12 Things to Do in Osaka, Japan (Must See Attractions)



Osaka, Japan is a top destination for travelers interested in Japan. With the third largest population in Japan, Osaka offers diverse choices for “things to do” if visiting.

Whether it’s food, sightseeing, shrines, or martial arts, Osaka, Japan has something for everyone. I hope this video gives some great options for anyone interested in traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Marius Göddert says:

Where did you eat the Takoyaki shown in the video here? It looks really really delicious

Rica Gallardo says:

Nice vid. Love your voice 😀

Jonathan says:

Tobita Shinchi, sugooooii

Kavita Redkar says:

Amazing, Beautiful ,Natural ,Cultured ,Respected JAPAN I love Japan very much.vvvery Happy!
thanks for nice video.

budda king says:

I gotta take my ass to Japan soon. It looks so be. It looks so beautiful out there

Sazrin Hiorin says:

going to osaka this december,9. I wonder how is the weather, should I bring my winter jacket.

Christian Fabien says:

Thank you I’m actually going there for 6 months to study abroad and I was worried because every discussion I’ve seen about Osaka vs Tokyo says Osaka is filthy and has nothing to do with no culture. But this video reassures me

Laura Burns says:

Isn’t Taito station in Tokyo?

Martha Izaguirre says:

Í love japan.

Lataco Grande says:

you forgot to mention the red light districts what if i want to pick up some osaka hookers?

Stan BP Rania says:

Is Jpop popular in Japan? Or is it mostly anime and manga?

smile resort says:


Oliver Eke says:

I have just finished my exams! Any tips for learning Japanese ?

galacticvhs says:

THIS is why I am going to be a foreign exchange student in Japan.
It is such a gorgeous country with an incredibly interesting culture.

sjlsw says:

2 days in Osaka enough?

saito louise says:

3:27 saber is there <3

日本コメ says:


Veriditus says:

2:52, the bottom left building that’s orange and white is where my uncle lives and I actually stayed there for a couple weeks last month

olllloollllo says:

Now I don’t want to visit osaka after viewing this video.

Edward Flughafen says:

Osaka is the third largest population in Japan? and which city of is the second largest population in Japan?

lucy mori says:


thatguyalex says:

Wait, you skipped Kyoto in favor of Osaka? That’s lunacy! Osaka is a modern city that is lovely but isn’t even on the radar compared to Kyoto…

Leo Wong says:

Was going to be interested to see what the video was about but decided to stop it cos that box in the middle really bothered me especially when I couldnt remove it…

Steffen Flindt says:

1. Civic race on the kanjo 😀

Humans Sounds says:

i am planning to study abroad in japan, but i’m so hesitant between tokyo, osaka and maybe nagoya. people said tokyo is full of people and foreigns so i don’t know really if you can help please

yoshida shigenobu says:

due , 2nd largest city bro,,not 3rd hehe

todd long says:

you didnt mention KOSHIEN STADIUM …Japan’s most famous ballpark

RekiKazu says:

3:04 lol ‘-‘)

金正恩朝鮮労働委員長 says:

Just go to universal studio japan in OSAKA

Cheila Dias says:

I’m going to Japan this year but I can’t decide between Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo!!! Help maybe? I’m thinking more of going to Osaka, how much should I take? (Money)

Robin Sage says:

Do you have any itineraries for Japan?

My Tiny Atlas says:

I really enjoyed Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Castle, Shitennoji Temple, Dotonbori when I was in Osaka (=

Email Database Marketing says:

my dream

Shiro Lee says:

Could you update this one with the location names and times in the description like you did in your other videos? Thanks

Amcf Assurance says:

Merci à toutes mes relations japonnaise

x3nity says:

See you in a month Osaka. Hope we don’t get lost and all be well in our trip.

theGreenSubmariner says:

Where did you eat the live octopus at the end?

thenetimp says:

It s pronounced “mahn-ga” not “mayn-ga”

Thisisbadjuju says:

This is a great start for travel planning. Thanks for the video!

ItsMoritta says:

i loved visiting osaka! All the food tastedd as amazzingg as it looks!! Too bad we were only there for 3 days when we visited ;(

Mr. aviation says:

well the aquarium in my opinion is the best.

Stormborn says:

Are you traveling alone? No idea why I want to know, probably to convince myself to get the courage to travel to Osaka & Kyoto alone (as well) 🙂 It’s a bit challenging when you are quite shy… I see myself ending up eating convenience store food alone in my hotel room rather than eat in a restaurant or stuff, because I feel awkward or afraid of doing something wrong.

TimeWarp says:

whats with the annoying sign up link. i really hate having to get up off my lounge after ive chucked on a video, just to have to close stupid annoying comment overlays. please make it go away after you start talking.

A prime says:

I am going Japan in December

I can’t seem to find the website for International office of judo Centre in Tokyo

What is it and do I need my GI or can I rent one if I went for a couple of lessons ?

Aniruddh Singh says:

universal studio and Osaka Aquarium not included Why ??

Y YE says:

It isDotonbori not DOtonburi

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