever you can, so many people i know have been pickpocketed in venice and rome it’s a lil scary

Dan Geraghty says:

Gretchy fall down! Like at the pine bush… careful cutie!

MySunshine234 says:

It’s all over for u girls!

GirlMeetsWorld96 says:

You need an intro

Seabearhunter says:

Uber pool from bridgewater to logan literaly sounds like the apocolapse

Haddy S says:


Valentina Andreatta says:

Omg this is so close to where I live it makes me cry! I am so happy youre there

MySunshine234 says:

Ha ha now you have to cardio for a week!

m h says:

bring sasha back in the vlogs!!!!

Gracy Hollis says:

find any hot guys yet gretchen?

Anna Donakowski says:

when I was in Paris and Spain I fell so many times too!!

Yelena Marie says:

Ahh love this ❤️

Madison Herries says:

This trip is making both your instagrams popping

Malieah Habisch says:

i think Italian pigeons are cuter, me too gg

Rebecca Velarde Moore says:

Everytime I go to Venice I see people fall because of the marble. Pretty but slippery

Pregno 21 says:


Emily Millman says:

What was the resort you stayed at in Aruba

Cara K says:

When you get back could you tell us what hostel your at and if you liked it?

Sarah Crowe says:

What fake tan do you use ?

Helza H says:

I get what you were saying about seeing pictures and videos of places and then actually being there feels so surreal, I went to LA for the first time last week and got to see the hollywood sign, the walk of fame and more and it didn’t feel real haha. It’s insane being able to go places and actually see it with your own eyes rather than a picture through your phone. you guys are living the life, I wish I could go to italy

MilesLover03 says:

How are u single cute guys need to hit u up!!!

karleighm says:

“i think italian pigeons are nicer” hahahahh dead

Emily Giallonardo says:

The outer banks is beautiful I go there every summer and I live in PA and I actually met my boyfriend there and he ended up living 20 min away from me back home it’s crazy and we’ve been together since love it there so much❤️

Michelle D says:

Lol, I was the one who made the comment about sunglasses. I feel famous now being quoted by GLB.

Tiffany Fenner says:

You need to take Taylor on a little get away just you two ❤️❤️

Marisa Powell says:

What’s the name of the hostel? My friends and I are planning on backpacking through Europe next year!

K Shah says:

Hey Gretchen! Love your videos! Check out:
There’s a post about a day in Venice!

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