Visit Italy – The DON’Ts of Visiting Italy

Visiting Italy is an amazing experience whether you are seeing the Roman ruins throughout the country in places like Rome or Naples, but for all the amazing things you should do in Italy (visit Venice, Florence, Rome, Ravenna, Amalfi Coast, eat until you explode) there are things you DON’T DO when you come to Italy & Here are our 12 things NOT TO DO in Italy when you are traveling Italy.
Filmed in Vicenza, Italy
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

The Don’ts of Italy
1. Don’t expect to get discount prices on fancy Italian luxury brands.

2. Don’t eat near tourist sights. You will be ripped off and not get as good of Italian food as you would away from the tourist sights.

3. Don’t Tip. They already charge you for service.
4. You Don’t have to scream louder to get people to understand you.
5. Don’t worry about overdressing, the Italians will always look better than you.
6. Don’t just visit Rome and Venice, there is so much more to Italy.
7. Don’t share your pizza and make sure you do eat it with your fork and knife.
8. Don’t use the fast trains for short distances, they are not worth the significantly higher prices.
9. Don’t expect to see spaghetti and meatballs on the menu TOGETHER. They will be there separately, but not together.
10. Don’t expect a big breakfast in Italy. Just coffee and a cookie.
11. Don’t overpack. You will be limited on space when traveling in Italy so pack accordingly.
12. Don’t expect to be served food in a restaurant between 3pm and 7pm.

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Giorgio G-George says:

Spaghetti and meatballs american style is not an italian food, but “chitarra con le polpettine” is a typical in Teramo (Abruzzo). “Chitarra” is pasta, like spaghetti and “polpettine” are mini meatballs (very very small)

Goompro Gameplay says:

I just visited the Pisa Tower today. It looked pretty awesome, thanks for the video as well 🙂

bennylaser says:

I confirm almost all the points, just with some exceptions:
#3 is not always properly appliable
#7 is definitely not true, at least not everywhere
indeed, sometimes, eating pizza with your fingers is reccomended
and sometimes, customers order different pizzas and share their halves to taste different versions

Surprise toy City says:

Please english speaking people : when you’re abroad in a non english country, to be understood, the most important is to AR TI CU LATE ! and SPELL clearly. The biggest problem in english language is that native speakers don’t realise how theire way of speaking, theire spelling is hard to understand.
I’m amazed how people from a same english speaking country could speak differently. There are some american, english, scottish people that I can understand very easily, while most of theire countrymates are hardly understandable.
 The biggest issue is with the american tongue which sounds quite lazy, they miss many letters, consons, use way toooo much abreviations as if they don’t like to talk or make sentences.
Sorry for my basic language.

Elaine Mcginn says:

I love Italy too.. and YOU! God bless. Xo


I’m going to Rome, Florence, sienna, and lucca

speckspeck says:

In Ireland they usually don’t accept tips, you maybe have to push it on them.

FoxtrS2 says:

dont eat tourists stuff i had canned  spagetthi carbonara…. great sea food always as all italian deli’s

efs83dws says:

I like your frank, down to earth presentation.

Alba Del Ry says:

Oh ma caa vole sto vi, suvvia come si dice, paese che vai, usanza che trovi. Oh bischero e tu te devi adattà un popoino. (commento rigorosamente toscano ahaha)

raymund usi says:

Italy especially in Milan and Venice are infested with pickpockets and robbers, never show off you phone recklessly in public, wear jewelries and carry lots of cash and credit cards in your wallet. Never leave important things like bags, laptops and cameras inside if you are using a car. In short, dress like a peasant


Cool…new sub

Yel Gawh says:

i am italian and don’t number 3 is not true at all. tips are very common by us. we sometimes even give 5 euros of tips. (not like it’s normal tho) but for the rest good review

Maple Leaf says:

Why is Italy shaped like a boot? Cause they couldn’t fit that much shit into a sneaker.

Ms. Artemis says:

Assisi is a lovely town and it has the basilica of St. Francis which has a lot of great history and also the town is absolutely wonderful!

Veenna Rao says:


Sam S says:

What’s the word for “don’t shoot” in Italian.

VeroAcro Movement says:

I am italian and this video is reallly bullshit!!! feel offended about the stereotypes that are made here!

