Visit Milan – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Milan, Italy

The Best & Worst of Milan, Italy for Travelers. From the Last Supper & walking on the top of the Duomo. Eat some Panzerotti, see fashion before its fashion, but watch out for the aggressive beggars, high prices & make sure you reserve your tickets for the Last Supper! Da Vinci would want you to.
Filmed in Milan, Italy
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ive been living in milan since i was born and if you guys really need things to do here, dont visit all the museums and all that stuff, those are most likely tourist traps even though theyre mostly cool. Just have a shot of the lifestyle we have here, go shopping in the city centre, snoop around in the subway, visit other areas etc

Hugh Jarce says:

If people try to foist stuff on you, then you have to say “No! I said no! Bad dog! Sit!” Then problem solved.

Jeff Hepburn says:

been to milan a few times, your review is right on the money! nice!

Massimo Carabetta says:

Don’t get angry with him, Milan is underrated as historical and art city instead, but it’s not so easy to be understood and visited. In order to appreciate this city from the artistic and culture point of view you have to study a lot. Milan don’t show you almost anyhing directly contrary to other cities. Even people from Milan don’t know well the city and its history. Many “hidden” treasures belong to this city. Here below a LITTLE list about things you shall visit in Milan: Pinacoteca-Biblioteca Ambrosiana with Leonardo Da Vinci Atlantic code, Pinacoteca di brera (cristo morto del Mantegna and fiumana are there), the monumental cimitery that is really amazing!!! (I’m not joking), San Maurizio Monastero (Capella sistina di Milano), the archaeological museum, Santa Maria presso San Satiro with the amazing fake abside by Bramante, Sant’ Eustorgio with the three wise men tombs, Sant’Ambrogio church (the actual simbol of Milan), San Lorenzo columns near navigli and Darsena, San Bernardino alle ossa (a church made of benes), the museum of science that is the first in Europe for the number of machines inside, the planetarium, the triennale with its several events, abbazzia di Chiaravalle, Certosa di Milano, Villa Reale (800 rooms inside), Villa Litta, Poldi & Pezzoli museum, palazzo valsecchi, universita’ la Statale, giardini Indro Montanelli and so on. I could keep going on for hours, but I think is enough 🙂

MrSchmolko says:

rome, venice, florence and milan to a lesser degree, are certainly great places to visit. unfortunately places like venice have almost no inhabitants left. it’s a huge disneyland, where tons of tourists step on your toes, prices are ridiculous and a family dinner in venice costs like a one week vacation elsewhere. italy has so many great places,actually, with a few exceptions like turin or vicenza, almost every place you go to is full of history and art and you get a feeling for the lifestyle of the people. bologna, parma, modena, perugia, napoli, bari, taranto, palermo to just name a few. actually it’s almost impossible to find ugly or boring places in italy.

Alisa Prieto says:

Damn, leave my best virtual chubby friend alone. He just giving you general observation for a day or two in Milan

Francesco Fuli says:

You are very funny, friendly American tourist. But you have to visit “Bergamo Alta” . It’s a the old city of Bergamo, on the top of Bergamo hill. It’s only 40 minutes from Milan and it’s much better than all Mlan city. Good luck! Also Iseo Lake, or Sirmione. But yes, I’m Italian and I lived in Milan 4 years. It’s not the best city in Italy. But, if you like architecture, you have to come here during the “Salone del mobile”.

Dan North says:

I love Italy but I would bypass Milan

Meirstein says:

I’m not allowed in Milan. I’m too sexy.

Goblin_86 says:

It depends on what you search: if you want act like a tourist Rome and Venice are better for sure. But if you search a small city, with a great night life and fun, then Milan is your place.

Meta M says:

I live in Milan for decades and yes, it’s true about the over-ratedness. And it’s expensive but it has become much more international now. However, it is expensive.

