Visit Venice – 5 Vital Tips for Visiting Venice, Italy

Heading to Venice on Vacation & Want a bit more insider information on this amazing island city? Here we have 5 quick tips to help travelers get the most out of visiting Venice, Italy. With over 20 million visitors a year Venice is quite popular, but let us help you figure out a few things you should know before you go to Venice.
1. Be Prepared to Get Lost: wandering the back alleys and canals is vital for enjoying Venice, Italy. However, some tourists might get a bit scared not being on a popular tourist route. Well with tons of signs and locals that know tourists get lost you won’t be lost long (it is an island after all). So grab a map and still get lost enjoying those amazing hidden squares and cafes.
2. Pack Your Patience: with 20 million tourists Venice is inundated with tourists all parts of the years (especially in summer). So be prepared to wait in line for sights, wait for restauratns, fight through crowds to go over the Railto bridge etc.
3. Don’t Expect The Greatest Italian Food: with all of the tourists that come not all the restaurants try their hardest. They know tons more tourists are coming the next day. So ask one of the locals for some local places to try some local food and you will be better off.
4. Dress Modestly: some of the churches will not let you in to visit their collections if you are not dressed appropriately.
5. There Is More Than Just The Venice Island in Venice: go explore some of the outlying islands like Murano where you can see the glass blowers, or visit the beaches just outside of town in the warmer months. Also, you can save a lot of money staying in Mestre instead of on the island of Venice.

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Armando Madrigal says:

Hi Wolter,

a good app to have on your phone is MAPS.ME. You can use this app without having any WiFi whatsoever, you just need to have your ‘location’ on. it will tell you exactly where you are in any country, considering you download the country in the app itself. just like Google Maps. But offline
great app.

AkubraBromptonGirl says:

My tip for Venice is, go to the loo in any of the posh hotels, for FREE! As public loos cost 1,50 euros !!!

Davide Panisson says:

Best choice :  2960 Cà Frari Venice Italy

Gary Jones says:

We are going to Europe for the first time and will visit Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and UK. Would you recommend a Global pass for traveling from country to country? And does this pass cover the buses as well?

iva radic says:

Great video!!! like!!!

Dazza Howard says:

So in Orlando the food is more flavourful for Americans than it is for tourists?

Justina Žemaitytė says:

The best time to visit Venice is at night! I visited in May and spent whole night walking around with my friend (btw both girls) – it’s a ghost town! We saw less than 10 people the whole night. Plus it’s amazing to watch the sunrise and enjoy early morning when locals come out for their daily duties. After this I hated being there during the day, having to push through tourists with elbows.

juan monge says:

make sure to contact the hotel and find out which stop on the vaporetto.

I stayed in Castello. the Orange line (Arancia). took me right to the stop at the Rialto bridge. I still got lost. after I found my hotel , it became easier to find everything because I had a frame of reference.
Find the train station you can take a day trip to Padua or Verona.

Noah Melhorn says:

Thanks for the continuous stream of great content.

Bill Green says:

That sardine pasta sounds delicious!
That’s a great picture of Jocelyn at 0:35. Bellissima!

Frogman Smith says:

Boy, your wife is hot!

smartdave599 says:

Whole different vibe around 6-7 o’clock after the day trippers leave. Interesting town.

Dave Savage says:

The water buses are somewhat expensive / crowded , but run to time. Tip : if you’re there for several days get a multi-day waterbus ticket (multiple uses, gets you anywhere). The water taxis (NB taxis not waterbuses) are VERY expensive – be prepared. Despite many “features” of over-crowded Venice, I still love it and try to get there once a year.

Groucherino says:

Thanks so much for your helpful guides! We have travelled across Europe from Copenhagen to Amsterdam to Rome, next up Venice and Florence and have enjoyed your tips and advice immensely. Just having that little bit of ‘insider’ knowledge is a real comfort. Keep it up guys!

Laurence Veilleux says:

I am going in 3 weeks! thank you! 🙂

Nina Bianca Sayson says:

Are there actual gandola rides during winter? Was planning on visiting this December and really wanna go on a gondola ride (for posterity sake lol)

Mary Nauta says:

Do you have a video on hostels?

hittingtax26 says:

Does the entire city sit over water?

A7XDudeDrums says:

Thank you for this video!! Going to Venice later this year and this has helped a lot in what to expect and tips!

All your videos are great!

Farty Pants says:

Here is a good tip, if you sleep in Venice, do wake up early before the tourist boats and go to the street and the fish market when only locals do the shopping. Have an espresso with the locals. Around 8.30-9.00 am streets start filling up immensely with tourists, but before that you will be surprised by how different dynamics the Venice can have.

Jack Buzz says:

Hey Mark great videos dude! I love them all!! By the way next time that you and your family come to Italy, don’t forget to stop in the picturesque city of Perugia, Umbria. My family and I run a B&B just outside the city centre, in a super location with unforgettable views. You and your family are invited to spend your holidays here 😉

Mad Mind says:

A good place to eat is ROSSOPOMODORO. Try it, it’s a bit expensive but it makes really good meals, expetially pizza(the Napoli’s one). I am Italian and I study here in Venice, and that one is one the bests places to eat here.
Another good place is LE OKE. Have a good trip !

Peter White says:

I have been to Venice 5 times and I can not wait to go back,it is my favourite place to take a holiday in the world,i always stay on the island of Lido which is stunning and has a great range of accomadation  and a great long beach and it is much quieter than Venice but is only 15 minutes away by the vaperetto boat which as a 24 hour service and you can also get to and from San marco airport by a boat  service which only takes about 45 minutes.

SapureDiTimballo says:

Dude go to Torino!!

Tsambika says:


Shoaib K says:

Just got back last week , it was really beautiful but the water taxis were nightmares at times with the crowds

tue3day says:

Great tips! Partner and I were in Venice just 2 weeks ago for 2 days and it was awesome! We did get lost but enjoyed walking through the maze-like streets and exploring different parts of the island.

57JackCaptain says:

3:31 Great Churches? “…and some of the religious ones? ” Funny Mark! Love your series, and thank you for all the great info! Our trip to Europe next month will be MUCH better with the insight you’re videos have provided! Grazie mille!

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