Visit Italy – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Italy

Thinking about traveling to & visiting Italy? Here we have ten things that may SHOCK US tourists when they visit Italy. I didn’t even talk about the random porcelain toilet holes in some cafes. So to avoid culture shock on your trip here are a few fun things to watch out for! Have fun in Italy!
Filmed in Rome, Italy
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

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chamboyette853 says:

As a 19 year old white American male, I did a tour of Europe where I made it a point to have at least one fight in every country. I would only fight people who seemed to be average fighters for their country, not good and not bad so that my study could be objective. I had an especially difficult time starting a fight in Italy because noone wanted to fight back. I had to resort to spitting in a guy’s face in order to get a reaction, but the fight only lasted for less than a minute before he said he was done.
So I wouldn’t recommend visiting Italy.

Zexi Xie says:

In my humble opinion, Venice is the best, I had a lot of fun there.

Maddy Terrell says:

that one guy at the beginning of the video who waved to the camera with his pink backpack

Leah Vogel says:

How about Positano and the Amalfi Coast area? Any good info I should know before going?

Gianluca says:

My god that’s a compilation of stereotypes. Terrible video, you shouldn’t speak of something if you don’t know anything about it

gary schultz says:

no mention about the moozelim boards who are establishing arab nests of crime & filth that is destroying Italian culture

Chris Zwolinski says:

Have visited Sicily many time while in the service. Learned to drive real quick . two lanes roads turn into 3 instantly regardless of the lines painted on the road. Loved it there and made many friends who couldn’t speak a lick of English, but we didn’t need to. Got along great.

Eduardo Minelli says:

I can’t afford a trip to Italy but they say that New Jersey is a great option…

Giuseppe Soccio says:

Juventus-Inter it is not a real derby. Juventus vs Torino (derby della Mole – city of Turin) and Inter-Milan (derby della Madonnina – city of Milan)…
even if, to be honest, Juventus-Inter it has been considered the Italian Derby for a long time.

Fun Tashy says:

Oh my god… YOU shoked ME! I didn’t even know there are spaghettis in cans. This is blasphemous. 😉
Love your series btw. They are very spot on.

BigLovinB says:

I bet Italy just loves seeing this douchebag show up.

Rap and Sing On These Beats says:

derby is ” inter VS milan ” cuz 2 teams from the same city fight 😀

Filippo Pellegrini says:

Absolutely not bcs Italians don’t eat horse and they are always on time but trains

NapoliFan 123 says:

im from napoli and napoli is defnetly the best food city.

Annett G. Nickol says:

I love that he sort of complains about that Italians are “loud”, something that is kind of typical behavior of Americans visiting Germany. Let’s make it a simple rule, it gets more and more silent if going to the north of Europe. Simply take it that way and accept/absorb it. :o)

HandleUnique says:

11. They incessantly import niggers from Africa and try to pawn them off on the rest of Europe.

John Adams says:

I was in Roma for the jubilee in 2000. It was wonderful and agree with everything said!

Luigi Dall Agnese says:

never go in tourist resturants in italy, food is average if u lucky. Sometime si sh…t!
Go were locals go, another quality

Filippo Scaioli says:

you are too skinny: stai sciupato

sweetlovechloe says:

Ma vai a cagare


You are making me ache for Italy

spideraxis says:

I was in Italy several times and found it impossible not to have a good time or heavenly meal.   What really shocked me was all the buildings, cathedrals, bridges, piazze, homes, town halls, built centuries ago and still in perfect condition.     Two world wars couldn’t knock them down.   Shows that when people have pride and values they take are of what they build.    One correction: at 5:26, it’s “nonnas” not “nonas”.

Wellch says:

I may go to a pub or a similar place and watch the football/soccer match there.

zenfrodo says:

Loudest people in the world: Italian Americans. Yes, my family is that. I had lots of issues in college with folks complaining that my voice was loud…until I traveled to Italy and no one there cared.:)

Riccardo Orsili says:

Man, 5;49 , i don’t know on what time this photo was taken but pay attention in future if you’ll go to Naples or Pompei…There’s a very big rivalry between these and you seriously risk with that sweatshirt!

Flèx says:

ma dai , la piazza all inzio del video è ” piazza s.frediano a lucca!

3n7r0p1 says:

Bravo a perfect buddy to get drunk with in Trastevere in summertime

F. says:

Small note about the north/south climate: that is also true from the center to the coasts. Mountain ranges like Ernici, Simbruini, Monti della Laga in Lazio and Abruzzo regions, are well above 1000mt average and the Gran Sasso peaks like the Corno Grande is just a bit less than 3000, and the distance from the coasts (both Thyrrenic and Adriatic) is less than 100km, so ideally, in certain seasons, you could go skiing in the morning and relax at some beach in the afternoon. Completely different landscapes and ecosystems in just a couple hours of car trip 🙂

Nadir Cogoi says:

Ma quando sono on time? quando?non lo sono mai che cazzo di treni hai preso

Giuseppe Scappatura says:

Hi Wolters, thank you so much for all the great things you say about the Italy!

Minh Anh Ngo says:

These 10 things impress me a lot. I think I’m falling in love with Italy more and more. So proud that my major is Italian. I will surely visit Italy someday.

Diana Manotti says:

Have you printed a book? I want to buy it.

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