1 Week in TOKYO | Japan Trip Plan | Best way to plan your JAPAN trip

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In today’s video I am going to be telling you guys how I would plan a 1 week trip in TOKYO! I always get questions from people asking me what they should do in Japan if they come here for a week, so here is how to plan a Japan trip in 1 week!

My 1 week in Tokyo trip: https://www.odigo.jp/itineraries/24543

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Chris’ video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQcIRGAEp_c

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I am going to be teaming up with Odigo this year to travel all over Japan! I am super excited because I am going to be going to places I have never been to before, I can’t wait to see a side of Japan that I have never seen before! This has seriously become a dream come true so I am super super excited to get started with the travelling!! If you have any recommendations on where to go (outside of Tokyo!), please let me know!

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CynthiaAlmighty says:


Walton Lee says:

Did you actually go, or is this just an Odigo advert?

mikei says:

Going to tokyo tomorrow! Will take your advice!

Warren Meggitt says:

Thanks that’s so good

gus6485 says:

Thanks for the info =)

Stranger Tamer says:

My first trip to japan I’m soo excited can’t wait

Kelli Sue says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful! If you had an in more detail visual video of how to use Odigo that would be awesome! Subscribed!

Henry Christophe says:

what about nakano Broadway,for the people who love anime the original Mandarake store is here you will find it Japanese toys from the 60′-70’s or older rare original animation and manga art one of a kind item!

Cano Manuel Gonzaga says:

Everything here is about shopping.

Amy T says:

What editing program do you use for your videos?

Shan Dani says:

You are adorable. Thank you for the info. Very good to know. Love watching and hearing you speak.

Brooke Stata says:

This video was extremely helpful thank you 😀 I have a school project to plan a trip anywhere in the world for a week and Japan is certainly my number 1 place I want to visit most 😀 I hope to actually go there one day and take the trip I plan thanks again

Hector Spencer says:

Been in Sensoji Temple and Shinjuku, although the trip to japan only lasted 3 days, going again in October, thanks for sharing this info, gave me good ideas @kimdao

Huda De Changer says:

where do you from ?

Abbas Aljbory says:

you speak very quicly madam

Nugt Gold says:

I am pleased that you shared this info because Japan is so hard to navigate around. It is just so easy to get lost. Yeah without googlemaps, you can get screwed if you lose your way around.

fai ahree says:

How do you pack all your bought stuff in Japan like if your baggage do not have enough room to carry back the stuff?



naocojp says:

awesome! love it.

Greg B says:

HI Kim, thank you for the great information in your video, and the site to plan a trip to Tokyo. I plan to visit Japan one day not sure when, but I like the Japanese culture and the Country. Great video

ahmed al-rubie says:

she really likes shopping….

Sellyna Tjahjadiseli says:

very helpful 🙂

Sougo Vi says:

My main worry is transportation, I’m going for the first time in July. My friends suggest the JR pass, however is it difficult getting around with that if you can’t read Japanese?

Victoriaa says:

Definitely helpful! Thank youu! 🙂

Will_Cdc says:

I’m going to Tokyo this month! In the beginning i was ok, but now i’m very nervous… ( what if i lose myself and stuff)

samira abdelmalek says:

It is really helpful but unfortunately it is a lot about shopping and cafes..maybe a tip for the next video ?

Ly Lya says:

There’s a lot of comments that says you speak too quickly but I actually like it since unlike other videos about travelling to Japan, you don’t talk about many unnecessary things and gets to the point. Thus making this video very short, simple yet useful. Do keep making great videos ~

Ste Hall says:

I loved the Vampire themed restaurant in Ginza when we went, food was amazing and your own creepy but fun velvet curtained table – Deffo get the Roasted Garlic and the baked avocado when you go 🙂

purplepolkaheart says:

I’m travelling to Tokyo this march so I find this really helpful! thank you! 🙂

Jasmine Parker says:

You should check out the owl café, snake café, bunny cafes.

Doko says:

please speak a little bit slower!

Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff says:

Wish I could afford to go. I’ll forever YouTube travel.

Jill Rimando says:

Talk slow~~~

CA Alindra Villa says:

hello, how to plan a trip with odigo?

Monica L says:

Thanks this was really helpful. Is odigo site down I wasnt to download it on my iphone.

Geraldito Barba de Chivo says:

Any one else come here cuz they thought the title said tweek and you wanted to see a little asian girl on speed in japan?

annandkate1 says:

Thank u so much for the video. I watched 100 videos, bu u gave me the best ideas what to do in Tokyo.

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