Canseja says:

Veneto is the best part of Italy bro, great choice.

Alexandra Hill says:

It’s worthy to note that wages per hour are pretty low compared to the rest of Europe – so do tip whether there is a service charge or not.

Kaito Shiotsu says:

Yo yo yo yo
What about milan??!!!

Dario Barbaro says:

Ahah, guida carina ma rassicuro gli americani: la pizza si mangia con le mani, e spesso la si divide tra amici 🙂

Riana Giroletti says:

Dunno what restaurants you were going to but no one in italy eats with knife and fork. We all eat with our hands and fold the slice in half. If you want your ‘spaghetti + meatball’ ask for spaghetti con polpette

jeff schnablegger says:

Don’t go to Italy. The Muslim Refugees will Harass your Lady and you’ll wind up in Fist fights. They’re like fucking Animals there and the Italians don’t do shit. Stay out of western Europe. it’s been Islamafied!!!

MuDv4yNe says:

Hi im a hobby photographer and student from germany going for a trip to italy in early autumn. I have never seen Rome before so yeah i go the standard route (Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa) but im very interested in the small villages and castles and all that stuff. I only got “Manarola” as recommendation yet
you can visit and connect with me on

fabio ranieri says:

You pay the coperto money (that normaly are around 1,50 – 2,00 euro) as the resturant charge the custumers for the laundry of the table cloth and the napkins, and also included in that price, you are getting some free bread (meaning that the waiter doesn’t get any of that money).
I can’t speak for the rest of Italy, but in Naples, we always leave tips as waiters are paid the minimum wage like in the rest of the world, and they are counting on that money to survive (always like in the rest of the world).
If you visited only the greedy part of Italy i ask you politely to don’t generalize, and to don’t follow they rule as they will make you become a worst person

P.S. Real Pizza is in NAPLES and we all eat it using only our hands, as is a street food. You don’t eat a cheesburger with knife and fork….. do you? off course occasionally you will see somebody eating Pizza with a knife and a fork, but they are just ridiculous people pretending to be posh

Jody Schwieger says:

Don’ts of uploading videos to YouTube…

1. Don’t upload a dumb video
2. See #1


Random Rambler says:

Great video, thanks!

Hamlet telmaH says:

The DON’Ts of Visiting Italy by chef Mario Batali, Mamma mia!!!

Greta Nicolosi says:

Please note that “coperta” is italian for a comforter, what he meant is “coperto”

Darken De la Espada says:

I knew I wasn’t strange for eating pizza with a fork and knife!

black jiggaboo nigger says:

Italy for Italian’s Italian Americans are welcomed

Dom Travers says:

Why is this chubby american telling me what to not do in italy

vercigentorix M says:

Italy a land full of cows ( cornuti ) discovered by the Greeks who actually had given the name Italos-cattle land. It is one of the most advanced countries in economics (see Ponzi scheme), politics ( see fascism ),daughter tracking systems (mafia)etc.

Alfredo Sforza says:

MA chji è questo chiattone bruttone demente idiot ITALY HA 4000 ANNI DI STORIA UNIVERSALE MA CHE CAZZO NE SAI TU DEMENTE.

Philip Curnow says:

The big one, here goes! 1. Of course. 2. Authentic locals, wow! 3.Italians do tip, so this is wrong. 4. Ok. 5. Try and dress well, or rather normally. Don’t wear beach gear! 6. Agree. 7. Not sure I agree. In fact I don’t agree. 8. This true, get informed. Also use the buses between cities. 9. Could have left this off the list. 10. No big breakfast, but not how he says. 11. Travel light. 12. There’s always street food!. Conclusion:: Great video, salute!!

latifa maaquili says:

Love your video
I just want to say that we are not different us a human being , the one only difference is our culture .
For example it’s make me very sad to see all the crimes in the world in the name of Islam the world of Islam mean peace.
And we us Muslims we have to defend our selfs and clean our image against those terrorist how are wearing the clothes of Muslims and putting terror in the world .
I just want to say that we Muslims are peaceful people and I wish when you came to Arabic countries like morrocco or Tunisia us tourist , I wish that you melt with the people to know how mush we are very welcoming and loving people .
Peace will be with you all.

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