100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide

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This video took me almost a year to make! I wanted to release the video last year, however there were many complications involved (lost footage, broken hard drives, footage not good enough etc) and I wanted this video to be perfect! Some of the footage was filmed from up to 4 years ago, if you are wondering why I look so different in some of the footages haha. Really hope you guys enjoy this video, it took me hundreds of hours to film/edit so I hope it was useful!!

Big thanks to these people for helping me make this video happen:
Staff at Tokyo Creative & Odigo
These guys were so supportive and also helped me out tremendously by giving me staff to help me go around to film and take photos.

Sophie https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3OZCZKBy5gmmLf0BXR1w0A
Thank you for accompanying me on a lot of the days I went out to film, and thank you for helping me with footages!

For those who did’t want to be mentioned but know who you are, thank you so much for going out of your way to help me film! Couldn’t have done it without your help and I’m truly grateful!!

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crazy Pikachu crcr says:


WorldWideFunnyguy says:

3:47 BTS boyyyy

salma sid says:

Waw… That’s amazing, can someone do all of this in 10 Days ??!

alex goodness says:

In my opinion Tokyo station is even more confusing than Shinjuku.

Raphael Trinidad says:

This was a very nice video, now I got more excited for my travel in Osaka and Tokyo this December

hEY stOb iT says:

omg you sound like wengie :O

Zeni says:

I was born Tokyo, who else was born in Tokyo?

Ryan Hosiassohn says:

You should do tours for small groups of tourists

Alyssa Baes says:

Thank god for this videoo!!!!!!!!

thelegendkillerdab says:

My dream is to travel to Japan, i can’t thank you enough for making this video. It’s amazing and really informative.

Kimchi is good says:

I’m taking notes for my trip next year! Thank-you Kim!

LaCritica009 says:

Very EXHAUSTIVE guide!!
Going to support you from Italy 😀

Fey Mey says:


Chocolate Fudge says:

Omg there are some shops where I could spend my whole 2 weeks vacation…. by the way crazy thought: are they shops there which also offer a hotel service?

felix jamero says:

I recommend Eat pancakes in japan! A happy pancake

lem mark says:

what theme song name?

malek el ansary مالك الانصاري says:

You can remove the copyright order from my channel I am very happy for you i really respect what you do

Le Thi Thanh Phuong says:

It’s an fabulous trip, I really admired your trip.

Myles Lovely Manzano says:


Nita Okt says:

Hi Kim Dao, I want to ask if going to Japan around 3-8 June, do you think it will often raining? Thank you

TheNintendoGameCubeGuy DJ CRISP The Cool Guy says:

I always wanted to go to Tokyo

Siron dott says:

*10 minutes pass:* Well, I guess thats all 100 things to do in Ja-
*20 minutes pass:* Heeeh thaht verev goog

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