Visit Rome – The DONT’S of Visiting Rome, Italy

We All Know What the Best Sights to See in Rome are, but what about the things you shouldn’t do when you go to Rome? Here we give you 5 things you shouldn’t forget to do when you go to Rome.
Filmed in Rome, Italy
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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Sophie Degrand says:

I have personal experience with ‘not visiting restaurants near tourist sights’. I went to a restaurant near the Trevi fountain and they basically served us canned pasta and sauce all for 25 euros.

Logotha Ironsides says:

One restaurant we went to, the proprietor handed us the ‘English menu’..We ignored it and bought from the italian menu which he wasnt happy about but he couldnt do anything about it and we ordered and paid in Italian. We also didnt buy alcohol (we are tea total AND driving) which you could tell he was irritated by…I learned all the phrases from paul nobel’s beginners italian and it was so so handy. If you use public transport in italy, you HAVE to buy the ticket first,at a tobacconists or railway station or machines at some bus stops .We made the mistake of getting on and trying to buy ours from the driver (there is a sign onboard to say you can do so) but he waved us down the bus without selling us one much to our confusion (we had the right money in our hands) and the inspectors got on and fined the both of us 50 euro each for not having a ticket,they told us the receipt as a 90 minute ticket if we used it right away but when we asked a ticket sales lady at the railway station, she said that wasn’t true. My sister in law who lives there said it was probably a scam set up between the driver and the inspectors (he can text them as soon as he gets a victim and they get on to finsih the hit). My brother in law was pick pocketed is Milan

Sunnbuzz says:

Don’t go to Italy in Ferragosto (August !!)

Diego Saul says:

In my hotel the owner talked to my family every morning for breakfast. Also the receptionist taught me some Italian and called himself Super Mario

LpJunior537 says:

Do you recommend a money belt? And is it safe to carry a camera around your neck/ camera backpack?

Yves says:

Another don’t… don’t take a photo together with the gladiators that you’ll find near the colosseum. Those are thief and will rift you off! Trust me!!

TIFFANY Glass says:

Love Rome!!! DO: get travel insurance for Rome—gypsies near the ATMs. Protect yourself & trip provided us assistance to get our $$ back.

delano88888 says:

I was in Rome last week.
I booked a “skip the line” ticket for the colloseum.
We went into the “skip the line” line for the security check. Which was, about 90 minutes.
Next to us, was the normal, “buy tickets and then go trough security” line. Which was about 30 minutes.
So no, skip the line is absolutely not always a good thing. It surely wasn’t for us, and everybody else in our line. Everybody was pretty pissed off.

Nik Man says:

Loose some weight guy !!! You look like an American before you even open your mouth and an heart attack on legs

Kevin Velasquez says:

Thanks for this video we are going to be going there soon

cherif legraf says:

i m french from paris and loved your video about Paris , right all the way , i ve just came back from Rome and you nailed it again
a beautiful city , and maybe you forgot to say … very safe , i felt safe with my family there . good job .

spicca says:

Don’t trust people on the Street that offer walking tour of the city

EzioMonty117 says:

One thing you definitely get from staying in Rome is tons of siren, traffic, terribly hot temperatures, long as hell queues, people selling you stuff at every corner and terrible breakfast places! So yeah try Florence or Lucca! Much better places overall


…and DON’T remark about how you’ve searched everywhere & nobody sells Beef-a-Roni…lol

Martin LaVare says:

What can I expect when going to Sicily?

Sp1kerPistol says:

Isn’t it about time they finish that stadium in the back there? Jesus, it’s been like that for YEARS.

MikefromQueens says:

Don’t pass up a pizza regardless if you just had one.

Big E's Tees says:

Also don’t go to the Vatican with shoulders and knees covered

J R says:

Awesome, just got back from Rome and I agree on all the “don’t”… even the coin in Trevi fountain.

Marcos says:

how is the weather in September? can I get by in shorts or is it a bit cold by that time?


Hi Wolter. What websites do you recommend to purchase museum tickets?

Beautiful Fish says:

Thanks so much. I have been in Rome around 10 years, i love all place as i visited. I hope to go there more time.

Therese Ember says:

You’re always so kind and incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Alex Thurner says:

Don’t know if the pickpocket thing got better since you uploaded the video but i was in Rome three weeks ago and neither me nor any of my schoolmates had problems with people trying to steal their stuff

Curlytop Asmr Lee says:

Don’t use the public transport! Its so crowded its dangerous!

Will G says:

Why was there a picture of Chinese Restaurant chicken fingers?


You always have great advice. I keep hearing everyone mentioning about buying tickets in advance so you don’t have to wait in line. How far in advance are you talking? While I am still in the USA or while I am in Venice, Florence or Rome a day or two before?

slick2000tiscali says:

please keep in mind that pickpockets in Rome are Gipsies

DBZMut says:

Rome was great! Wish I can come back lol

Maria-Ariadni Tempelidou says:

Well done, very helpfull!

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