22 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (MUST SEE Attractions)

22 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan Itinerary.

Table of Contents:

1. Tokyo Tower – 0:45
2. Roppongi Hills – 1:17
3. Asakusa/Senso-Ji Temple – 1:45
4. Yurakucho – 2:16

Food break: Yakitori – 2:38

5. Meiji Shrine – 3:02
6. Yasakuni Shrine – 3:33
7. Yushukan War Museum – 3:49
8. Akihabara Anime District – 4:19

Food break: Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger – 4:52

9. Sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan – 5:14
10. Diver City Tokyo Plaza – 6:20
11. Shibuya Crossing – 6:57
12. Tsukiji Fish Market – 7:27
13. Tsukiji Honganji Temple – 7:55

Food break: Seafood at Tsukiji Fish Market – 8:20
Food break: Takoyaki – 8:35

14. Imperial Palace – 8:51
15. East Gardens – included with Imperial Palace
16. Shinkjuku Golden Gai – 9:24
17. Shinjuku Chuo Park – 9:55
18. Gakuen Cocoon Tower – 10:29

Food break: Tempura Soba – 10:53

19. Tokyo Dome – 11:11
20. Tokyo Sky Tree – 11:41
21. Bunkyo Civic Center Observatory – 12:09
22. Kodokan Judo Institute – 12:33

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Zipp4Everyone says:

Roppongi… Walking down a street in Roppongi i saw cars for tens of milions of Euros… in 20 minutes! To say that Roppongi is expensive and exclusive is an understatement.

pearlywhiteteeth says:

Yay. Judoka!

Will Murphy says:

You made a table of contents for a YouTube video? I’m sold. Thanks.

づんく Dzunku says:

I highly recommend to visit Edo Tokyo Museum especially if you visit Ryogoku Sumo stadium since it is just behind the stadium. You can see Edo life style before it has become Tokyo. It was really interesting to a Japan born guy like myself.

Aubie says:

Been to many of those places when I was stationed there 85-88. Unfortunately some you listed weren’t there then. Sunshine 60 building Ikebukuro is cool, think it has one of the fastest express elevators in the world. Tokyo and Yokohama were my stomping grounds outside of Yokosuka.

Movnplejtshiab dejtojsiab says:

great video, great narrative and great editor.

Collette Flores says:

Great video. Any idea on prices such as the burger, the soba, etc. Thanks. On my list to do….always wanted to visit Tokyo.

Louie The plumber says:

Nice video

Hans Kamp says:

6:30 あのロボットが東京のどこにありますか。
Where in Tokyo is that robot?

william scott says:

I want to travel to Tokyo but I don’t know anyone there, how could that be possible

tony perez says:

number 23 and 24 should have been about the hot young school girls and what clubs to go to pick up sweet girls.. Or where are the best places to see and meet hot Japanese Drag Queens?  😛

Diabolique says:

What month/season was this?

Alondra queen says:

I just simply don’t know why I always end up watching to your videos

CocoEspada says:

Asakusa…lol its asah-koo-sah

Gecko says:

Music at beginning is annoying and too loud

Marcos Moreno says:

Thanks this info is so helpfull

Kotatsu TV says:

Very useful 🙂

Luis Funes says:

i went twice in the spam of four months between 2015 and 2016. it’s awesome

Raymond Beh says:

Love your narration. Enjoyed your video very much. Thank you

sebastian says:

lol.. like me he stays away from the raw sushi

vanessa moreno says:

I plan to visit in late may/early june. Will the weather be horrible? Any advice guys?

kanzaki0001 says:


Paul Lake says:

Hi, nice video. what hotel did you stay in?

Key Chan says:

i love tokyo ❤ . one day i will go there

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