Visiting Pompeii Italy: Video Travel & Pompeii Facts

Do you want to visit Pompeii Italy and learn some Pompeii facts with me? Join along with my friend Andrea in this travel video to the lost ancient city as we journey via train from Naples to Pompeii. Pompeii facts are flowing in this fun adventure to the city of ruins, which was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

As in most of my travel videos, there is also some yoga, as yoga should definitely be practiced while one is visiting Pompeii Italy.

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Enjoy! ☀️

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Bethany Cookson says:

I was wondering what date this was filmed? I am going to Naples in July and am wondering exactly how hot Naples/ Pompeii will be? Great videos though, I’m using them as brilliant research for my trip 🙂

Ijaz jazzzy777 says:

i want trevel with you enjoying your videos

Jess Livo says:

I love your video!!! Your facts were so useful and cool!!!

Sm says:

like the fakies

Jacob Minsterketter says:

can you say something about my channel I am your 1700 subscriber and thanks for commenting and subscribing


Nice video…looking gorgeous you both.

Fabio guida turistica napoli Comella says:

Great and funny video as usually! Let me tell to your follower : (among me lol ) if you looking 4 a private licencensed #tourguide in #Pompeii, #Naples , #Herculaneum etc just contact me to my networks! DISCOVERING NAPOLI : or check out my english fan page Pompeii walking tour on facebook!

eweepurburger says:

Hello, your videos are wonderful and informative, I love your light and bright attitude to the world and lust for travel. I’m so jealous as I have always wanted to see the world and travel to exciting and exotic and historical places also.. Your videos go a small way to satisfy that to some degree. And sorry for being shallow here, but, wow, you’re beauty make them so easy to watch too! More please!

michael roberts says:

Hi I am going on a cruise there next year and was wondering if I can do both Pompeii & Vesuvius in one day ? Bearing in mind I got to be back on the boat at 6 Thanks

Georgina Mercy says:

Thank you for this! Great vid! I’ve just booked a surprise trip for my fiancee for her 30th, she’s always wanted to go! 🙂 x

Asad Mahmood says:

Superb video !

fogel mclovin says:

hey nice video..very friends and I are going to Naples this july and its the last week of july. we think we’ll be spending about one day in Pompeii. Is it enough to cover the whole interesting places in Pompeii??

Lei Chen says:

Hahahaha going to Pompeii tomorrow , thanks

Amador Gonçalves Neto - Reduza says:

what camera you used in this video?

photoshopCAFE says:

Glad you got to hang with the Pompeiianeans 🙂

John Ripper says:

that was GREAT !! I really enjoyed your fun and spirited tour of Pompeii.

bvknarula says:

haha that boy playing the drums on the train still comes on!!

From Elio's Lens says:

Wow! Your channel is so professional! You deserve more subs! Keep it up! It looks like a TV documentary!
I also films and I would really appreciate that if you want, you check out some of the stuff I’m creating and tell what you think about it! 🙂 Cheers!

Channel Art says:

Great video! Liked it!
I subbed you. sub me back please:)

molly wilson says:

I’m planning on going to Sorrento at the end of June. Do you know of any fun things to do for a day in Sorrento? Also, I want to go to Pompeii and Herculaneum, would you recommend a tour or just explore things by yourself? Thank you! X

samuele bucceri says:

beautiful woman

vishnu reddy says:

good place great beautiful and nice place phote we dress and u size

LifeLikeIan says:

been there too. really nice 🙂

EliteWolf1972 says:

They should go to the island of lesbos,wink wink say no more.

DOCTOR says:

I watched on twitter so much great, are you ballerina 🙂

Tyrfingr says:

I’ll be there on thursday 😉

Flavio Lombardi Vlogs says:

Subscribed! Tonight Im watching all the videos =)

SecureNinjaTV says:

Sweet! The ninjas are there!

Magic Mushroom says:


Reio Tapner says:

really nice video 🙂
If you are intrested you can check mine italy road trip video too 🙂

The Carlitos Way says:

How much was the flight ticket and hotel for one person and how many days you stayed.

Fahad Bashir says:

you just add charm to your videos ❤

Jacob Minsterketter says:

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Nice Video,
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A Curious Expedition Travel says:

Oh this train…We went on a “non-stop” to Sorrento and ended up hitting ALL the stops and taking a weird detour…on the train.

Jules Told Me says:

Pompeiinians…yet another great new word from you…! Fun, as always, great to see Pompeoo looking so great, even if it was really hot. I didn’t think the train was SO bad, but maybe you go one of those insanely hot days?

JUICE003 _YT says:

My girlfriend??
Why did that narrator said my girlfriend?
She is already a girl

Sian Bridge says:

my teacher went

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