12 Things To Do in Kyoto, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)

12 Things To Do in Kyoto, Japan

Table of contents:
Fushimi Inari-Taisha – 0:45
Kyoto Imperial Palace – 1:40
Gion – 2:30
Kinkakuji – 3:14
Kiyomizu-dera Temple – 3:54
Arashiyama – 4:45
Yasaka Shrine – 5:43
Sento Imperial Palace – 6:23
Pontocho Alley – 7:14
Kitano Tenmangu – 7:52
Nijo Castle – 8:41
Sanjusangendo Hall – 9:25

Music by: Hikosaemon

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Hikosaemon music is available royalty-free under Creative Commons license 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

Video shot with:
Canon 650D/Rebel T4i
Xiaomi Yi Action Cam


Darcie Dayton says:

Can’t wait for a new video! Hope all is well!

What's Up? says:

I just found your vlog. I went back and have been watching your vlogs. I look forward to upcoming vlogs

Greg Kim says:

more vids plz. thx

Abel Gonzalez says:

Red Dragon when are you going to make a new video?? I miss them ;D

Ronin Lee says:

No new vids lately :/ Hope all is well.

karenu20i says:

is it possible to visit all these places in one day?
what is the best way for travel?

stvsueoka1 says:

Super underrated channel

Cami Serrano says:

Hello Red Dragon, looking for something else I happened to find your channel; I really love the way you explain and describe your experiences. This is the last video and I noticed that you haven’t upload anymore for a while. I hope you create and share more videos soon. I am a new fan of your channel. Take care!

huiyuan qu says:

Hey, nice video! Between, how many days did you take to visit all these places?

Sim Ket says:

2:52 is there any reason for not to do it? or itsjust not polite?

Redd Bear .45 says:


Cindy S says:

Tom, where have you been hiding? Miss your videos but I hope you’re having a blast in Hiroshima!

Jaime Fernández Estévez says:

I should sadly say that I could not visit it, due to the need of booking in advance, so I’m talking about what I read and found out but Shugakuin Imperial Village really seems a must in Kyoto as well.

Khameleontech59 Gmail says:

Hello sir is there anyway to contact you via email or social media? I have some questions to ask of you.

Nikki Gar says:

I love your videos very insightful. I will be visiting Japan and this is one of my top place to go.

Anh Hua says:

Thank for the video

Travel Asia Youtube Channel says:

Must visit !

lemon9132 says:

Kyoto people are very proud, so I don’t like them. I like Osaka, people are down to earth

山下よう says:

in Kyoto they are called geiko or geigi.
not geisya.

Marc Dupont says:

Kyoto est une ville unique et profondément attachante. Je l’ai découverte en 2014 et y retourne cette année à l’automne ; j’ai hâte d’y être !…

Bonnie Parker says:

Hi 😉 I’m not sure if you keep posting here but if you happen to read my comment, I will be more than happy to get your answer. Have you ever met someone who works in Japan or Korea (especially Korea and is non-native speaker of English) and works not as a teacher?

colliecandle says:

Very nice, but pagan worship places are not somewhere i would wish to visit.
There is only ONE who should be worshiped – and He is NOT buddah !

Lamb says:

Anyone know why this man stopped making videos? I just started watching these last night. If you’re reading this, Red Dragon, your videos are awesome! Keep it up!


Hey. Was at judo tonight & after our session we we’re discussing the new comp rules. Maybe a good concept for a new video.
Hope all is well.

Movnplejtshiab dejtojsiab says:

great video!! very impressive narrative.

젤푼 says:

한국에서 일본으로 갈아타더니 조회수도 존나게 줄었네요

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