11 Things NOT to do in Japan – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

What not to do in JAPAN! With such a complex and rich culture, there are many things you need to know before visiting Japan. This is a list of 11 things you should NEVER do while in the country of Japan.

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1. Japanese by Action Davis http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Action_Davis/Beats_EP/Action_Davis_-_Beats_EP_-_07_Japanese
2. Synth Funk by Ryan Cullinane http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Ryan_Cullinane/Production_Music_1635/Synth_Funk_With_Drums
3. I Will by Yshwa

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TactiCali Industries says:

I’m guessing most everything ran by the Yakuza is Japanese Only

Spushed says:

Japanese, the friendliest racists you’ll ever meet. Yep, been there, experienced it first hand. They gave no shits to my white privilege card…

*Beansie* says:

What if they DO provide low quality chopsticks? Am I supposed to just eat the slivers and dust that fall into my food? Or is there a polite way of cleaning them off? Just because they’re Japanese doesn’t mean they won’t have cheap chopsticks in some venues.

Oregon Patriot says:

Japan is on my bucket list, but unless an earthquake moves it to ‘just off the Oregon coast’ it’s likely I’ll never make it.

fusionmechanic1 says:

Black man goes to china tries to eat at resturaunt they kick him out japanese only. He screams racism and blacks in america riot in streets. Totaly see that happening. Love this video makes me want to visit. No im not black lmfao. Only prob i would have. Is the money carry i dont carry cash i use card for everything. On the reasoning people ask me for money all the time cant lend if dont got the green know what i mean
( cringe) yes i did lol

Kurd Phoenix says:

Ill keep all that in mind when i visit

Dan M says:

Never going to this shit hole! Thanks

T series sucks says:

Number 4 when asking for food don’t say meow or woof

Winners Edge International says:

The Bible commands us not to tatoo ourselves.

Genn. Kicking Wing says:

Alright so im a dark Mexican Hispanic whatever….. would they act diffrent ive never been their, i want to go

Joshua Valdez says:

I loved it I always wanted to go there thank you for going and share

goodあはは says:


MarieJoanne Bandola says:

im gonna move to japan soon.. ;-;


Biovet says:

So this stuff isn’t very accurate, have you ever even been to Japan??

Crazy Joker says:

Not sure I retained any info but I’m hungry now.

Nintendo Fan Unity says:

1. Do not be fat

lynchinjesus says:

You dont have to cover tattoos. No one cares

Matthew K says:

Last week my wife and friend entered Japanese restaurant and chef ran out towards them yelling no and crossing his forearms like an X. After chef realized they were fluent in Japanese he let them eat. Afterwards he told them never to come back. I told her she shouldn’t have eaten there and to tell the chef to go F himself and his rotten fish restaurant. I guess we need “No Japanese allowed” restuarants here in US.

Flor Botello says:

DONT pickup a hooker!!

Mark A. Vestal says:


brandon wright says:

I’ll stick to spoons and forks like the rest of the world. Take your shoes off passsssss

TactiCali Industries says:

Who else needs to go to Japan now to try all these things out?

ccp exploration group says:


Zian Fox says:

This is actually accurate, I have lived in Japan 3 years with tattoos and it took me a while to get used to it, at the end is how you hold yourself as a person that matters like always, but it’s definitely a country that demands a lot of self awareness, tip if you are feeling uncomfortable here chances are you are making those around you uncomfortable too, take it easy though it’s quite manageable. I learned to be flexibly myself, an imposing attitude is like the worst handicap around here, ever.

Chris C says:

Awesome ,to the point and very informative video.Thx.

Forexalised says:

Tip 1 should be rephrased to

“Americans, don’t tip outside the United States in developed nations, as the businesses actually have to pay the employees a wage”.

Lone cruZader says:

Basically, … don’t go to Japan.

christian sealand says:

Some good tips. Other things make you realize how stupid other cultures are.

Rob Tob says:

I had no idea that people in Japan were so stuck-up

james d says:

Screw that I’m a obnoxious American, we won the war now the deal with it.

ralph crosby says:

It is good to understand the place you may go to visit. That said, doa top 10 on what not to do’s in the US. In Japanese oh yeah Spanish too

gregory ambuul says:

Click bait tho

Savannah Lavoie says:

im moving there when im 20 im excited!!

snake madness says:


g samanyika says:

My glass will always be empty

Justin B says:

Japan is amazing and I can’t wait to go back!

mark marrow says:

I just want some upside down pussy

j abalos says:

1 is to 100 ratio of male to female actors in JAV industry & still hiring presently…need male actors ASAP.

Hitler1961 says:

when was the last time you saw a video on how to act respectful in America?…do share

EV GREER says:

SENDAI IS NICE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Virgo v says:

I never did find a Japanese only restaurant but iv had the situation explained to me by people who live in Tokyo and its much less…bad than youd expect. I’m told its mainly a thing about Chinese and Korean people based around some very bad behavior in the 80s. I’m not sure on all the details but it has to do with bringing in outside liquor, attempting to barter prices, and other such things. You can kind of see this in the northern areas especially where the boats from korea and china dock where they have no bartering signs. Interesting but not really relevant to most travelers. Though I’m sure the xenophobic thing does happen. Especially in some older style places or ryokan. I know some places in golden gai do it because none of the staff speak English and they don’t have the room to cater to tourists.

William Moses says:

What a load of shyt

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