Luca Ellul says:

the sellers are also annoying in roma

Tulkash01 says:

There’s a few mistakes on this video but there’s one thing that needs adressing for sure because it’s WRONG: if you get hit by a car according to italian law it’s usually the driver’s fault. If that happens near a crosswalk you are basically in the right. Drivers in Italy ARE SUPPOSED to be able to stop their car, especially inside a town centre, because they SHOULD be draiving slowly (50km/h at most, usually).
Now obviously this isn’t always the case because people often do ignore rules, but by law when in Italy unless you do something really stupid you get hit by a car and it’s the driver’s fault.

silvano de lazzari says:

Come tutti gli statunitensi questo signore è assai superficiale: non sa niente di Milano, pensa che Milano sia “solo”, si fa per dire, Duomo Scala Galleria e shopping. Di Brera? Niente? Del Museo Poldi Pezzoli? Niente. Di Santa Maria alle Grazie? Niente? Dei Navigli? Niente. Degli altri numerosi musei e luoghi interessanti? Niente..
Go back to the US and eat hot dogs!

गू गा says:

Americans are grown stupid, they get freaked out outside America. There’s a reason why McDonald’s was kicked out of galleria. Junk brains

headlessviolin says:

Milan has some great galleries and some amazing art and my most fav douma we love it the teams are great as well. love your videos they do make me laugh keep em coming xxx

littleshoeshopper says:

Looking at these comments, Milanese seem to be a little too sensitive. You’re protesting a bit too much.


I am in Milan right now and have come here before. There is a ton of free and cheap things to to. The Cimitero Monumentale is awsome and doesn’t cost a thing. Also, go a bit off the main streets and food is affordable. Also, go inside the big designer stores like Prada or Dolce&Gabbana and look at the great fashion, even if you don’t have the budget to buy anything. I can totally see myself enjoying an entire in Milan.

Daria Lucrezia Peruffo says:

As many others said before, Milan had a formidable list of sights for the thoughtful tourist. I agree, the city itself does not have the visual impact of Venice, Florence or Rome, but how could you forget S. Ambrogio or San Lorenzo, speaking of churches? Or the amazing collections of the Pinacoteca di Brera and Pinacoteca Ambrosiana?

Bob Mob says:

If you think Milan is boring, don’t go to Torino

DenkaSaeba3 says:



bla bla bla…..don’t listen to this crap…just go ahead and enjoy yourself…take it as it comes…

Milan Italy says:

If you have some white caller job then contact me at

Meta M says:

I think exactly the same thing as you in the first 10 years of my life here in Milan. Dull and overrated, true. But in the last 3 years, things have changed favourably and I am still here and loving it.

Alex says:

Where are the best places to go for young people in Milan? Going there in December!

Vorname says:

no eyecontact. Just walk. I you make eyecontact the other moght think that you saw him and won’t slow down.

Milan Italy says:

In Italy Milan do there are really white caller jobs are there.

silvano de lazzari says:

Milan is a little overrated, he said.
I can reply that New York city is overrated.
But not a little.

Shteno says:

What a typical American…One of the first things ppl (from the rest of Europe & all over the world) wanna see in Milan is San Siro! You’re either Milan or Inter fan! And not mentioning it in a video about this great city, is like going to a brothel, and you came out of it with a dick in your hands!

Hugh Jarce says:

I don’t understand the fascination with The Last Supper. I’ve never seen it in real life, but every copy or online image I’ve seen of it totally underwhelms me. Not just because I don’t find it a particularly good painting, but also because the painting looks totally unrealistic to me. By that I mean that they’re sitting in this ridiculously large room, they’re all sitting at one long table, and they’re all wearing colourful fancy clothes. Assuming that the last supper took place in one of the disciples’ homes, surely the 12 disciples would have lived in humble homes, worn basic clothing and they would have been sitting around several tables pulled together in an improvised fashion.

Mango lover says:

I have to disagree. Milan was so much fun. there is a lot to do. specifically at night. So much fun I am going again.

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